10 Best Money Saving Blogs That Will Help You Save More Money

We all want to save money, but most of us probably don’t know where to begin.

As a once spendaholic and not really a saver but more of an investor, I have learned a couple of tricks of the trade.

These little additions to my brain have led to me saving more money.

However, these little secrets didn’t always come from the little dome that sits on my neck.

There are several blogs that I regularly follow (before I even started this site)and some of the few sites that I recommend you actually indulge in.

Not a huge fan of wasting time so hanging out on Instagram to see what people are eating is not something I enjoy.

Now, if I can get some value from it, then I’m all about it.

That is the same reason why I recommend you at least read some of the content from these blogs.

And no, these blogs aren’t all mom blogs either, so you’re welcome.

Besides Brokeveteran.com, these are 10 very influential blogs that I absolutely love.

It was not easy to come up with my favorite, but I went with the one I frequently visit without even thinking about it.

So here are the 10 most influential blogs that I know for a fact will save you a lot of cash and ones that you will actually enjoy

1. Dollar Sprout


I randomly ran into this blog about 3 years ago, and I could never get rid of it.

Damn you, Jeff and Ben!

I personally don’t know these two, but I really love how these guys speak to their audience.

Being a blogger for the last 5 years, I obviously have my style and passions that I love to share and these guys are no different.

Now, their site is what speaks to me, and I’m sure it does for a lot of their readers.

Every piece of information that I was presented with (although written by many different authors) felt as if these two fine gentlemen were talking to me.

I know I really digressed from talking about what the site is about, but I think you can see why I follow them regularly if you were to visit their site for yourself.

Visit Dollarsprout.com, and you will appreciate the content that they provide.

2. The Simple Dollar


If you’ve ever done some of the most basic searches online that have anything to deal with money, you might just run into thesimpledollar.com

A lot of the content is on credit cards and loans, but they do have some things like “frugal spending for one” that I really enjoy.

Not a fan of commercial-type sites as they aren’t the most personal, but with the many contributors to this site, I kind of shake that off.

But commercial or not, this site has great content that I have learned a lot from over the years.

You can visit them for yourself at thesimpledollar.com.

3. Making Sense of Cents


I absolutely love personal blogs, and that is what Making Sense of Cents is.

Well, that’s actually what they started out as Michelle really started the blog to track her spending and whatnot.

From that simple idea to a full site on how to make money online.

For personal blogs that make over $100k/month, it absolutely motivates me to do better.

But what I really like about the blog is that you, of course, learn a lot about saving money.

However, there are other simple stories that will help you with this thing called life.

Just like her “50 Crazy Things People Have Done to Save Money” post.

A lot of the stuff on this site is at a very personal level, and the rags-to-riches stories on there are also awesome as well.

Check out Makingsenseofcents.com to see what else they have to offer.

4. Money Saving Expert


This site landed on this list simply because it is in the first spot on Google for “how to save money.”

Although it might seem like a more personal blog at first, this is as commercial as commercial sites get.

This does not take away from the service they provide, though, as I have learned a lot from these guys way before I knew what blogging was about.

This site is based out of the UK, but they relate to money in a way that we can all understand.

Martin Lewis is the man behind the brand, and I guess you can say he is the expert.

Check out Moneysavingexpert.com, and you will be blown away at how much content a single site can really have.

Not even Bell’s library in Beauty and the Beast can compete with this site.

5. Save the Student


When a blog targets students, who in the world can not relate?

Savethestudent.com is a money-saving blog that can cater to every walk of life.

I’m no student, but I did take some classes in college.

Now, here’s what I really like about this site.

I only ran into Save the Student after I was in college, which is really ironic.

It can only happen this way as well as the stuff they provide is veered towards anyone and everyone.

How to make and save more money.

Then what do you get when you’re on the site?

A bunch of deals and free offers!

If that isn’t cool to you, then I really don’t know what to tell you.

So, if you want some freebies and whatnot, Savethestudent.org is where you want to go.

Oh, and who wouldn’t trust a site that uses a .org?

More reason to pay a visit.

6. Budgets Are Sexy


Let me just say that almost all personal financial blogs are covered under a mound of commercial-type sites.

Finding something like Budgets Are Sexy was no easy task, but I managed to dig it up.

Ran by “J Money,” this site is exactly what BV is about.

Not to mention that J is also a veteran, so we share the same mentality and, most especially, the same jargon.

Gotta support the troops, and it isn’t that hard when someone is as talented as Mr. J Money himself.

A little on the site.

Personal finance, of course, comes with a lot of personality and a shipload of useful content.

If you want to learn about money without the lameness that comes with most sites, Budgetsaresexy.com is one you might want to visit.

7. Work at Home Adventures


Just like I mentioned earlier, I have a thing for personal blogs.

That is exactly what Work at Home Adventures is about.

The thing that really has me hooked is the amount of list posts they have on their site.

I say them, but it’s really only one woman behind the scenes who is making everything happen.

I’m sure she has her team, but they produce awesome content that will help you find the best ways to put your money online and even offline.

This site uses the same exact theme I used when I first started making money online, which makes it super simple.

There are no fancy things on the site besides the crazy number of ads, but you will still be able to focus on the content they provide.

You can check them out at www.wahadventures.com.

8. Frugal Rules


This is a very new site that has crossed my path within the online space, and I couldn’t help but learn more about it.

After reading the “about me” section, I was pretty amazed.

That then led to me reading more of their content, and I soon realized that there was a lot that this blog had to offer.

From attacking debt to being more frugal with the daily things in life, this site has some awesome content.

Best of all, not only does John have the same name as I do, but we also share similar stories.

He was in college and learned money the hard way, and I did it as a young soldier in the Army.

Sharing similar paths, this blog almost immediately made my top 10 favorite blogs.

Find out more at Frugalrules.com.

9. The Penny Hoarder


If you’re into money, it is almost impossible to dodge this site as they are really good at what they do.

You will find them within the search engines on some kind of product review, or you’ll run into them in an ad on Instagram.

Now, how did you expect me to forget about The Penny Hoarder?

Well, I didn’t, and not just because they know how to use ads.

But because they provide the same recipe as every other site on this list.

Awesome quality content.

The articles on this site are extremely helpful on all topics related to money, but they also have a lot of reward-type programs as well.

If you have not heard of Thepennyhoarder.com, you’re definitely not that into money.

10. Entrepreneur


I had to save the best for last.

Being that I am more of an investor rather than letting my money sit, this is my absolute favorite site when it comes to saving.

Not because they will teach you how to save an extra $200 at the end of the year, but because they give the kind of advice I live off of.

For those of you ambitious folks out there, this is the site for you.

Probably the biggest name when it comes to, well, entrepreneurs and there is no better place to learn about money than from a site that is all about taking risks.

Entrepreneur.com speaks for itself and even has a lot to offer for any of you looking to start an online business.

Why Follow These Sites?


I am not one to subscribe to any site’s mailing list but I wouldn’t think twice about doing it with any of the ones above.

With the thousands of money-saving blogs out there, these are what I think are the best.

There are hundreds more that I would like to add, but these fit MY personality very well.

But that’s not all that makes these sites better than the competition either.

Awesome Content

As an online entrepreneur and especially a blogger, content will always be king.

These blogs all have great content, and they will actually teach you a lot more than you think.

There are millions of domain names out there, and these are 10 from this specific niche that I think are the best.

How crazy is that?

They Know What They’re Doing

You can’t trust anyone these days, and that includes websites.

With these money blogs, you can bet that they are trying to help their readers.

Most have been around for a very long time, but most especially, their content reflects their skill.

They Are Consistent

Even if bloggers know that consistency is key, they will still settle for the bare minimum of posting once a week.

Not these sites.

These 10 sites will provide you with content on a daily basis.

And just when you think that they can’t be any more creative, you will see something else that absolutely blows your mind away.

This can only happen with the best.


Every blog offers a plethora of free content.

You can learn more than you will from a college, and I only know this because I am a student of the internet.

And if you only knew the crazy figures these sites are making through advertising and things like affiliate marketing, you will probably know why I always recommend you start your very own blog.

Everything these bloggers provide initially is free and always will be free, but there are millions of dollars that can be made elsewhere.

Just another win/win and why you need to get with the program.

They Help Veterans

As a veteran myself, I know how hard it is to manage finances.

Especially in my younger days of adulting.

If these sites were around when I was throwing money away, maybe I wouldn’t have been so reckless.

Then again, I was young and didn’t know what the difference between right and left was.

I know how hard it is for military personnel to be responsible, but with sites like these, the chances are higher for them to at least try to be responsible.

Only You Can Save Money

Saving money is great, and these sites will show you the best ways to do exactly that.

If you were to ask me, I’d say save money, but I always look at other ways to make it.

Saving money is great, but definitely consider investing it into affiliate marketing or any other legitimate online business model.

Besides that, I do hope these 10 money-saving blogs can help you get the information you most likely need.

Until next time, be smart about where your money goes, and life will be that much easier.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Many thanks, John for the information. I found the answer to my question about blogging frequency because I read the content on this page. I will blog every day. How much content is how much? As long as it is quality content and has something to keep the reader interested and wanting to read the next post, I believe it is balanced and will work well for readers.

    • Quality is definitely a must Viv but if you can knock out a post a day, you will do wonders with your blog. Hope your blog is coming along nicely and please do let me know if you need a hand with anything.


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