Do These 7 Things to Rank Higher in Google


Getting that #1 spot or even just ranking higher in the search engines (especially Google) is no easy task. Heck, I even thought it was impossible with all the competition out there. However, I still dove right in thanks to the awesome training and support at Authority Hacker. With their claims of making a nice … Read more

7 Reasons Stay at Home Moms Should Start a Blog


Starting a blog is one thing I will recommend to almost anyone looking to do the unimaginable. The problem is that most don’t understand what that even means. When you think of a blog, you think of someone’s life story. Their opinion on something. Or how you feel about this or that topic. Yes and … Read more

7 Ways to Deal With Blogging Fatigue


Blogging is a great thing that 99% of the jobs out there can not compare. But that doesn’t mean it’s all blue skies and butterflies either. Something like blogging can be very rewarding but also very draining and will take a toll on your body and mental state. Especially when you have reached online success … Read more