Herbalife Review: Pyramid Scheme or Legit MLM?

Welcome to my Herbalife review.

Most of you have been approached by one or many of its reps with all kinds of marketing strategies, and you immediately think one thing.

Pyramid scheme.

Then there are those that have you feeling like you are missing the best MLM opportunity yet.

“Join Herbalife and make 2020 your best year yet”

“Create a business that pays you for being healthy”

Heck, some of you might have a friend or two on social media who constantly posts their Herbalife lifestyle.

Whatever the case may be, you caught a whiff, and now you’re at least interested.

Should you join Herbalife?

Are their products any good?

The questions can go on and on, but as much as you would like to make a smarter decision, there are so many factors that can sway that final choice.

Without being biased, I have put together this Herbalife review so that you can see for yourself just what this company is all about.

So before you go ordering any products and, most especially, making a commitment to another network marketing company, let’s see what you will be getting yourself into.

Herbalife Review


Name: Herbalife

Website: www.herbalife.com

Owner: Mark R. Hughes

Price: $15 annual fee + monthly purchase of products

Overall Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Herbalife is great because of the fact that they have actual products. It can at least point you in the right direction when it comes to health, but I’m sure you can do that on your own with any other product or even without one if you really want to. With the credibility of these products, I would at least give Herbalife 2.5 out of 5 stars.

What Is Herbalife?

Started in 1980, Herbalife is a global company that operates in over 90 countries.

It offers a range of multi-level nutritional product choices to consumers.

These choices include nutritional products like protein shakes that work as meal replacements, aloes, teas, fitness, and energy products, among others.

All of Herbalife’s products are science-backed and claim to balance out the nutritional needs of your body without compromising on appealing taste.

Herbalife’s products, like their protein shakes, vegetarian shake mixes, and drink mix packets, are part of many customers’ health management and weight-loss programs.

The product’s ease and convenience in packaging, as well as added nutritional benefits, all contribute to this.

These attributes make the program really easy for people to follow and commit to, especially for busy people who are always on the go.

Their Claim to Fame

In a bird’s eye view, Herbalife has three hero products out of them all.

These are the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, the Formula 2 Multivitamin Complexes, and the Formula 3 Cell Activator.

The Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix works as a one meal replacement since it provides 9 grams of fat, as well as fiber for metabolism and weight management.

The best part about the nutritional shake is that it comes in more than 10 appetizing flavors.

The Cell Activator is a supplement with an alpha-lipoic base.

It helps the body process energy and carbs production.

And finally, the Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex, which is a routine vitamin supplement.

It helps maintain all the important micronutrients while a person is on either of the two programs.

A much more detailed review of the products can be found below.   

A typical consumer can get Herbalife products online, from independent distributors, and from other customers that the company trains.

The same program that trains and educates customers on Herbalife products also provides loyal dieters with an opportunity to work part or full-time from home and earn some money.

Herbalife prioritizes customer satisfaction over everything else and offers a full refund or exchange in its 30-day return policy.

Herbalife’s Products – Benefits, Costs and Reviews

We gave you a brief description of the core products of Herbalife.

Here, we will dive deeper into the core products by reviewing them, focusing on the benefits, mentioning the retail price, and determining their value for money from the customer’s perspective.

This portion is also dedicated to a brief review of the rest of the product lines, like the healthy weight and energy and fitness product line, from the Herbalife product solution catalog.

The Core Products

Herbalife has many products, but there are several that have given the company its reputation.

These are usually the ones you see on Instagram and are probably the reason you are interested.

I have at least a dozen Herbalife promotors on my IG account, and it’s very rare if you see them post anything not related to Herbalife.

These products you see will make you curious, and I want to go over them next.

The Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix

Herbalife Nutrition’s Formula 1 protein shake works as a meal replacement for any dieter working hard to maintain their health.

The shakes offer more than 21 minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients, all the while maintaining zero cholesterol and Trans fats.

The meal replacement nutritional shakes come in more than ten delicious flavors.

Some of the most noticeably attractive flavors are banana caramel, French vanilla, orange cream, strawberry cheesecake, mint and Dutch chocolate, café latte, and cookies ‘n cream, among many other unique flavors.

Retail Price:



Amazon has rated this product an average of 4 stars, with 63% voting for the 5 stars and 37% voting for the rest.

The topmost positive review affirmed Herbalife’s claim with his own experience to balance out the nutrients while retaining the taste. The topmost critical review debunked the myth of convenience with the product, claiming there are other products in the market more suitable for people who are always on the go.   

Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex

The second core product of Herbalife nutrient is multivitamin tablets that contain beta-carotene antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E.

One container of Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex has 90 tablets enriched with essential micronutrients, calcium, iron, antioxidant vitamins, and folic acid.

This product helps boost and support the consumer’s immune system and endorses healthy hair, skin, and bones.

Retail Price:



Amazon has rated this product 4.4, with 72% voting for 5 stars while 28% voted for the rest.

The topmost positive review affirmed the multivitamin formula’s efficiency when compared with other similar products available on the market.

Meanwhile, the most critical review claimed that the tablets did not work for them as the user expected them to.

Formula 3 Cell Activator

The last core product of Herbalife nutrient is Cell Activator, which helps boost a person’s metabolism rate.

Each container of the Formula 3 Cell Activator contains 60 capsules.

The alpha-lipoic acid in each capsule helps normalize and support the mitochondrial function by regenerating the antioxidant activity of your cells.

At the same time, the Aloe Vera in the capsules helps the body better absorb the micronutrients.

Retail Price:



Amazon rated this product 4.2 stars, with 70% voting for 5 stars and 30% voting for the rest.

The topmost positive review affirmed the product claim, even adding that it helped them lose 10 pounds over 2 months while they felt no stomach issues during the course of its usage. The most critical review contradicts that claim, saying that the product did not work for them.

Healthy Weight

A healthy weight is Herbalife’s weight management solution for unwanted pounds.

The category of the catalog offers the solution as an individual product as well as a complete weight management program.

The base program, i.e., the Quick Start one, includes powdered tea drinks, meal replacement protein shakes, supplements boosting your metabolism, and multivitamin minerals.

The Advance Program has everything from the base one plus additional supplements to reduce fluid retention and increase energy.

The Ultimate Program has everything from the previous two programs plus supplements for better digestion and management of blood sugar levels in your body.

This group of products is based upon advanced scientific technology without sacrificing the taste.

The retail prices of the healthy weight programs are; the quick start program is $121.40, the advance program is $183.85, and the ultimate program is $233.90.

The individual products from this category range from $12.20 for the 3-day trial Formula 1 mini pack, which is the cheapest, to  $67.05 for the protein drink mix, which is nearer the high end.

Specialized Nutrition

Herbalife’s specialized nutrients are claimed to be for all age groups.

This line of products includes herbal aloe concentrate, joint support, a digestive health program, and the specially designed daily booster for new moms.

This product line also offers 21-day herbal balancing programs for a more nutrient-filled lifetime.

The retail price for this product line lies between $12.75 for the best defense boost tablets, which is on the cheaper end, to $118.40 for the Herbal Aloe concentrate, which lies on the higher end of the price range.

Energy and Fitness

The energy and fitness product line of Herbalife Nutrients is formulated for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The products from this category empower the consumer with key nutrients vital for increased endurance levels, optimal performance levels, and faster recoveries.

The product line includes protein powders, green tea supplements, and fitness drinks.

The retail price for this product line ranges from $18.20 for the Herbalife24 trial pack, which is on the cheaper end of the product line, to $87.10 for the Herbalife24 Prepare, which is on the more expensive end of the product line.

Skin and Hair Care

Herbalife’s skin and hair care line is specially designed for people dealing with acne, blemishes, dry skin, and wrinkles.

The outer nutrition products from this line provide the skin and hair the nourishment and hydration they need to combat these issues and maintain a youthful appearance.

The skin and hair care line of Herbalife includes products like full Herbalife Skin programs, moisturizers, face masks, cleansers, herbal aloe Vera body wash, cream, gel, shampoo, conditioner, and sunscreen.

The retail price for this product line ranges from $7.50 for the herbal Aloe bath and body bar, which is on the cheaper end of the product line, to $282.55 for the Herbalife SKIN ultimate program – for normal to oily skin, which is more on the expensive side.

11 Interesting Facts about Herbalife

  • The company was founded by a 22-year-old, 9th-grade graduate, Mark Hughes, in 1980.
  • The Formula 1 nutritional shake was the first Herbalife product after Mark combined the vitamins and minerals of Chinese herbs.
  • Some of the products, including Herbalife’s core product formula 1, protein mix selection, and the tea concentration, are not only gluten-free; they are also certified form the GRCO, i.e., the gluten-free certification organization.
  • Even though Herbalife follows FDA standards and regulations during its manufacturing and undergoes FDA investigations afterward, it cannot be FDA-approved.
  • Herbalife suggests diabetics consult their healthcare providers and medical professionals about their particular case and the product’s effects before taking the product.
  • Herbalife shakes or any other product are not vegan.
  • The nutritional company also advises expecting and new mothers to consult their gynecologist or any other medical professional before consuming any of the products.
  • Herbalife has prohibited its distributors from selling on Amazon and eBay, and you must buy from an independent distributor to avail of the 30-day return, exchange, and full refund policy.
  • Some of the products have caffeine in them, which is why Herbalife recommends its dieters reduce their caffeine intake or at least limit it according to their tolerance level.   
  • If coffee is a regular part of your day and you want it to become a part of your weight management program as well, you can try Herbalife’s high-protein iced coffee.
  • Experts from the Herbalife Nutrition Independent advisory board ensure all the products comply with government laws.

How Does Herbalife Help In Weight Loss?

If you are considering Herbalife products for weight management, you should know that Herbalife will work differently from your expectations.

You won’t notice your weight shed and drop like flies immediately after you start their programs; instead, the products take a more subtle approach.

Herbalife supplements, products, and programs boost a person’s metabolism by limiting calorie intake.

With increased levels of metabolism and lower levels of carbs and calorie intake, weight loss is imminent.

How Does Weight Loss Work Herbalife?

You first get in touch with an independent distributor.

You can do that by connecting with one online through their website or through a local certified retailer.

Secondly, you choose your weight program.

The program will be one of the three choices given: Quick Start, the Advance, and the Ultimate Program.

Lastly, once you have selected your program, all you have to do is start it.

You do that by replacing two meals each day with high-protein shakes as you take the supplements along with it.

You can speed up the weight loss process by drinking lots of water and having the rest of the solid meals in a short, more frequent manner.

And if those meals consist of fruits and vegetables, then that’s an added bonus.   

The Herbalife’s diet program has no end date to them meaning you can stop whenever you want.

Most people stop only after they have achieved their desired goal weight.

The Downside of Herbalife’s Diet

Just like everything else in life, there is always a downside to everything good.

Herbalife is no different, and you can see that below.

  • The shakes are high in sugar and have highly processed ingredients.
  • There never can be a true replacement for a natural meal, which means while the Herbalife meal replacement can provide you with the essential nutrients, you will still feel unsatisfied and hungry throughout the day.
  • It is very expensive when you take into account the total cost of the recommended intake per month and the cost of supplements.
  • Untested supplements can have different side effects on different people and can even lead to liver damage.
  • The Herbalife nutrient and health program is not suitable for people with allergies, intolerance, or sensitivity to any of the ingredients included in the product.
  • The product can very well interact with your medical conditions or your medication.

Should You Join Herbalife?

Of course, that is going to be on you, but there are several things you need to ask yourself and look into.

Can you afford to pay the monthly fees?

Are you in this for the products, or are you just trying to make some money to maybe fire your boss and work on your own terms?

These are some of the things you can ask yourself, and I’m sure you will see if this is the right fit for you.

Remember that there are other companies like Kyani and Melaleuca that offer the same products and lifestyle, but which one is really better?

In the end, they are all the same, and most join them for the sole purpose of making money.

So, if that’s you, you might want to really think about things, or you might just become another statistic.

The Alternative

I have joined many MLM companies in my life, and even if I have a list of the best, I have come to the conclusion that they are all the same.

The products are all fair, they all require recruiting, and they aren’t for everyone.

I used to think that joining an MLM was the only way out of the 9-5 world until I came across the affiliate marketing business model.

That’s what I do to make my living these days, and it is responsible for me quitting the military and being my own boss for the last 6 years.

So, if that’s what your real goal is, you might want to give that a shot.

You can do that, or you can give Herbalife a chance and see how well you do as a recruiter.

Final Thoughts

Herbalife is not a bad company, and they have the reputation to prove it.

However, this is great for the owner and its top members but not so much for the 95+ percent that aren’t making much in return.

That’s how it is here, and that’s how it is with every other MLM out there.

So when you think about MLMs and if they really are for you or not, do consider those statistics, or you might just become one.

Besides that, I hope this Herbalife review has been of some help to you.

If you have any questions or simply want to share your thoughts, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!


Herbalife has the credibility, the products, and the legitimacy but is this really the business for you? If you’re into recruiting and maybe the products, then by all means, give it a try.


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