Copy the Millionaire: Scam or Legit? [Review]

Welcome to my Copy the Millionaire review.

Some of you are probably eager to join but something is telling you to do your research and that is what most likely landed you here.

Well I’m glad you’re here because I was once in your shoes.

Excited and willing to spend lots of money if it meant I could make it.

Ready to get started because I knew there was lots of money to be made online.

That’s exactly how I felt and that is exactly what led me to more debt and less hope that real money could be made on the internet.

The same sites I joined were just like Copy the Millionaire and its overall marketing strategy.

They also use the same words like “millionaire”, “button”, and “secret” but never, ever deliver.

Push button millionaire┬áis the perfect example and is one that didn’t last.

What you do need to keep in mind is that 99.9% of them have the same money making strategy and one that I will explain within this review.

I wouldn’t want any of you to go through the same nonsense I went through, so I would at least love to give you the facts on how everything works.

Not many will understand and just join, so I’m glad you decided to do your research.

Now let’s see what everything is about.

Copy the Millionaire Review – Product Overview

Name: Copy the Millionaire

Owner: Jeff Lerner


Price: $39 + up-sells

Overall Rating: 1/5 stars

Copy the Millionaire is your typical pay to play program that allows you to make money by selling the same exact thing you just bought. Give a nice story, get someone interested, and hope they buy into the hype.

The chances of you becoming anything close to a millionaire are ver slim and highly unlikely. This is far from anything I would ever recommend, so please join at your own risk.

What is Copy the Millionaire?


Wouldn’t it be nice to “copy the millionaire”?

Well that’s the idea and what will attract anyone to something like this.

Copy the Millionaire was created by Jeff Lerner who is no newb when it comes to creating products in the make money online space.

As a matter of fact, there are many programs dating back to as early as 2014 when I first started my hunt to making money online.

  • The Millionaire Operating System
  • Profit Countdown
  • Freedom Shortcut
  • Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle
  • Lifestyle Design International

And now we have Copy the Millionaire.


That’s a lot of programs for one person.

They use the same stories and they make you money the same way, which is nothing new and pretty irritating to people like myself.

Do you really think that Jeff has come up with a better way to make money because he has so many programs?

Of course not.

He simply jumps to another name once his current gig starts dying down or when others expose them for what they really are.

And I know all too well how his stuff works so please pay attention as this is probably the most important part of this review.

How it Works

The name of the program says it all, really.

Copy the Millionaire.

Do exactly like Jeff does and voila!

You’re a millionaire.

Now this is not some sell the same types of houses or create the same type of product kind of copy either.

This one is different but very popular amongst the high ticket gurus of the internet.

Everything works with the pay to play model.

Buy this and sell it in order to make money.

Sounds stupid simple and that’s because it really is.

However, they have all kinds of craziness attached to this that makes it seem a lot more compliated than things really are.

Do you remember that sales video that you HAD to watch before you can do anything else?

Well that’s where everything starts.

You go through some zero to hero sob story and then you’re dealing with Lambo’s and mansions.

Then you feel that you could/should be doing that and you click on to the next step.

This next step is where everything really begins.

You either pay $1 or $39 but it is going to be for another program.

There is no telling which one it is exactly but it is most likely going to be one of Jeff Lerner’s programs.

I’ve seen it lead to 6 Steps to Freedom and now it seems to be leading to the Entre Blueprint.

So what exactly is Copy the Millionaire?

It is nothing more than a landing page that Jeff’s affiliates use to lead them to one of his high ticket programs.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The Price


Once you get pas the sales page and what Copy the Millionaire really is, you will land on one of the main sites.

Depending on what affiliate type of promotion you are getting will determine what price you get.

I’ve got an affiliate link that led me to a $1 page and another that asked for $39.

Either way, you are going to spend more than any of that.

That $1 price will lead to an automatic payment and eventually you will pay the full price.

From there, you can expect to pay a lot more as whatever it is that you decide to join will try to suck more money out of your credit card.

Don’t forget that the product will not be the same for everyone when it comes time to checkout but do know that they will all come with the same type of craziness.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended

Copy the Millionaire is not exactly a scam.

No one is here to steal your money or anything along those lines.

However, it is not going to be your golden ticket to financial freedom.

The program is simply designed to suck you in with a sob story and hype and then get you feeling as if you have to purchase the other products in order to succeed online.

Don’t do that.

I’ve done it many times in the early days of trying to find a real way to make money online and it always led to the same end result.

I know that you might think that paying more means you will make more but that’s not the case.

Paying more only means that you are then allowed to sell what you just bought so you can sell it to someone else.

Then and only then will you be able to make any of the big bucks.

They do try to make it seem like you can use the training with other niches but again, they have some shady marketing that will work against you.

Let’s see…

Promote a regular product and make a couple of bucks or promote Copy the Millionaire and make $1,000 commissions?

You’ll be hit with that predicament, so be ready for it if you do decide to take them up on one of their smaller price points.


The Main Takeaway From This

There are a few things that you can gain from Copy the Millionaire and no it’s not that you will learn how to make money online.

For one, you should know that there are thousands of programs that utilize this same exact strategy.

I would call it a business model but that’s not what this is.

They show you some rags to riches sob story and get you feeling that you will do the same.

Everything starts there and then soon enough you’re a couple thousand dollars in a hole.

You might make a couple of sales here and there but everything will stop and you will have put all that time into something that isn’t even close to sustainable.

You also have to keep in mind that Jeff is no newb when it comes to making products when it comes to the MMO world.

He most likely makes all his money from everyone else that promotes his product.

Would you like to contribute to that?

Probably not.

This is far from anything I would consider praising and it is nothing new.

It might sound very intriguing but don’t fall for that kind of nonsense unless you want to become another statistic.

If you want to make money online, it is going to be through hard work, lots of determination, and a real program that teaches you how to make money without promoting them.

Thanks to sites like Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn exactly that.

Forget about building someone else’s business and create one for yourself utilizing some real training and support from real online entrepreneurs that don’t recruit.

Besides that, I hope this Copy the Millionaire review has been of great benefit to you.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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