5 Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs to Start Following


Looking for some of the best affiliate marketing blog examples?

I know I was when I first learned about this through Wealthy Affiliate many years ago.

There were some that stood out, some that provided great help, and some that only cared about filling their pockets with money.

Through many years of experience with blogs that focused on the affiliate marketing business model, I have gathered my personal favorites.

Some I still follow, while others were good while they lasted or continue to give obsolete information.

What sounds like a super simple task of finding the best affiliate marketing blogs can actually be complicated if you don’t have the proper resources.

For me, I have frequented these sites I am bout to get into, and I’ve put some of the stuff they teach into action.

So, if you are looking for some awesome affiliate marketing blogs to follow and get great ideas, these are the ones that I recommend.

Take what you can from them, as they provide nothing but great information.

They are definitely some of the best at what they do, and I know that they can help you through your journey in the affiliate marketing spectrum.

I have also seen other lists, and it’s either they are outdated, or they didn’t really put much thought into them.

Then, of course, they probably just don’t know what else is out there.

I kept this list short as I’m sure you don’t want or even have the time to follow more than what I am about to go over.

This list is short but sweet, and I’m sure one of them is really all you need.

1. Income School


If you have not seen or heard anything from these guys, you might want to check them out.

Founded by Ricky and Jim, Income School is my go-to for premium affiliate marketing advice.

It works, and it’s absolutely free!

They, of course, have their Project 24 program that I highly recommend, but their blog has some awesome content.

For the longest time, I’ve always had thoughts about affiliate marketing that were different from what everyone else was teaching and doing.

The internet, search engines, and affiliate marketing have changed since my start back in 2014.

What once worked back in the day does not work these days.

The problem with that is some of the big-name bloggers are still teaching these obsolete tactics.

This then leads to a bunch of failed bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Now if you follow the fine fellas at Income School, you will get the 2019 version of what works for affiliate marketing.

They blog and vlog about the same stuff I teach in my affiliate marketing category, and it is what I believe everyone else should follow.

On top of the tried and proven methods they share on their blog and YouTube channel, they are down-to-earth and very entertaining.

2. Authority Hacker


This is my next best spot for awesome affiliate marketing tips.

Ran by Mark and Gael, Authority Hacker uses the best approach to what I think is best when building an affiliate site.

They focus on building authority websites rather than micro-niche-type sites, which is exactly the same way I built mine.

Just like Income School, they have their very own product that teaches you everything about building an authority site, but they also have a blog that gives you some awesome tips and tricks with affiliate marketing.

I used to build micro-niche sites until I came across these guys.

Since then, I have built nothing but authority sites as I’d rather focus on long-term money rather than something that will eventually plateau.

This is not to say that I don’t recommend it to newer affiliate marketers, but I think that seasoned bloggers should focus on authority sites instead.

Now if you are actually new, you might want to start with a micro niche site and then expand into an authority site later.

Do follow the Authority Hacker blog, and you will get nothing but the best affiliate marketing tips on the web when it comes to building authority sites.

3. Fat Stacks Blog


This is another one of my favorites.

Not often do I subscribe to another marketer’s email list, but this is one of the few.

Jon Dykstra is one of the most professional bloggers out there, and I love the content he provides.

Of course, he offers the freemium business model, but you can bet that you will get nothing but value from his blog.

Not only does he give you tips from the best, but Jon gives you all kinds of proof and examples to show you that he is the real deal.

I like his style, and you might want to read up on his stuff if you are still trying to make it with the affiliate marketing business model.

4. Chris Ducker


This is one of the first bloggers I ever ran into, and I still follow him up until now.

Chris Ducker is one of the more popular bloggers out there, and I’m sure he has a team that works with him behind the scenes.

What’s great about that is the fact that he will be able to put a lot of time into his posts, as they are very thorough and packed with great information.

Chris’s blog has great tips on affiliate marketing, but he also gets into other great topics like branding and other outside-the-box topics.

He also runs a podcast, but I have yet to listen to one myself.

There are just too many to keep up with and I barely have time to listen to one.

However, I do recommend his blog, so check that out if you want to follow some of the best.

5. Affiliate Resources


Founded by Jay Neil, Affiliateresources.org is another great blog that I recommend.

Jay talks about the hottest niches and will find you the latest and greatest products out there.

I personally know Jay as I have met him at the Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate conference, which I have been attending for the last 4 years.

He is a true inspiration to the thousands of members of Wealthy Affiliate as he is the live coach on there as well.

You can catch him on there, but his personal blog is also another great way to pick the brains of one of the best affiliate marketers out there.

Jay knows his stuff and has personally guided me in the right direction in my early days of affiliate marketing.

Conclusion – Follow the Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs

If you want to be the best or even just become one of the few successful affiliate marketers on the web, you simply need to follow the best.

There are thousands of blogs that focus on affiliate marketing, but these are some of the best.

If you are still trying to find the best affiliate marketing training course, you might want to check out this list as well.

Get equipped with the right tools, help, and support, and you won’t have a problem starting a blog that will eventually bring in a nice income.

I’m sure there will be other blogs that will emerge with the changing times, so I will be adjusting this list if needed.

Until next time, what are some of your favorite affiliate marketing blogs to follow?

We all have our personal favorites, so please do share what yours is.

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