Affiliate Disclaimer

Blogging and helping others is a huge passion of mine but we all know that nothing in life is free. So to be completely transparent, I thought I’d let you know that I do make money through different avenues on my site. One being through advertising but another would be through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than taking other people’s products, selling them, and in turn making a commission. Just like a traditional business but through a website just like this one.

However, there is no direct selling in the process and the products come in the form of an affiliate link. So if you just so happen to click on one of the affiliate links on this site, I will get compensated if you do decide to make a purchase.

It is somewhat discreet especially if you don’t understand how the links work. It is a legitimate business model and it is what I use to make my living.

There is no extra steps for you to take as a “customer” and it will only benefit us if you click on the links coming from this site. With that out there, we will always abide by our standards and we will never jeopardize our reputation.

Honesty is Our Best Policy

For those of you who know anything about the topic above, the same thing applies to the content on my site. Whether it be from me or anyone who writes for the site, we will always remain honest.

We will never praise a company or product for the sole purpose of making money as that is not how we roll. I mean, there are always better products to “sell”, right?

So every review that we do will come with nothing but an honest opinion and/or recommendation. There is no taking away from the legitimacy of any program and there is no adding to it to add hype either.

Making Money With Anything and Everything

Within the online space, there are affiliate programs for almost every product out there and this includes scams. This goes along the lines of our transparency and we have to disclose this as well.

Some visitors might think we are trying to sway them into other products but they don’t know that we can make money from anything. We can tell you something is legit so that we can make money but again, that’s now how we roll.

So regardless of the products and money making opportunities out there, we will ALWAYS give you honest opinions and advice. If a scam is a scam, we will tell it like it is. If it is legit then we will do the same.

Now if a product is fair and there is just something better, we will at least try to recommend something better. Just remember that this will not take away from our honesty.

Keeping The Internet Honest

As an entrepreneur/blogger, I am always in the hunt for better ways to do things. Especially when it comes to making money online. At the same token, I am doing my best to uncover the many scams that pop up.

I am only one person and although I do have a team, I still have to go over all the content that gets published on this site. I say this to let you know that everything gets screened before it hits the net.

I’m not a fan of scams and get rich quick schemes and I do believe in hard work. If for any reason you feel there isn’t something right on our site, please contact us and let us know as we have been copied before.

Besides that, we hope you enjoy the content we provide.


We strive on our reputation.

If you are not happy with the service we provide, please let us know. As much as we like to help, we have to face the fact that we are human. We make mistakes like every single one of you so just be patient.

Some of the content might not be to your liking and that’s okay. Just know that we are at the very least honest with the information we provide.

This kind of stuff is mandatory for website owners so I must apologize for such a boring page. Now that this is out of the way, you can get back to reading more of our awesome content and carry on with life.

Thanks for understanding and thanks for your time.


– John

The Broke Veteran