Honest Arbonne Review: Legit MLM or Scam?

This is one Arbonne review that is not from one of its affiliates but rather from someone on the outside looking in.

Just like you, I was interested in the company as a way to make a little extra cash.

Okay, not just extra, but a way to actually supplement my income and eventually replace it.

This is also the same thought I had when I joined Melaleuca, Kyani, and several other MLM companies that I thought would get me out of my day job.

I’ve also tried many other make-money-from-home opportunities, which ended up being nothing but a bunch of Ponzi schemes.

These so-called opportunities worked one way and one way only, and that was through recruiting.

With something like Arbonne, things are a bit different as they do have some real products.

The way money is made is no different, though, and that is what I want to cover more in this Arbonne review.

So before you go running back to the person who introduced this to you, allow me to give you all the information you need.

After that, I’m sure you will be able to see if this is really the right opportunity for you.

Arbonne Review – Product Overview


Company Name: Arbonne

Website: www.arbonne.com

Owner: Petter Mork

Type of Business: MLM

Price to Start: $79

Overall Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Arbonne specializes in beauty products but most especially operates as a network marketing business, which allows its members to earn commissions through the recruitment of others.

What Is Arbonne?

Arbonne International is an international direct-selling company founded by Petter Mork in 1980.

Petter, a Norwegian Entrepreneur, started the company in the U.S.

He envisioned creating a beauty line that would not risk the consumer’s health but rather complement it and even help improve it.

Therefore, he gathered a team of qualified and renewed herbalists and chemists to help him realize that vision in the form of Arbonne.

The chief executive officer of Arbonne is Jean-Dean Schwartz, and the company’s headquarters is in Irvine, California.

The brand produces and sells a wide range of products that they claim to be healthier, natural, and purer.

In addition, they claim to formulate vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free products.

Customers can find all of Arbonne’s products under umbrella categories like nutrition, skincare, hair, body, and cosmetics.

Arbonne prides itself on its plant-based ingredients and the ingredients they absolutely do not allow to be in their products.

Users can find a detailed list of all the 1100+ allowed ingredients and 1400 not allowed ingredients on their website.

We’ll even give you a brief about them below.

The Products


In general, most of their products feature polymethyl, methacrylate, and dimethicone, among others.

I am no scientist, and I do not know what those terms mean, but you can always learn more about them on the official Arbonne website.

Arbonne has 260,000 salespeople, known as Arbonne consultants, and 566 employees.

The company claims to serve Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, Poland, the UK, and, of course, the primary market being the USA, through which in 2018 alone, they generated a sales revenue of about $544 million annually in the estimation, with the highest being $553 million in 2017.

The company has time and again come forward to make a lot of claims, some of which are easily available on their website, while representatives have stated others in team calls.

However, their salespeople or consultants widely and enthusiastically regulate all such claims.

Some of the most memorable claims include:

  • Their cosmetic and beauty line has anti-aging properties.
  • The presence of antioxidants in their products has yielded remarkable detox results.
  • It’s a venturing worth business.
  • All products are tested both clinically and scientifically.
  • Their skincare products also offer collagen support for supple skin
  • Their products can improve your skin’s firmness and strength
  • The regular usage of their products can transform your skin into a better version of what it was before, all within a few days.

And my personal favorite:

  • Their skincare products are helpful in treating a wide range of skin conditions

It’s no secret that these claims raise the obvious question about their authenticity.

Being a firm believer in transparency and honesty, Arbonne does not shy away from backing their claims with proof, as is apparent by the certification and detailed account of the claims on their company website.

However, to answer the question:

Does Arbonne Work?

A majority of Arbonne’s consumers have reported noticing remarkable results after using a majority of their products like detox, skin care products, moisturizers, and nutritional products.

The company also proudly displays the before and after pictures of its consumers to back up any claims.

Many third-party organizations have provided certifications and confirmations of their nutritional and beauty line to be one of the most popular health and beauty products of today, further backing Arbonne’s claims.

However, like any other product, Arbonne has its fair share of critical reviews, too.

You can find a brief account of them down below.

Arbonne’s Core Products – Benefits, Costs and Reviews


Arbonne formulates its product in Switzerland at the AIRD, the Arbonne Institute of Research and Development.

Then, they complete production in USA-based facilities.

For this Arbonne review, we have gathered completed details of Arbonne’s products, how the company claims they benefit you, how much they cost, and what the market reception of each product, i.e., their consumer review.

We have divided this Arbonne review list into two parts: the hero product of the company, their nutritional supplements, which we will discuss in detail, and other products, including skincare, hair, bath, and body, as well as cosmetics.

It is also worth noting that the company’s motto for all its products claims to be that they are pure, clean, and safe for use.

But first, let’s get into the core products of Arbonne.


Arbonne preaches its consumers to live a healthy, extraordinary life.

The company offers a way to live an exceptional lifestyle by offering high-quality nutritional products that are plant-powered and suit everyone’s nutritional needs.

To be more specific, the nutritional products are botanically formulated to include phytonutrients, unique botanical compounds essential for supporting your health.

In addition to the standardized botanical extracts in the products that ensure you get the same amount of nutrients that your body needs every time you consume their product, you can also get products that are certified gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan.

Arbonne’s nutritional products are also enriched with a blend of premium minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals, enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics that are beneficial for any consumer in boosting their health.

Arbonne declares its products to be safe for the whole family and essential for living an active, healthy, and extraordinary life.

They back this claim with the mention of all the third-party associations that have certified their products to be dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and low-glycemic, as claimed on the company’s website.

Arbonne Essentials – Daily and Targeted Health

Arbonne Essentials focuses on the daily health of its consumers; they do so by providing a unique mix of minerals and 21 vitamins.

A botanic cocktail of multivitamins and minerals boosts helps against oxidation and slows down the aging process.

On top of that, antioxidant vitamins A, C, D, and E help improve the overall health of the bone, eye, and immune system.

The targeted health essentials are products that focus on a specific nutritional need.

These include shakes, protein bars, boosts, fizz sticks, teas, and cleanses.

Retail Price

The retail price of the daily health product ranges from $90.00 for antioxidant & immunity booster, which is on the expensive end of the range, and $18.00 for the herbal muscle massage pain-relieving gel, which falls on the affordable end of the scale.

Arbonne Reviews (On Amazon)

Arbonne Essentials got a review of 4.4 stars out of 5-star ratings on Amazon, with the topmost positive review claiming to have helped them convert from vegetarian to vegan.

Comparatively, they confirm the product’s tastes, appeal, and results.

Meanwhile, the topmost critical review claimed that the product was too expensive and contained a lot of sugar.

Arbonne Evolution – Weight Management

Arbonne Evolution’s weight management products help their consumers reach their weight goals.

Their most featured product, the Full Control Flavored Powder, makes the consumer feel full, while the metabolism support tablets help boost users’ metabolism levels.

Products like these help free up the consumer to eat more healthy food.

Customers reported a staggering reduction in body fat mass and percentage, as well as the basal metabolic rate and lean body mass improvement after using their weight management products.

Retail Price

The retail price of the Arbonne evolution set is $117.00.

Meanwhile, individual prices of the items in the set are Metabolism Support Tablets for $62.00 and Full Control Flavored Powder for $68.00.

Arbonne Reviews

Arbonne proudly claims 100% effectiveness in weight management, 80% body improvement rate, and 77.3% satisfaction rate as reported by their consumer on their company website.

The topmost positive Arbonne review affirmed the consumers’ claims of the company by stating that it helped complement her bariatric surgery and gave her smoother digestion.

Meanwhile, the topmost critical review debunked the company’s claims and stated that the product was not for everyone and that it did not suit her.

Arbonne Phytosport – Sports Nutrition

Specially designed for enthusiastic athletes and occasional sportsmen, Arbonne’s Phytosport line echoes the company’s motto of pure, safe, and beneficial nutrients.

Arbonne’s Phytosport provides all the required nutrients in its products for an active and rigorous body.

Plus, the products from this collection come in convenient packaging, especially for busy on-the-go people, making it perfect for training or workout sessions.

Each product provides the consumer with an increased level of energy and nutrients that they require for optimal performance in their sports and exercises.

The special key ingredients in this line are pomegranate, turmeric, cayenne, and ginseng.

All ingredients are known for fighting free radicals, supporting joints, blood circulation, physical capacity, and athletic performance.

Retail Price

The retail price of the Phytosport set is $135.00.

Individually, the items of the set vary in price; for instance, it costs $39.00 for the Arbonne Phytosport Complete Hydration powder and $56.00 for both the Arbonne Phytosport Prepare and the Endure Powder Strip pack and After Workout Powder strip pack.

Arbonne Reviews

Arbonne Reviews, cited by the Run Ultra, stated the product did not have a significant effect on the overall stamina building but it was noted that there was a difference in energy levels after consuming the product in fighting off tiredness that’s typical of exercise.

The Key Ingredients to the Core Products

While each subcategory classification of the products contains their own ingredients that make them beneficial for a specific function, they all include the key botanical ingredients of Pea protein, Milk thistle, Red Clover, and Green tea.

The benefits of each are:

  • Pea Protein – provides amino acids and a sense of fullness to support the muscles.
  • Milk Thistle – provides silymarin that supports a healthy liver.
  • Red Clover–provides isoflavones that support and improve the health of the bones.
  • Green Tea – supports and improves metabolism

Other Products


Arbonne also carries a whole lot more products and not just the typical nutritional stuff.

Before I even did this Arbonne review, I actually thought the company was based and focused on these so-called “other products”.

It seems to be the other way around, but I still think that they are definitely at the top of the list of most commonly purchased products.


Arbonne‘s skincare products are derived from botanical ingredients like radish root, fruit extracts, coconut water, peony root extract, algae extract, Japanese pagoda tree flower, malachite extract, Aloe Vera, cucumber, and sea mayweed, among many others.

Each ingredient contributes its own unique attribute to the formulation of the product, helping you maintain a youthful, healthy, and glowing look.

Arbonne’s skincare products include RE9 advanced prep work, lifting, and contouring, advanced for men, intelligence, a clear future, and calm skincare.

The company website claims all of the products are suitable for all skin types, as well as for individuals, both types of skin that are normal or dry and oily or a combination.

The retail price for the skincare products ranges from $266.00 for the RE9 Advanced for brightening, restorative, lifting and contouring, and moisturizing set, which is on the more expensive side of the scale, and $16.00 for the charcoal soap for men.

Bath and Body

Arbonne’s bath and body product line is centered around providing its customers with pampering baby care, aromatherapy, spa treatment, and personal care products.

The products utilize botanic ingredients like lemon, peppermint, harmony, lavender, tea tree, and shea butter that detoxifies rejuvenates, and moisturizes the whole body from head to toe.

Arbonne’s skincare products include RE9 advanced rescue and renew, pure essential oils, ABC Arbonne Baby Care, Shea butter, and Pure Mint.

The retail price for this line ranges from $86.00 for the ABC Arbonne Baby Care Set, which is more expensive, to the $15.00 of Shea Butter Deodorant, which is more of a cheaper side.


The cosmetic and makeup line of Arbonne claims to be an extension of their skincare line.

The makeup line is further divided into subcategories of face, eyes, lips, cheeks, and accessories.

The retail price for the cosmetic line ranges from $159.00 for the limited edition!

Makeup must-haves set, and $16.00 for the moisturizing lip balm.


Arbonne revolutionizes hair care and health in its product line True Hair.

Their company website preaches and redefines the ritual of cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting the hair follicles and scalp.

The product line contains low-lather daily shampoo, nutrient-rich conditioner, and a leave-in anti-frizz treatment solution.

All the products from True Hair are free from paraben, silicone, and sulfate, which are typically present in hair cosmetics.

The retail costs are $26.00 for the shampoo and conditioner and $18.00 for the leave-in treatment.

Pros & Cons of Arbonne

Just like every other MLM/network marketing company out there, you are going to have the good and the bad that comes with the territory.

Arbonne is no different, and I am not going to sugarcoat anything in this Arbonne review, either.

Whether you like it or not, here is what you can expect if you decide to join the company.


  • Has real products
  • Solid reputation
  • Has history


  • Products are pricey
  • Still requires recruiting
  • Requires an auto-ship to remain qualified

Final Verdict: Legit


Arbonne is, at the very least a legit network marketing company.

They are not here to scam you, and they do have products to offer.

You can call them overpriced and ineffective, but you should know what you’re getting yourself into.

Just remember that the company has a lot of things to consider before launching, and that is why the pricing is the way it is.

Regardless of quality, you need to remember that everything revolves around the fact that this is a network marketing business.

With that comes the money-making process and the pricing structure.

For one, you have to pay money for any of the products to be manufactured.

After that, you have to pay enough commissions to affiliates, or it won’t be worth their time and effort.

Lastly, the owner needs to make some kind of profit, or it won’t be worth their time either.

Of course, they are the real winners in all this, but that’s just how these kinds of businesses work.

Like it or not, that is the way things go and it’s really on you to join or not.

This Arbonne review can only give you a basic picture of the company and its products but the joining process is on you.

Maybe consider things like…

  • Can you afford a monthly payment of at least $80?
  • Do you really need the products?
  • Are the products really valuable to you?
  • Can you get others to purchase/join through your marketing?

These are several things that you can ask yourself, and you can also take my network marketing quiz to see if this is really something for you.

Final Thoughts

I think this Arbonne review has provided all the information you need to make a wiser decision on your own.

If you’re in this for the sole purpose of trying to make money, you might want to really think about things before you make any commitments.

That monthly payment is no joke, and your marketing game better be on point as well.

Do know that MLMs are not the only way to fire your boss and live life on your own terms, either.

I used to think that until I found out about a company called Wealthy Affiliate and its amazing business model.

Thanks to that, I have now been working from home for the past 6 years.

So don’t for once feel that network marketing is the only way for the little guy to get ahead.

Besides that, I hope this Arbonne review has been of some great help to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Until next time, do not give up on your pursuit of doing better, as there is always a better way to do things.


Arbonne is your typical MLM company that focuses on beauty products. If you like beauty products and most especially recruiting, this might just be the gig for you. If recruiting isn’t your thing and you’re actually not into any kind or products but rather a money making opportunity, don’t forget to checkout the same program I used to get me out of the military and actually make a living completely on the internet. Learn More Here  


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