The 5 Best MLM Companies to Join in 2023

Finding the best MLM/network marketing companies is no easy task.

At first, you think that you know at least the top 3 until you get the fact that there are hundreds of them out there.

Yup, many exist, but not many that you know about.

Some might be more popular than others, and not because they are the best either.

There are many factors that you need to consider when finding the best MLM company, but I will cover those at the end of this post.

I want to give you exactly what you came here for.

The best MLM companies of 2020.

I wondered if I should do the best first or last, and I decided to add a little drama to the mix.

So, I am going with my least favorite out of the bunch first.

Not to say it sucks, but it is probably the last one I recommend from this list.

Oh, and to show credibility on why you should trust me and my rating, know that I’ve done it all.

I’ve joined, used hundreds of products, and compared all the comp plans.

Everyone seems to have the best, but I tell you truthfully that they are almost all the same.

We will cover more on that later, but I want you to know that I do have tons of experience in the network marketing field.

Finding the Best MLM Companies to Join


There aren’t many MLM companies that I can boast about.

They are all run the same way, and you have to play the recruiting game at the end of the day.

Although the best MLM companies to join on this list operate the same way, I chose them based on different factors.

You can read more about that later, but for now, here are the best MLM companies to join this year.

5. Revital U


Not many people have heard about this company, but this is one of the better MLMs to join.

I was introduced to this by a friend, and they have some of the better products on the market.

At least in their industry of coffee and MLMs.

Revital U has been one product I was anxious to try as they had several things that I was interested in.

For one, the coffee, of course, and two, the help with the function of my brain.

After a nice little sample, I was actually impressed.

I have joined other companies like Vidacup, and boy was that a flop.

Poor-tasting coffee and some weird ingredients kept me wired for hours.

With Revital U, it’s quite the opposite.

With a very affordable price and the chance to make some money, this has earned them a spot as one of the best MLMs to join.

Checkout Revital U Here

4. Puratae


Puratae made our list because of its flexibility.

They don’t limit the opportunity to just affiliates, which is not the easiest thing to find in the MLM industry.

The products are great, the price is nice, and the opportunity is better than most.

There’s no need to be pushy, and there’s no obligation to pay hundreds of dollars a month.

If you are looking for one of the better MLM companies to join this year, Puratae is it.

And if that doesn’t do it, maybe a 60-day money-back guarantee and some free shipping will.

Checkout Puratae Here

3. Amway


This is the very first MLM company that I have ever encountered in my life.

The terms “Diamond” and “Ruby” are drilled into my brain, thanks to my siblings who decided to join them.

I personally did not join them (I was only ten at the time), but I did see the passion they had for this business.

This is also where I learned about up-line and downline and all the other network marketing jargon.

What I did remember is that Amway had a lot of products.

I remember the popcorn, chips, and household cleaners as well.

Knowing what I know now, I can see that Amway is one of the best MLM companies.

They have all the traits that a great company should possess, and that is why they have made our list.

And to all you “Diamonds” out there, great job!

Checkout Amway Here

2. Team Beachbody


Everyone wants to make money, and everyone should be concerned about their health.

Thanks to Beachbody, you have the chance to do both.

That is why I think it is one of the best MLM companies to join.

Some of you might not even know this, but Beachbody will actually pay you to promote their products.

Not just pay you but in the same way that money is made utilizing the MLM pay structure.

Some of you might not even know that you probably bought a Beachbody product.

And what you see here is this same company ranking as one of the best MLM companies.

They have awesome products that people are already buying, and they have been around for a really long time as well.

They dominate their industry, and there’s no better company to join than one that doesn’t require much selling.

Heck, I bought Insanity thanks to an infomercial.

They will even pay for advertising for you!

Lots to love about Beachbody, which is why it has made our list.

Checkout Team Beachbody Here

1. Melaleuca


Although I did not give this company a very good rating in my review, I still believe that this is probably the best MLM company out there.

They might not claim to be MLM, but network marketing is still the name of the game.

Melaleuca has been around for decades, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere either.

I joined this company back in 2010 and again in 2018, and nothing has changed.

I am no longer with them, not because I don’t like the company but because I ran into the affiliate marketing business model.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned how to make my living on the Internet without recruiting.

This does not mean that I don’t like Melaleuca.

As you can see, it is my #1 recommended network marketing gig.

With tons of products,  decades under its belt, and a sweet compensation plan, Melaleuca has claimed our #1 spot.

Checkout Melaleuca Here

How We Rate What is “Best”

There are several things we consider when picking “the best,” and it is very important.

One does not outweigh the other, but they are definitely something you need to consider.

Within 5+ years of testing different products and writing thorough product reviews, I think I have more than enough experience to make the recommendations above.

But without the factors below, I don’t think I would’ve been able to create such an awesome list.

So if you are curious about how and why we picked the companies above, allow me to explain.

The Products

This is by far the most important factor in how we ranked these companies.

For one, there MUST be some kind of product before you can even be considered a legit network marketing company.

Don’t have one, and well, you are nothing but a Ponzi scheme.

Even at that, there are companies with products that still get shut down by the FTC.

However, the companies we have voted on are well-equipped with products.

Not just products but some that we believe are worth sharing with others.

Heck, some people still believe that “the products should sell themselves”.

With MLM, though, I have yet to see one.

Not even our #1 recommended network marketing company’s products sell themselves.

The Price

Pricing might seem like nothing, but it’s actually a really big deal.

Not everyone has the same income, and not everyone can afford to be part of an MLM.

Being that this is typically an opportunity for anyone, having the right price is very important.

Is the product/s you are purchasing even worth the money?

Will you be able to make a decent return simply because the products are priced too low?

Those are some of the things we’ve asked ourselves when making this list, and that is why some companies didn’t make it.

What good is joining an MLM if the product is $20 and only allows you to make $5?

All the stops at the coffee shops and late-night prospecting are not worth it if that’s the case.

Unless you’re cool with making $.10 cents an hour.


Joining an MLM is really for one thing and one thing only.

To make money.

What good is an MLM if the pay isn’t even worth your time and effort?

I’d say not good at all.

When MLM companies create their products and pay structure, a lot of thought needs to be done.

How much should we charge for our products without being too pricey?

How much should we pay our affiliates for selling these products?

Questions like that make for the actual compensation you will receive, and not all companies pay that well.

Thankfully, we have included some of the better-paying MLMs so you don’t have to waste your time working for pennies.


I’m sure no one wants to join a company that has a bad reputation or, even worse, no reputation at all.

Forget about thinking that you need to join a company in its early days of life, but that is a complete myth.

I still believe that people join people, and if someone was going to join you, it is most likely not because of the products.

However, every company should have some credibility attached to its name.

Almost every newb follows the trend and joins something simply because it is new.

A year later, the company shuts down, and all that hard work goes down the drain.

That is very common, and I’m sure you do not want to be another statistic.

Amway and Melaleuca have been around for decades, and there are still some people who have never heard about them.

They have the track record to prove their commitment to the industry, and they are some of the few companies that set the standard.

Want or Need?

I’ve covered the products earlier but left this topic aside because it is very important.

I have seen many MLM companies launch and thousands upon thousands of people join at such a high rate.

Everyone starts promoting it, and people join without doing much thinking.

Then, things shift in a different direction, and the company starts to lose momentum.

This is usually the case when companies launch somewhat of a trending product, and that’s how companies like Hempworx are.

Many MLMs utilize the hype and popularity of certain products, but you can bet that they don’t last as long as others.

So before you join your next network marketing business, think about whether or not you are buying into hype or something that will actually last.

Take this quiz as well, and you will see if network marketing is even for you.


Join any MLM at your own risk.

Nothing is guaranteed, and that definitely applies to the network marketing industry.

There is a price to pay, and recruiting is the name of the game, regardless of what anyone tries to say.

Be prepared for lots of work, lots more talking to people, and lots of “no’s.”

That’s what you can expect from something that could possibly be your new career.

I know several people who do this stuff for a living, but it does take a very special person to do this job.

Recruiting is not for everyone, so do not get involved if you know you can’t recruit.

Some of you are like me and might think that MLM is the only way to quit your job.

Well, it’s not.

Thanks to this thing called the internet, things like affiliate marketing exist.

That’s exactly what I do, as I am not very fond of playing the recruiting game myself.

With the obvious reasons why affiliate marketing is a lot better than MLM, I’m sure you will see why I have been doing such a thing for the past five years.

Besides that, network marketing is not a bad thing.

It isn’t the best thing, but I would definitely recommend it over any 9-5.

I hope this list of the best MLM companies has been of great help to you.

I’m 100% sure not everyone will agree, but that’s cool too.

Do drop your company in the comments section below and maybe try to explain why it should have made this list.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

4 thoughts on “The 5 Best MLM Companies to Join in 2023”

  1. Hi John,
    apart form Amway, i have never heard of the other MLM companies. I was a part of Amway sometime back and things looked really rosy for people at the top. I had too much pressure to recruit and buy a lot of stuff which i couldnt use all of or sell for me to move up the ladder and it was just too much for me. Heard of Kangen water? There is a group called (The dream team) on facebook advertizing it.Is it also a form of MLM? I would appreciate a review of this because someone is buzzing my ear about it. An email notification about the Kangen water review would be nice.My search for being my own boss led me to affiliate marketting and i think its the best long term plan one can have.

    • Yeah I was the same way with Melaleuca Janet and it’s just not for everyone. I have heard and dealt with some Kangen water reps, so I definitely know about that company. I will be reviewing them sometime this month, so be on the lookout for that.

  2. I have actually never heard of any of those MLM companies before! I personally haven’t had a particular interest in that industry, but I’ve seen quite a few who do. The list you have provided combined with your personal experiences with these companies could be very valuable to them. I have recently joined the affiliate marketing end of things and I love it!


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