Advertsuite Review: Scam or Legit Ad Software?


Welcome to my Advertsuite review.

As an online marketer myself, I know how hard it is to create a winning Facebook ad, let alone compete with thousands of other marketers.

But why stress about any of that when you have something like Advertsuite?

Take winning campaigns and copy them to create an ad that will make you money almost immediately.

That’s the claim with Advertsuite and one that required further investigation.

I have personally advertised in every social media platform out there, so I know how challenging things really are.

On top of the hours it takes to create the ad comes even more hours just to find your target audience.

Then comes dealing with conversions, which is the absolute hardest part when it comes to advertising.

To top it off, you need a pretty good budget to even start doing all this stuff.

And if you’ve ever tried running an ad campaign, you know how hard it is to be in the green.

Now the most irritating part about advertising on Facebook is having to deal with the many rules they have.

One second you’re ad is running smoothly and the next, it is stopped, and you are banned.

Well, thanks to Advertsuite, that shouldn’t be the case.

But let’s see how true this really is and if in fact this is a legit way to advertise on Facebook and other social media sites.

Advertsuite Review – Product Overview

Name: Advertsuite

Website: Click here for official site

Owner: Luke Maguire

Price: $67 + up-sells

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Advertsuite is a software designed to get you all the information from ads that are winning. By implementing (copying) what is already working, you can create an ad campaign that actually works.

This software actually works and will definitely help you if you’ve ever failed at advertising on Facebook in the past. I give this 4 out of 5 stars and you should at least take advantage of their 14 day money back guarantee.

Learn More Here!

What is Advertsuite?

Advertsuite is a software that can show you every single ad created on Facebook along with the right markets to target.

By doing such a thing, you can create winning ads and profit without getting a headache that usually comes with such a task.

Marketing on the internet is really amazing and I personally do it with affiliate marketing.

Selling other people’s products is a great way to make money on the internet and that’s exactly what I do as well as many others.

Now there are several ways that you can do things when it comes to getting traffic and advertising is just one of them.

Everything usually starts with a website/blog and some content.

Then comes the way you will get traffic to those posts and of course the products.

For me, I personally like to mix things up.

I do a lot of SEO as organic traffic is always great but I also have done some good old advertising as well.

That is something that requires a lot of work and a whole lot of tweaking and testing.

Converting visitors into sales is no easy task and that is when something like Advertsuite comes into play.

By taking ALL the ads on Facebook and giving you access to them along with everything else, how could you really fail?

Well, sometimes products are too good to be true and that is why you are even on this review to begin with.

So let’s see what you will get if you do decide to purchase Advertsuite.

What You Get

Upon purchasing Advertsuite, you will gain access to the software.

This software will then pull up all kinds of information that will help you create an ad that should convert.


Well, it gets you the necessary information on what is actually working from previous and current advertisers.

How does gaining access to EVERY single ad out there along with all the information that is making this ad successful sound?

Because that’s what this software does.

Now here’s what you get.

  • Access to the best performing ads
  • Competitor breakdown
  • World’s largest ad database
  • Demographic & engagement filters
  • Geo location filters
  • Video and image ad integration
  • Call to action based sorting
  • Ad position filtering
  • Funnel breakdown
  • Keyword, competitor, and domain search
  • Targeting module

How it Works


It might sound stupid simple but it actually really is that easy.

From what I thought would be some complicated software that actually didn’t work, ended up being super easy and really effective.

All that is really required of you is three simple steps.

  1. Key in the exact audience you want to target.
  2. View the results from active and past campaigns.
  3. Copy and implement the ads.

Not to use them exactly how they are but to get an idea of what was actually working for that individual.

Now the question remains…

Does Advertsuite work?

Surprisingly so, Advertsuite actually works.

What you do need to understand is that you still need to put in the work of creating your very own ad.

You still need a business account on Facebook and you will definitely need more money to invest in the placement of these ads.

Although this can work, don’t forget that NOTHING is guaranteed.

What might have worked last week, might not work today.

The internet is always changing and so is the hype that comes with every single product created.

I remember when fidget spinners were the hottest thing around and now don’t see any of them around my house.

That’s what you can expect with advertising as well, so do use good judgment and research before you place any ads.

Now there is a lot to like about Advertsuite and I want to share the main points.

What I Really Like About Advertsuite


When it comes to making money online and software, they almost never work.

Not only do they not work but they also make you lose money.

A lot of it.

With advertsuite, I’m actually really impressed with what it can do.

Now there are some specific parts of this program that I really liked and I want to share them with you.

The Software Actually Works

I’m still impressed with what this thing can do.

Advertising is no easy job and it most especially requires a lot of knowledge and skill.

Advertsuite will not make you a professional in that department but it will definitely show you what works and what has worked.

Shows You What to Do


Advertsuite already shows you what is working but they do have more to offer.

CTA’s (call to action) is more of a science and most people don’t understand it.

They think that having a CTA is all you need but that’s really only half the battle.

Advertsuite shows you where to implement this and one that I actually really liked.

They also show you the exact landing pages that is being used, AFTER these visitors click on the ads.

Those two features alone are already awesome but the overall product is absolutely amazing.

It Works With Any Niche

Just like the fact that Advertsuite works, it is also a breath of fresh air to know that this program is not designed like the rest.

Instead of having you buy this so you can promote it, the software will actually work with other niches.

This is another rare occurrence in the MMO world and a HUGE reason why I am a fan of this product.

So if you are in the backpack niche like I am, you can not just sell them but you can copy the same ads that are already winning.

It is Very Affordable

advertsuite-priceMMO products come with everything I just mentioned.

They sell something that most likely requires you to sell what you just bought.

Mind you, this product is usually way overpriced and will only work if you are selling that same product.

With Advertsuite, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get it.

You don’t need to spend thousands and you don’t need to spend hundreds either.

If you take them up on their promo, you can get Advertsuite for a very good deal.

For less than $50, you can use the software and start creating ad campaigns that actually work.

I guess I can get into the price and up-sells next.

The Price

Advertsuite will cost you $67 without their promotional offer but I’m not sure if that still exists.

If you do catch their discount, you can get it for just $47.

If not, you will need to pay $67.

Once that offer disappears though, you will never get the discount again.

So everything you are getting will be for Facebook.

If you want to use another platform, it is going to cost you a different price.

  • Advertsuite – $67
  • Instagram, Google, and YouTube – $67
  • VIP FB ads training – $49
  • Reseller LicenseĀ  Account – $197

So if you are more into Instagram, Google, or YouTube, of course you will want to give that up-sell a try.

Now if you want more training on Facebook, the VIP FB ads training is what you can get.

The last up-sell sounds a bit different and that’s because it actually is.

It has nothing to do with training but rather a chance for you to resell Advertsuite as if you were the owner.

The branding can be changed to yours and you can also issue license keys to your customers as well.

This is more for bigger companies that would like to utilize this product as if they were the ones who created it.

You also have a 14 day money back guarantee, so that’s there if you are still a little skeptical about all this.

Get Advertsuite Here!

Final Verdict: Legit

legitSome of you might think this was a scam and that’s perfectly normal.

Softwares and MMO don’t usually go good together but I must say that this is the exception.

Advertsuite is not a scam and is one of the few legit programs out there.

For a really low price and a 14 day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.

Lately all I’ve been getting are scam programs that don’t work or high ticket Ponzi schemes that are nothing but recruiting based scams.

Advertsuite is a real breath of fresh air and I’m glad I came across it.

This is one that I recommend and one that you should definitely consider.

The Alternative

Making money online is great and all but I totally understand that what works for one person, might not work for another.

Advertising is one of those things and that is why I want to give you at least one other option.

If you’re not really content with the whole advertising idea, I recommend you maybe start off with some regular old affiliate marketing.

From there, you might find the need for ads (or not) and then you can venture off into other things.

I personally use a program called the Wealthy Affiliate, so do check them out if you are interested.

Besides that, Advertsuite is great for those of you who know a little more than the average bear and are probably still in the red.

Thanks for reading this Advertsuite review and I hope it has helped you in one way or another.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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