Current App Review: Scam or Legit Debit Card?

This is one Current app review that will give you everything you need to know about well, the app.

Is it a scam or one of the few legit apps that can actually be of some benefit to you?

There are several questions that come with any app that has to deal with money.

Whether it be saving, spending, or making, you always need to be cautious when it comes to money.

There are people all over the world who will do whatever it takes to get that money, and it can result in some serious issues for you.

The Current app is no different, even if everything feels pretty legit.

So before you join Current and get your new Visa card, let me show you what everything is about.

Current App Review – Product Overview


Name: Current


Type of Business: Debit card

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars

I personally like the Current App as it does a lot more than I thought. It is great for you parents with teenagers but that’s about the only reason I would recommend it. The other features are cool, but you can find them with most banks these days. You can make $1 for sharing the app, so maybe that might be all that is needed for you to join Current.

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What is Current?

Current is a modern-day banking app that takes away some of the hassle that comes with a regular old bank. The app is designed most especially for teens to assist with their spending and experience with the digital world of money.

There are several benefits that I will be going over later in this Current app review, but at the very least, that’s what Current is about.

The company actually owns the domain, so you can also see that they have actually made an investment for the long haul.

That alone is a huge plus, but let’s see what you’re really getting.

Getting Started

Current is straightforward and very easy to sign up with.

The process usually starts with an invitation of some sort, usually from social media.

It is an app, so everything is directed toward the app store or Google Play once you have clicked on the link.

Current only allows users with a US telephone number, so you can stop reading now if you don’t meet that qualification.

You can’t use an email either, so again, don’t even bother.

If you do happen to click on a link via your computer, you will be prompted to provide a US telephone number.

You will then get a text with a link that will then lead you to the app.

Download the app, provide your telephone number, and you are good to go.

But with all that hassle, what are you really getting with the Current app?

Benefits of Current


I just did another review on an app called Wingo, and there was only one thing that I could say was worth downloading the app.


If that’s the case, there is really no good reason unless you are making a million dollars just for getting it.

With Current, there are at least 5, which is a really good thing.

It might not be the greatest, but at the very least, there is something that you can benefit from.

Actual Debit Cards

You can’t really teach a teenager how to be a part of the digital world if you don’t allow them to do digital things.

Money is money, and debit cards are debit cards, and they both require a different kind of knowledge.

With money, it’s stupidly simple.

You give someone money for a product or service, and you get your change.

With a debit card, you need to understand things like safety, pin numbers, overdraft fees, and how to manage your spending.

Using a debit card is not as simple as it seems, especially for someone who is new to it.

They think that just because there is $1,000 in their account, it will never go away.

Then, they check their balance after all that spending, just to find out that they have an overdraft fee.

That’s when Current comes in and helps with all those problems.

Get Paid Faster

I don’t know if this is really that big of a deal these days, but I’m guessing they are referring to those who are still having to wait for their “checks” to actually clear.

Unlike traditional banks that take direct deposits, Current allows its users to get their checks deposited and available much faster.

So if you are having to wait a couple of days before your check actually clears, Current might just be the solution.

No Overdraft Fees

This is probably one of the main reasons why you should use Current.

Over, freaking, draft, fees.

Throughout the course of my adult life, I have spent thousands of dollars in overdraft fees alone.

One of my banks charged $30 every single time I went over the amount in my account.

This type of stuff really pisses me off, and most of the time, it isn’t even my fault.

Thankfully so, there is a lawsuit against my old bank, and guess what?

They are now rewarding us with some money thanks to their sleazy tactics.

Now, if you don’t want to deal with overdraft fees at all, you might want to download Current.

That’s a better approach to overdraft fees and one that its users have no complaints about.

Free ATMs

ATM fees are absolutely insane.

Just to get YOUR own money, you have to pay a fee.

You can take that $3 fee, or you can keep driving around to look for an ATM provided by your actual bank.

Or you can use Current and take advantage of the free ATM usage that is allowed by their card.

Of course, this is not going to be easy to figure out, but you can at least know that there are 55,000 free ATMs that you can use.

That’s really not much, and that’s why I’m glad that USAA refunds up to $15 if I use any other ATM.

I make less than 5 withdrawals a month, so I never go over the limit.

With Current, this feature might be good if you can find an ATM that doesn’t charge, but there’s always going to be those that do.

Gas Hold Refunds

I have personally never tried this but it is one of the cooler things that current offers.

With the gas hold refund, you can instantly receive refunds at the pump.

If you are eligible for this, you will have the charge held and credited back to your account.

We all know how expensive gas is, so this can definitely help big time.

Money Management

Similar to Acorns and other money management apps, Current allows you and your teen to learn more about money management.

The app lets you know when you’ve made a purchase, and it also shows you your balance.

So if you’re subscribed to Netflix and your bank account is running on E, I’m sure a nice little notification can help.

You can then make adjustments to your account so you don’t have to take on another overdraft fee.

Wait, that’s what Current also does, so maybe you can use it to help you understand how much money you have left for the month.

Mobile Check Deposit

Most banks should offer this feature, but if yours doesn’t, Current can help.

It does not matter what check it is.

If it’s to you, you can deposit it into your account.

By simply signing and taking a pic of the front and back of the check, you can have the funds available instantly.

This is very helpful in two ways.

For one, you can have the funds right away.

You don’t have to wait for the check to clear like you would with the same bank that gets to see the actual check.

That’s pretty crazy, but with Current, you can cash it and spend the money like the cash value that it really is.

Another reason why this feature is so awesome is the fact that you don’t even need to drive anywhere.

The same bank that should approve it instantly requires you to physically go there and still won’t give you the funds right away.

That’s pretty stupid if you ask me, but with the Current app, you don’t have to deal with such nonsense.

Sending Money

Current allows you to send money and not just to your teen either.

If someone else has a Current account, you can send them money, too.

What’s even cooler is that you can send money to anyone.

With Current Pay, you can send money to anyone without having to pay any fees.

PayPal has been hitting me and others with some crazy fees, and it has been quite irritating.

If the Current app can actually help in this department, I might just be able to save some money.

This is just another feature, but I will need to test this one out more.

Teen Banking/Allowance

If there’s one reason as to why anyone would want to use Current, this is it.

Teen banking is where parents can set up an account with their child, from which they can then use their very own debit card.

You, as the parent, can see all activity, and you can transfer funds to them if needed.

Now, the best part about this is the whole “allowance” part of the app.

This allows you to reward your kids for doing chores, all within the app.

That’s not just a neat way to teach your kids about hard work and how money is made, but it gets you to being involved with your child.

In this modern world, we live in, getting that QT with anyone is not the easiest thing to accomplish.

Current is one of those ways, but it definitely does not beat some actual face-to-face interaction.

24/7 Support & Security


Security is beyond important when it comes to banking, money, and, most especially, your personal information.

With Current, they have several features that allow for a safer spending experience.

They utilize a chip, fingerprint, and face ID and also allow you to put your card on pause if you think you’ve lost it or had it stolen.

Get notified whenever a purchase is made so that you know what your child is spending or if someone else has made a purchase that you might want to be aware of.

Again, there are no overdraft fees, so you spend what you have and not what you think you have.

Those are the benefits of Current, but are all those just what they claim?

Let’s get into the not-so-pretty side of using Current.

Current App Complaints


No company is perfect, and I’m sure we can both agree.

However, being perfect and having problems are two different things.

With Current, they are definitely not perfect, but there are also several complaints that might be a make-or-break deal here.

Poor Kid Banking Service

Several people have complained about the actual allowance feature.

They claim that the only option available to transfer funds to their kids was through their actual bank account.

If you’re using this app for that purpose alone, why would you even need it to begin with?

Almost every real bank these days has the option for you to set up an account for your kids.

They can get their own debit card and transfer funds through the banking app, just like I do.

Poor Support


That’s what one user has claimed, thanks to the service within Current.

She has sent countless amounts of emails, and all they got are “robo emails” instead.

There is no real person to talk to, and they never get a response through emails either.

When dealing with banks and money, you NEED excellent service.

There is no reason why you can’t resolve an issue within an hour, max.

Money and personal information are some of the things that you don’t have time to wait around for.

Signing in Issues

Another complaint about Current is signing in.

For one, you have an issue with support and then signing in, so you have two problems that rely on each other to work.

How are you going to get into your account if you can’t sign in or get any help to get signed in?

This user claims they signed in, but then they were rerouted to a verification page that allowed them to do nothing.

“Has technology gone so far that people in a company don’t take the time to deal with customers anymore?”

That seems to be the case for this customer, but this is a very strange case.

Positive Current App Reviews

Besides several complaints about Current, there are a lot more positive things to say about this app.

Out of over 20,000 ratings, at least 80% of those are 5 stars.

Overall, the app gets 4.7 out of 5 stars, which is actually really good.

Lots of people like using the app, and they actually praise it.

800,000 + members, to be exact.

“Current has been an essential tool in teaching my teen financial responsibility.”

“This is helping my teen learn the value of money and budgeting.”

There are a lot of positive Current reviews out there, but are the complaints enough for you to say no?

Well, there’s actually another really cool feature that you can expect from the app, and is also a reason why everyone and their mothers are sharing it.

Making Money With Current

As a Current member, you are able to share the app and make money.

Yup, cold, hard cash.

Okay, it’s not as much as you would make with Swagbucks, but it’s at least something.

For every person that you introduce to Current, you can make one whole dollar.

Yup, $1.

There is no limit to this, and you can make $1 for every single person who just downloads the app using your invitation.

It’s not the best deal, but it’s something.

Current App Review – Conclusion


So, should you download the Current app?

I think it’s worth a shot.

There are thousands of apps out there, and this is one that I actually like.

It’s free to join, and you can also make money by simply sharing it.

Teach your teen about the digital world we live in and how money is used worldwide.

I think there are too many benefits to not at least give this a try.

Overall, I give the Current app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for reading my Current app review, and I hope it has been of some great help to you.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!


Current is not that bad. You get a debit card, a way to give your kids an allowance, no overdraft fees, check deposit feature and some other cool features. If your bank doesn’t allow you to do those things, Current might just be a nice little app to use. Don’t forget the chance to make a $1 for referring others, so that alone might be a good enough reason to use Current.


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