Amadeus Bank Review: Scam or Legit Investment?


Looking to join and make money with Amadeus Bank?

That’s the plan and also why I have put together this review.

With the many make money from home programs out there, what makes this one any different and/or better?

Better yet, is this just a scam that won’t even work?

There are quite a number of questions with not many answers and that’s because of its members that are promoting this like crazy.

Without being for or against this site, I want to give you an unbiased review from someone who is not trying to make a commission form you.

Some of you may or may not agree with what I have to say but I’m sure you will gain some knowledge about the industry that Amadeus Bank resides in.

So before you go joining, let me show you what everything is really about.

Amadeus Bank Review

Name: Amadeus Bank


Owner: Unknown

Type of Business: HYIP

Price: $25 (minimum)

Overall Rating: 1/5 stars

I am neither for or against Amadeus Bank but to sum things up, they are not a bank. They are a member driven program that pays its members through the investment of others. For a more reliable investment, you can always checkout one of my top recommendations instead.

What is Amadeus Bank?

There is a lot of misunderstandings with this site as it isn’t what they are acting to be.

Amadeus Bank is not an actual “bank” but rather a high yield investment program (HYIP) that allows its members to make money by investing money.

There is no savings account or any type of banking activity because like I said, this is not a bank.

Amadeus Bank is nothing more than a network marketing and revenue sharing project that has members invest and earn money through the investments of others.

It’s not complicated and you will see that here soon in this review.

But first, let me show you how these types of sites started and how Amadeus Bank came to be.

Revshare History

HYIPS have been around for a very long time and they have evolved into the ones we have today.

Back when revshares first started and got a bit out of control, they came across as an advertising platform.

That eventually tanked once the big names like Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays collapsed, leaving its owners to doing some jail time.

Then Crypto Currency came around and HYIPS dove into this market with the idea that there was some mining going on.

That didn’t last very long and it has now come to trading sites like FX Trading Corp¬†and banking like Amadeus is using.

At the end of the day, they are all the same and utilize the same strategies and tactics.

Amadeus is no different and I want to show you why.

For an explanation on the basics, you can always checkout the video below as well.

How Amadeus Bank Works

The name Amadeus Bank actually irritates the crap out of me.

Don’t call yourself a bank when you know you’re not even a bank.

That’s the kind of stuff that is ONLY possible if you are operating outside of the United States.

Trying pulling a stunt like that in the US and you’ll be handled accordingly.

Amadeus Bank is a revshare that utilizes the funds of newer members to pay existing members.

They pay certain percentages that is calculated through a specific software designed for sites like this.

Put your money in and it will get distributed according to what you have invested.

Once people stop joining, your earnings will start to slow down before it eventually stops.

Then come the excuses and the overall disappearance of Amadeus Bank.

They might be paying now but do not count on it to pay you forever.

So to answer the question of “can you really make money with Amadeus Bank?”, the answer is yes.

As long as people keep joining, they will be able to pay.

Once people stop joining, that’s when the pay will stop paying as well.

The Price


To signup with Amadeus Bank it isn’t going to cost you anything.

In order to make money though, it’s going to require one of two things or both.

You either need to fork out some cash and pay the minimum deposit of $25 or you can recruit others.

From there you can buy packs and start earning some money that way.

If you plan to recruit, you can make some money and then invest that way.

Of course its members do both and that is exactly why you were presented with Amadeus Bank in the first place.

You are able to withdraw your earnings within a 48 hour time frame and the amount depends on the type of currency you use.

You can also see how much you will make if you were to introduce Amadeus Bank to others if you haven’t already seen it on their homepage.

The Reviews


When I was presented with Amadeus Bank, the person told me that this was the best money making opportunity on the net today.

They challenged me to Google “Amadeus Bank reviews” so I can see just how great the company really is.

It’s not that I didn’t believe him but I just had to see what he was talking about.

So yes, I Googled it and what did I see?

4 freakin stars!

Wow, this must really be a great company and possibly even a real bank.

That’s what I thought until I clicked on the site that gave them their awesome ratings.

This site was Trust Pilot, which is a site that gets reviews from real people.

Not to say that the ratings mean much but that’s what that site provides.

Now there’s just ONE problem I had when I got onto Trust Pilot.

There was only ONE person who left a review for Amadeus Bank.

How in the world can you get any real statistics from that?

You can’t.

This was probably the owner or maybe even one of its members that know nothing about the program.

Regardless, that does not mean anything when it comes to reviews.

This review is all you need and I’m sure you’ll thank me later.

Unless of course you’re a member that is hoping that this allow you to fire your boss so you can work from home full-time.

Before You Join

Now before you join Amadeus Bank, I want to let you in on some insights before you invest a single penny.

I have been apart of HYIPS since they first started, so you can bet that I know a lot more than most of its members.

I have made lots of money from them and I have also lost some as well.

The thing about these types of sites is that I know EVERYTHING about them and how they work.

I can tell you if one is legit or if it is just going to take your money.

But there are several things that you must know before you join or you might just be kicking yourself in the butt later.

1. There Are No Refunds

I see it time and time again.

People put in money and then want to get it back right away.

Remember that this whole system is ran through a software, so once the money goes in, there is no turning back.

I don’t care what kind of excuses you have, there is no one that will give you your money back.

Do not use your grocery money and do not borrow any money either.

Join if you have some money you can accept losing but that’s about it.

2. They’re Unpredictable

I don’t care if people show you screenshots of their earnings.

It is very much possible that they did make that money but that does not mean anything.

Amadeus Bank can stop paying as we speak and they can stop paying a couple of months down the road.

No one can tell when this will happen but do expect it to happen regardless of if you are making money or not.

Just because you put in money does not mean you will make money either.

It will take a while before you see your capital back and with the quick payment claims, I’m sure this will go down a lot faster than you think.

3. This Will Not Last

So many join revshares and think that they are going to last forever.

Heck, some even quit their jobs and think that they are going to do this full-time.

Don’t do that.

It’s really only a matter of time before things crumble, so do what you can and enjoy it while it lasts.

Within a couple of months, I see this folding and leaving many members in the red.

Should You Join?

I personally don’t think you should.

There are hundreds of revshares being created and 99% of them crash within a couple of months.

Some will last a little longer than others but even they too will come crashing down.

If you’re into revshares, you might want to go with something like Mirror Trading International as they have a much more stable pay structure.

They also have some credibility and might even be doing some real trading.

However, the choice is really on you.

If you feel that Amadeus Bank is right for you, then go for it.

If it sinks tomorrow, you have no one to blame but yourself.


Final Verdict

Join at your own risk.

I have laid everything out to show you how everything works so you should know better.

Amadeus Bank and every other revshare out there are very risky businesses and should only be considered if you have the means to do so.

If you are wondering if this is a scam, use good judgment and make that decision yourself.

I do hope that this Amadeus Bank review has been of great help for you though as I know how complicated things can be when you’re new.

Don’t forget that there are always sites like Wealthy Affiliate if you are more conservative and into long term money.

Besides that, thanks for reading and do think about things before you make any crazy decisions.

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  1. Hello,John.
    I would like to thank you for your sincere review about Amadeus Bank. I was thinking about some investments and I believed that Amadeus was a smart opion,but after reading your comments I decided to think twice about that abd follow your recommendation about Mirror Trading International. Can you give me some personal details about that company,please?
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