[Discover] Heal Worldwide Review: Scam, Legit, or Just Confusion?


Welcome to a real and honest Discover Heal review from someone who was just as confused as you were.

Forget about wondering if this is a scam or a legit business with products, I couldn’t even tell what I was watching.

All I got was a video of some dude traveling without any mention of what I was going to be buying.

What’s even worse is that the person who introduced this to me knew nothing about it either.

“Save your timestamp”

“Get in before everyone else does”

That’s about all I got, and it only reminded me of the many recruiting Ponzi schemes I joined back in the day.

Thinking that getting in early was the only way to make a network marketing business work, that’s exactly what I did.

Now, when I see something like Heal’s marketing nonsense, I think I’ve become a little smarter.

I don’t just join, and I don’t just put in my credit card information.

I watched video after video, and I still could not get the information I was looking for.

That, of course, was a red flag, and I almost knew where everything was headed.

However, I had to figure out exactly what was going on, so, of course, I did more research.

That research almost led me nowhere, and I eventually gave up.

Some (if not all) of you have probably gone through the same thing, and you’re probably just as confused.

Well, I did go through some of the emails they sent out.

Lo and behold, I ended up in the back office of my account.

From there, I got to see what was really going on, and that is what I want to share.

So pay attention, as this will not take much of your time.

Discover Heal Review – Product Overview

Name: Heal Worldwide

Website: www.healworldwide.com

Price: $49 +

Overall Rating: 1.5/5 stars

Want to live life on your terms?

Well, that’s about all you get when you come across Discoverheal.com, and that is it.

This has got to be the most irritating program of 2019.

They don’t tell you what you are getting, yet they want to ask for money.

This is nothing but a recruiting-based scheme without any solid products to show for.

Mind you, their marketing nonsense will have you spending $3,000 on ways to promote them once they figure out how to charge you so much for air.

Far from anything I would recommend, so please join at your own risk.

What is Discover Heal?

Heal is a marketing platform that was founded by Steven Munson and his family.

They, of course, don’t say a single thing about what they offer.

This is definitely not a good thing when it comes to anything claiming to show you how to make money.

At this point, it is safe to say that there are no tangible products that you get with other MLMs like Melaleuca.

All you get is the typical stuff that requires you to recruit others, like marketing, marketing, and more marketing.

The problem with these types of sites is that they work in a way that you won’t see coming.

So pay attention to what I’m going to cover next, as this is how they will get you.

How it Works


Most, if not all, of you have allowed this system to work against you, and you didn’t even know it.

You were too focused on Stephen and the hype he claimed not to be about that everything just flew right by you.

I know you’re beyond confused, so let me try to give everything to you fast yet simple and easy to understand.

So the first thing you came across is Stephen and the one thing he claims not to like.


Well, that is exactly what he is all about, and it’s quite irritating.

All you get on Discoverheal.com is a bunch of comments about how the payment system is working and everything about nonsense.

You will not find anyone talking about the products, and that’s because they never used them yet.

From the minute you watched that first video, all the way to you getting a website asking you to pay, everything was working against you.

They got you curious, forced you to join (time stamp BS), and then asked you to pay some money.

And not just money but a lot of it.

So they get you in thanks to hype, and now what?

You either pay to let your curiosity get the best of you, or you abandon everything like you never came across Heal in the first place.

That, my friend, is what they wanted to happen, and it’s really sad because there are a lot of you who have paid without knowing what you were getting.

The Products


As I mentioned earlier, there are no tangible products.

At least within the first couple of hundred dollars you spend.


That’s because they want to lock you in, have you promote their system (using the time stamp nonsense), and have everyone else do the same.

Now, when you get to the point where it’s time to pay some money, you are presented with a bunch of stuff that you probably aren’t familiar with.

VIP Suitcase coach?

21-day challenge?

I have been making my living online, buying products, and, most especially, keeping on top of the MLM world.

Within those 5+ years, I have never come across anything like this, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

How do you not tell anyone what they are getting involved with and then ask them to pay you money?

That’s pretty stupid if you ask me, especially with what they are charging.

The Price

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the prices of their so-called products above, but I wanted to elaborate on them a little more.

What these guys have done is all too familiar to me, and I would gladly tell you what they are doing.

The first product is their VIP Suitcase coach, which is going to cost you $49.

All this is going to do is get someone to talk to you and tell you how much you need the next product.

That product is Big Profile Profits and will cost you $199.

This, of course will tell you why you will need the next product, which is the “I AM 21 Day Challenge”.

This costs $399 and is nothing more than a way to pay the person who brought you in.

All while allowing you to sell everything and make more money.

After that, you will see more of their high-ticket products that will be coming soon.

If you were to buy all the products that are available, that would mean you just spent $647.

You went from not knowing what you are getting to spend that much money on you don’t know what.

All this happened simply because of the marketing strategies that come with these types of sites.

They make you feel that you are going to lose out on commissions if you don’t purchase a product.

That’s exactly what they want to happen, and for some, that’s exactly what you did.

The Heal Comp Plan

Click to Enlarge

I really don’t want to waste any time with this part, as this is all they are about.


Get so and so to join, and this is how much you can make.

What I did notice is the 4th way to earn with Heal.

Tangible products.

Of course, none of that was ever mentioned, but I think I have an idea of what will be happening here soon.

Once the launch and all the time stamping BS are over and done with, you will then get funneled through to another MLM company.

That’s what I got from trying to watch one of the ten million videos that Stephen recorded in his little journey through life.

What I Liked

Absolutely nothing.

It’s very rare that I come across a program that has nothing I like, and this is that one rare occasion.

Maybe their website?

Then again, that leads into everything I dislike about this whole thing, so I can’t say I like that.

So, with that being said, let’s go over the stuff that makes this something I will never get involved with.

What I Didn’t Like


I don’t like everything about Discover Heal.

I don’t like how they hide everything from you especially because that is clearly an obvious marketing strategy.

This is not to say that I have something against marketing, but at the very least, you need to show your customers what they are getting.

If you see a screenshot of the conversation I had with my up-line, you will see how he can’t even explain what he tried to get me to join.

Now, the lack of information and all that time stamp nonsense is obviously irritating to everyone and not just me.

However, there is more to things that most of you aren’t even aware of.

So if you don’t know what makes Heal a legit operation, let me show you what you might have missed.

Shady Marketing


Programs like Discover Heal are all designed to work against you.

From the first website you landed on all the way to even after you’ve already paid, you will be hit with nothing but marketing.

The kind of marketing that all high-ticket programs use.

Get you hyped up, excited, sad, mad, or any kind of feeling that has you getting emotional.

You feel that everything relates to you, and you then go to the next step.

That then leads to more hype, sadness, and more BS marketing.

At some point in all this marketing, you will eventually land on what they have to offer.

Again, this offer is nothing more than shady marketing.

“Pay now, or you will let someone pass you by.”

“You’re not eligible to earn commissions.”

When you see things like that, you feel pressured into paying for something, and that’s what most people do.

I know I did when I first encountered a site that used the same exact style of marketing.

Please do not fall for this, as you will most likely never get back what you spent, regardless of what team you join.

And if you don’t believe me, you can always check out their statistics as I’m sure only 1% of its members will be making most of the money.

The rest will be doing nothing but paying those in that group.

Sob Stories


If you take a look at this screenshot above, you will think of one of two things.

You might think, “oh wow, I want to feel what these people are feeling,” or you might think the way I do.

Where in any of these so-called testimonials is there any mention of how money is made or what is even being sold?

I mean, come on, stories about how much they are crying?

Call me insensitive, but all this crap is designed to make you feel, and I’m tired of seeing thousands of people fall for it.

Poor Business Model/Products

In any business, there needs to be an exchange before you can call it one.

Before you get money, there needs to be a product or service that you will get.

Can you tell me what you are getting for that $49 they are asking for?

VIP coaching?

Who in the world said I even needed a coach?

I was told this was the opportunity of a lifetime, and now is the time to claim my spot.

Now you’re telling me to pay for some coaching on, I don’t know what?

Screw the marketing that comes with these schemes, and please don’t fill their pockets with more money that they don’t deserve.

This is a pay-to-play scheme that has you buying something just so you can resell it in order to make money.

Again, what exactly is it that they are selling?

Final Verdict: Do Not Join

I don’t care how desperate you get, please do not let the hype get to you.

Please do not let the sob stories of everyone and their mothers get to you, as that is about all it is.

A sob story.

Those same people crying will be back to work the following day, talking about how much they can’t stand that one co-worker.

They won’t be rich from Heal, and they will be back to being that same whiney individual who could not care less about whether you succeeded or not.

But please feel some emotion from my testimonial and join me so that I can make money.

You joining the crybaby is exactly how they will make their money.

Now, if that’s okay with you, by all means, join all you want.

Final Thoughts


I have been a part of 2 companies like this in the past, and I’m not regretting anything.

I’ve also spent thousands of dollars to join them, but I still won’t regret it.

Without the knowledge gained from that experience, I will not be able to share these thoughts with you.

You also have to think that I can tell you that this is legitimate just so I can get you to sign up under me.

But no, I’m not going to do something like that because that’s not how I roll.

Now, if you are looking for a real way to make money online, just know that it is going to come with some real work and not a recruiting game like Heal has.

I learned everything from a site called Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only did I learn how to make money online, but I was also able to get back everything I’d lost from sites like Heal.

There are hundreds of sites that are run exactly like Discover Heal, so please don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Besides all that, I hope this Discover Heal review has helped you in one way or another.

Of course, its members will try to put their two cents in, but we all know what this is about.

Make smarter decisions, and trust me, the money will follow.




Hype, extra tactical marketing strategies, and the fact that you have to recruit others in order to make money. It is in its early stages, so you can expect a lot of promotions for this one. Join the hype or sit this one out are your two options.

7 thoughts on “[Discover] Heal Worldwide Review: Scam, Legit, or Just Confusion?”

  1. Hey John, I noticed, you posted “DISCOVER HEAL” pictures, you can only have access to if you’re a “DISCOVER HEAL” member. How do I know this? I’m a very happy and financially satisfied Heal VIP member.

    I also noticed you didn’t mention any of the physical products available at Heal in your review. “DISCOVER HEAL” offers physical products such as APCO AMERICA, THPLUS, EMF PROTECTION KIT, HEAL APPAREL, MISTI MOMENTS BOOK, KTCPLUS (FOR PETS) and LIVPLUS.

    I’m not sure you really looked around your dashboard for all that “DISCOVER HEAL” has to offer. Maybe you did and decided it’s not for you. I get it, “DISCOVER HEAL” is not for everyone. It IS a very uplifting and motivating, completely done-for-you, Turn-Key Remote Business with physical and digital products anyone can promote, without having to purchase any of them. That’s what the “DISCOVER HEAL” VIP membership ($49.97/mo) is for. http://www.learn2earnaffiliateincome.com

    ***Unlike Melaleuca and companies like it, I do not need to purchase the product in order to become an affiliate of the product. Also, I don’t have to pay an additional monthly fee, to start earning an income.

    ***Unlike Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t pay $49 per month just to have access to comparative review templates, and a bunch of information that’s totally outdated. And believe me, there’s only so much anyone can do with the WA Free membership. I also don’t have to purchase any additional products such as websites, hosting, capture pages, landing pages, email campaign managers, etc.

    ***Unlike Swagbucks I don’t need to spend money on crap I don’t need in order to be paid $25 for a survey. I also don’t need to drive myself nuts, writing reviews about Swagbucks, to get others to join Swagbucks, so earn a commission.

    How do I all know this? I’ve spent hundreds of dollars, and countless hours, on all the programs you suggest on your review. Never made a single dime from them.

    “DISCOVER HEAL” has made it very easy for me to just focus on promoting my links, mentoring others, and collecting my earnings every Friday. And…if I’m feeling froggy enough to spend money on highly targeted paid traffic for my website, I can do so right from your very own dashboard with a trusted source that delivers.

    • so, is Discver Heal still around? Sorry but I haven’t logged into this site in a long time, but I’m curious if you all are still members and what you really think now.

  2. Hey John,

    I admire your willingness to be brutally honest and not sugarcoat your views at all.

    I thinks some of your criticisms are worth serious consideration.

    I’m not a fan of just encouraging people to join because they might miss out on something… and also based on how much money they will make.

    Totally agree that in order for a business to be a business, there MUST be real products/services changing hands and this is definitely one of the areas that tends to give network marketing / home business a bad reputation.. too many people promoting the “possibilities of living your dream life” and too little promotion of the actual value the product or service can provide.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and insight and for not giving up when you had some road blocks on your journey.

    All the best!

  3. I asked those YouTubers who were promoting this heal site that what was within those products….there are some capsules claimed to be herbal….that’s the physical product I like….but overall the ingredients of those cap are funny….wtf is going on….I need something hardcore product to promote…..I was thinking thinking…again….then I concluded that I don’t want to earn money by cheating people….it is much better to be an affiliate something great and original products that’s people want…. many people are making money …but is all-over mlm model….heal is something that selling emotions….nice acting ….he should be in Hollywood…they are recruiting all affiliate marketer ….they want to be guru of guru….so they are hiring fake gurus…..stop this nonsense….I think after mass recruitment they will reveal their valuable products….hope they do something good for people ……


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