Charlie Review: Legit and Safe or Scam Penguin App?

Welcome to my Charlie review.

Not another app but a savings tool that comes with a cute little animal friend.

I don’t know how you were introduced to this thing, but I stumbled on it in my search of always trying to save more money.

This discovery led me to a little penguin who claims to help you manage your finances.

What got my attention was not that it was a penguin but that all this would be done through text messaging.

How could you possibly tell yourself that you can save more on your cable bill?

All the questions popped up, and I had to do my research before even signing up.

Pretty much just like you did and why you are on this post, to begin with.

Well, I didn’t write this off as some kind of phishing scam and I didn’t think that it was the safest thing either.

So with more research and of course signing up, I figured out exactly how everything works.

How could some penguin help you save money through text messages, right?

I’m used to apps like Get Waldo, but this one is definitely different and worth giving a shot.

Let’s get right into things, as I’m sure you’re anxious to see how everything works.

Charlie Review – Product Overview


Name: Charlie

Website: Join VIA FB messenger/text

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 4.1/5 stars

Charlie the Little Penguin will show you how to make the most of your money. They can seem a bit weird at first, but they are 100% legit and safe to use.

Join For FREE Here!

What is Charlie?

You might be familiar with apps like Pei that offer you cash back, but Charlie is different.

I’ve seen many reviews that call this an app, but it’s really not.

At all.

Charlie is a tool that will assist you in the form of text messages.

It is mainly and preferably used through Facebook Messenger, which is why some of you might be skeptical about all this.

I felt the same way, but after downloading all kinds of apps and forgetting about them, I figured, why not give this one a try?

How Charlie Works


Charlie is really simple to use and very simple to understand.

Almost too simple that you feel that you can’t trust it, which is why I’m going to be your guinea pig.

So, everything works in the form of a text message.

Either through regular old SMS or through Facebook Messenger.

When you click on one of the signup buttons on the actual Charlie website, you will then be directed to Facebook Messenger or a section from which you will have to provide your mobile phone number.

If you are logged into Facebook Messenger, you will automatically be directed to that app.

If you aren’t using the app, you will need to give your telephone number to Charlie.

From there, you will be linked and ready to go.

The penguin will then ask you a few questions (which are automated) that will learn more about yourself.

Once all the meet and greet is out of the way, Charlie will then ask to link a bank account.

Through messenger?

Sounds pretty crazy but that’s how it works.

This is how they will track everything.

From what you have to work with for the month to what bills you have, Charlie will do all the work for you.

If there is something that you could save on, it will let you know.

You can also set a budget, and Charlie will help you stick to it.

If you are going over it, it will let you know.

And yes, everything is done through Messenger.

Pretty simple, I know, but it then brings about another very important question.

Is Charlie Safe?


Yes, Charlie is safe to use.

The program uses the same 256-bit SSL encryption that banks use when it comes to security and websites.

If you’re on a connection that isn’t using SSL, you will not be able to sign up for their program.

They don’t collect or share any of your personal information, and they don’t store your bank account information.

When you connect your bank account, it uses the same process that you would go through if you were to sign up with Mint or any other savings-type app.

They get your username and password but are limited in what they can see and do.

They get to see the amounts and spending to assist you with the whole savings deal, but that is about it.

Once you get connected, everything is done directly to your account so that none of your information is on the web.

So yes, Charlie is safe.

Is it Really Free?

It is absolutely free to join and use Charlie.

One question you might be wondering, though, is how in the world they make their money.

I did think that they take some kind of fee out of certain transactions, but they actually don’t.

They claim to build their credibility by providing their service and eventually have more of a premium type of service in the future.

Even at that, the savings and tips they offer will always remain free.

Getting Started With Charlie


Signing to Charlie is as easy as I mentioned earlier in this review.

You simply go to the official Charlie website, and you will see one of their signup links.

Once you click on that link, you will be redirected to Facebook Messenger if you have it running in the background.

If not, you will have to send Charlie your phone number, which will then initiate a conversation via SMS.

A conversation window will open up, and you will start communicating with Charlie.

Now, what you must know is that this will only work for people in the US.

For those of you who are in another country, this will not work for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Will save you money
  • Will help you save on some bills
  • Is completely free to use


  • Can feel unsafe at first
  • Will only work in the US

Before You Join

There are several things you must understand before you join something like Charlie.

For one, it is not going to make you money.

It’s not a way to make money online like affiliate marketing, and it isn’t an investment of some sort.

It is a savings tool that will help you do exactly that.

Save money.

Another important thing to understand is that Charlie will only work for users in the United States.

I did mention that, but sometimes my readers tend to overlook it and still ask something that was already answered.

Charlie is simple and does simple things, so don’t expect it to start making you thousands of dollars in the coming days.

Final Verdict: Legit


Charlie is not a scam, and it is also safe to use.

It is unique and pretty entertaining if you ask me.

It is convenient, and I find it to work better than the many other apps offering the same service.

Instead of going into an app to see what is going on, you will get notified through Messenger.

This is a cool feature and one of the better reasons to join Charlie.

We all know how savings apps work anyway.

You get signed up, mess around with it for a few days, and forget about it after that.

I have too many apps that I’m so immune to them being there.

They exist, but I ignore them as if they were some ad or something.

Besides that, I do recommend Charlie, and I’m sure you will enjoy the service they provide.

My Recommendation

I recommend you signup for Charlie as they are free and very helpful when it comes to cutting costs on those damn overpriced bills.

I do think you should add a partner to your financial arsenal and use something that can actually make you more money as well.

With apps like Acorns, you can make a nice investment toward your future on top of all the savings.

Just another free way to help in your financial department.

And if you are looking for other awesome ways to make money online, you can always check out something like Wealthy Affiliate.

I personally love that business model, and I’m sure you will find the idea of selling other people’s products online to be quite amazing as well.

Other than that, I hope this Charlie review has helped you in more ways than one, and I hope you ultimately find better ways to spend and invest your money.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Until next time, push forward with an open mind, and I’m sure you will win at this thing called life.



Charlie officially has an app. What once used to be done through FB messenger and text has now gone into using a full blown app. It’s still free to join and will help you chop down them unwanted bills. Join For FREE Here!  

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