14 Best Survey Sites That Pay Well


People new to survey sites often find it hard to believe that you get paid to give opinions.

Let me assure you, your opinion matters so much that some companies are willing to pay to get it.

This is where survey sites that pay come in.

Survey sites are platforms that act as the bridge between those companies and you, the consumer.

These platforms use your information to build consumer feedback and improve the consumer profile.

When you sign up for a survey site for the first time, you will see that the platform makes it perfectly clear how and where they will use your information.

With a surety like that, survey sites are the easiest way to make easy money.

All you have to do is provide your opinion on products, ads, and services, among other things.

Most survey sites include more than just filling out surveys.

It can include playing online games, watching videos, searching for different websites, and testing products.

It’s a good offer to earn a few extra dollars.

Offers like these attract tons of people to their site.

That is probably why we have seen a rise in scam sites.

These scam sites differ from the authentic ones because they either ask you to pay to sign up or ask you for credit card information.

Note this: Stay clear of survey sites requiring you to state sensitive bank information, such as your credit card number.

In this article, we shortlisted the best legitimate survey sites from which you can earn some good money.

Be sure to check out the things you should keep in mind while earning from these sites.

1.  Inbox Dollars


Number one on our list is Inbox Dollars because of its ease of use and the legitimate payments made to survey takers.

This website also tops our list because of its preference for paying in cash instead of points, which is a norm for most survey websites.

As soon as you sign up, you will get a $5 bonus.

Apart from this bonus, this site also pays you to;

  • Take surveys
  • Play video games online
  • Watch videos
  • Browse websites
  • Shop online
  • Downloads coupons
  • Read emails
  • Refer others

With such a wide range of offers, something is sure to tick your interest, but everyone knows that surveys don’t pay that much.

However, all you have to do is do your routine tasks on their portal and earn quite a bit in a much shorter time compared to what you expected.

You can check all your earnings on their website as you complete each task.

Payment Method: Prepaid VISA, Check, Gift Card

Average Earning: $5 or less per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $30

Join Inbox Dollars Here

2. Pinecone Research


It was a very close call between our first and second listing since most consider Pinecone Research as the holy grail of survey sites.

Pinecone enjoys such prestige because of its authenticity and exclusivity.

It is very hard to get in unless you are invited.

This is because they restrict access to only those who fit the demographics of the survey takers they are targeting.

It always keeps the survey taker pool highly relevant.

You will also save valuable time since you already qualify for each survey.

Pinecone pays you a minimum of $3 to complete surveys and test products.

What makes this deal a fun and attractive one is that it takes only 15 minutes to fill out the surveys, and you get to keep the testing products.

While Pinecone offers sweepstake entries, it largely pays in cash through cheques and PayPal.

Payment Method: Cheque, Paypal, VISA gift card

Average Earning: $3/survey minimum

Minimum to Cash Out: $3

Join Pinecone Research Here

3. Survey Junkie


Survey junkie is a 100% free and easy-to-navigate survey panel that you can sign up for easily from anywhere, including Google+, Facebook, or even your email address.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll earn points through its sign-up bonus.

Apart from the signup bonus, you won’t spend a day without getting surveys.

Unlike other survey sites, Survey Junkie offers every day, which means you will earn more money.

Not only does this survey site offer a spam-free inbox, but it also offers some of the highest-paying surveys as well.

You have a good chance of landing a survey that pays as much as $70.

The deciding factor on you getting these surveys always comes down to the demographics, so keep that in mind.

Payment Method: eGift cards, PayPal

Average Earning: $1 to $3 per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $10

Join Survey Junkie Here

4. Ipsos i-Say


Ipsos’s i-say is one of the largest survey sites that pay.

You will initially earn points, which you can later redeem in cash through PayPal, gift vouchers through Amazon, or merchandise.

I-say offers points on mobile surveys, product testing, video surveys, and focus groups.

Even though the surveys don’t offer high compensation, you can get gift cards quickly.

The best thing about i-say is loyalty points.

You will get 25 loyalty points on completing 5 surveys and 300 points on 100 surveys.

Payment Method: Gift cards, PayPal

Average Earning: $0.1 to $1 per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $15 for VISA or PayPay and $10 for Gift cards

Join i-Say Here

5. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a survey site that gives out the highest number of gift cards each day, approx 7,000/day.

Not only is this survey panel famous for its gift cards, but you can also earn $5 straightaway as soon as you sign up.

On this survey panel, you earn Swagbucks points (SB) that can later be converted into cash and gift vouchers.

Even though the site offers the most points for watching videos, you can also earn points on filling out surveys, shopping online, and browsing the web.

You will never run out of surveys on Swagbucks, with the panel offering tens of thousands of surveys daily.

Payment Method: Gift cards, PayPal

Average Earning: $0.4 to $2 per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $25 for PayPal, $3 for Gift Cards

Join Swagbucks Here

6. Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel Review

Prize Rebel is also a survey site in the running for nine years.

Like most of the sites on this list, this site pays in points that you can redeem for gift vouchers.

They also pay out in cash through PayPal, VISA prepaid, or even Bitcoin.

$1 dollar is equivalent to a hundred points.

Just opening the site lets you see how much the company has paid out to its survey takers in the last 24 hours, right on its home screen.

Payment Method: Paypal, Gift Cards, VISA prepaid

Average Earning: $12 per hour

Minimum To Cash Out: $25

Join Prize Rebel Here

7. Mypoints


Mypoints is a survey site much like Inbox Dollars.

The site offers you to earn on many things like watching videos, reading emails, shopping online, finding deals, searching the web, printing coupons, and playing games.

The difference is that it does not pay directly in cash but in points.

You can redeem these points later in cash through Paypal or opt for a gift card.

The best thing about this survey site is that it offers points even when the user doesn’t qualify for a survey.

Apart from this, the $5 welcome bonus they offer after the first five surveys and the $10 bonus for online shopping is also an attractive deal for the majority.

Payment Method: Gift Card

Average Earning: $2.50 per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $3

Join MyPoints Here

8. LifePoints


Life Point is a survey site that boasts 5 million users.

Signing up for this site is easy.

However, this site pays in “lifepoints,” which are redeemable for cash through PayPal, gift cards, vouchers, and donations.

The best part of this site is that you can easily qualify for surveys here; you can start earning points as soon as you register your demographics, and this site has a relatively low cash-out limit.

Payment Method: PayPal

Average Earning: $0.6 to $1 per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $5

Join LifePoints Here

9. Oneopinion


On Oneopinion, it will take you a shocking 1 minute to get ready to start getting paid.

Oneopoinion also pays in points, with one dollar equaling 1,000 points.

On every 25,000 points, Oneopinion offers you a PayPal transfer or a gift card.

Payment Method: Gift Card

Average Earning: $1 to $5 per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $25

Join One Opinion Here

10. Opinion Outpost


Opinion Outpost is the best survey site on our list for beginners.

The easy navigation and low cash-out threshold are perfect for those with a low patience level.

Although Opinion Outpost pays in points, you can get them converted easily in cash through PayPal or opt for an Amazon gift card.

If you plan on sticking to one survey site, we highly recommend Opinion Outpost since they always have the highest number of paid surveys available.

You can also earn points from mobile surveys, product testing, and referring to a friend.

Payment Method: Gift Card, PayPal

Average Earning: $0.5 to $5 per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $5 for gift cards, $10 for PayPal

Join Opinion Outpost Here

11. Vindale Research


Vindale Research is one of the oldest running survey sites, a lot like Inbox Dollars in terms of paying in cash instead of a point system.

This makes it easy for the user to keep track of their compensations and earnings.

Apart from surveys, you can also earn online services as well as on testing products.

You can earn a dollar for each survey to fill out and a minimum of $5 for product testing.

You will also get a dollar for free as a welcome bonus.

Payment Method: PayPal

Average Earning: $0.5 to $5 per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $50

Join Vindale Research Here

12. Survey Club


Survey Club is a company unlike any other in this list.

This site itself doesn’t host any surveys.

Instead, it acts as a middleman and directs you toward those who do.

However, rest assured you will be paid through Survey Club.

Payment Method: PayPal, Gift Card, Travel miles

Average Earning: $0.5 to $5 per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $20

Join Survey Club Here

13. Toluna


Toluna is a must in any survey site list, with 9 million users on its site.

Not only do they offer high compensating surveys, but Toluna is also famous for its product testing, which you get to keep.

You can also earn through sponsored polls.

Toluna also operates on a point-based system that gets converted into cash through PayPal, get gift cards or merchandise.

Payment Method: Paypal, Gift Card, High-street and Amazon vouchers

Average Earning: 1,000 to 1,500 points per survey

Minimum To Cash Out: $10 (30,000 points)

Join Toluna Here

Things to Keep In Mind While Earning From Survey Sites

  1. You can start as soon as you secure an internet connection and a device connected to it.
  2. You don’t need a higher education or special qualification to participate in these surveys.
  3. Earn as low as $1.205 per year and as high as $75 to $100 per month.
  4. The only investment you will be making is time.
  5. You can sign up for more than one survey site simultaneously.
  6. To earn a considerable amount, you need to sign up for as many surveys as possible.
  7. You cannot make a living out of filling out surveys; there are other options available that pay much more.
  8. You won’t see significant differences instantly. Earning from surveys is a long-term commitment.

Bottom Line

Here are some of the best survey sites that pay, giving you a good opportunity to earn a few extra bucks.

We have included all the details for you.

All you need to do is make up a strategy that helps you earn the most that you can.

Strategies include signing up for as many sites and surveys as possible and availing of the highest-paying options.

With such easy money, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t get on any of these survey sites mentioned above.

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