How I Get Thousands of Visitors to My Blog Without Building Backlinks

Backlinks are a must.

What’s your backlink-building strategy?

The conversation can go on and on about one simple topic, but it’s one I never get involved with.

Call me stupid or uneducated when it comes to blogging and SEO, but I think you backlink junkies can learn a thing or two from my experience.

I’ve met so many people who focus their entire business on backlinks, and I think it happens for two reasons.

One, they are probably educated by some guru like Neil Patel, or two, you are just lazy and think that backlinks will shoot you to the top.

I personally am not a fan of what Neil teaches as it is so 2005.

I have followed the dude for a really long time, but there comes a point where things become redundant or feel as if they are starting to make things up.

You have to remember that Neil Patel is not your small blog that is only 6 months old.

Neil’s sites are decades old and have links pointing to his sites regardless of what he does.

You are NOT Neil Patel.

The internet sees him as an authority, and he has a huge team that gets a lot of the work done.

Do you really think backlinks are what gets him to rank?

Maybe in 2010, but not today.

Things have changed, and this is not just now, either.

I started my first blog in 2014, and I can promise you that I have done absolutely nothing when it comes to backlinks.

Maybe I tried to reach out to other bloggers and failed, but that’s about it.

Every single website I’ve ever built has had ZERO backlink building, but they ALL have gotten more traffic than most websites that focus on them.

I’m not saying they aren’t important, or they don’t matter, but I do know that most new bloggers are fed the wrong stuff.

I think that they get wrapped around the whole idea and end up focusing all their time and energy on building backlinks.

Today, I want to show you why you should stop and what you should actually focus your time and energy on.

It might work for you, or it might not.

I do think it’s worth the try as it has ALWAYS worked for me, no matter what niche I build the site on.

So, How Do I Get So Much Traffic Without Building Backlinks?


Well, there are several things that I do, and they all play a big role in how to accomplish such a feat.

Do one and not the other, and you might just have to check out Neil Patel’s reverse image tactic of building backlinks.

Personally, I have never even done any kind of backlink work, so I wouldn’t even know where to get started.

Every site I’ve created has utilized this same “strategy,” and backlinks aren’t a part of it.

So if you are new or you have been blogging for over a year with no results, you might want to pay attention.

This same site you are on has already passed the 1k visitors/day mark, and it is only 6 months old.

And here’s how I did it.

1. Blog Your Butt Off


This is by far the most important thing that must be done if you don’t want to deal with backlinks.

As a blogger, your main job is to do one thing.


everything else is a given, and that should be done with every post you create.

Now, the main thing you should be doing is always going to be blogging.

Create content regularly and at a higher rate than most courses teach.

One post a week is pretty “weak” and will not help you much.

Twice a week is as little as you should do, but I do recommend you shoot for at least 3-6 posts a week.

5 is the perfect number, but definitely do what you can.

Make sure you are in the right niche, and hopefully, you have chosen something you are actually passionate about.

If not, now might be a great time to think about diving into another niche.

2. Understand Linking

Linking is another key player in this strategy and one that must be understood correctly.

You know that you need to blog a lot, but it isn’t going to be useful if none of your posts are linked to anything.

Most new bloggers focus on “when is it right to place affiliate links,” when that’s really nothing to worry about.

I’ve placed affiliate links in my 2nd post, and I’ve done it throughout the building process as well.

What your link efforts should be on is internally and externally.

Create posts that link to each other and utilize the information that other websites in your niche provide.

By doing this, you are actually getting the same juice that you would get if you were to build backlinks.

Now imagine building backlinks with just 5 posts a month.

What traffic do you really think you would get if you didn’t even have the content to begin with?

Not to mention the competition and authority that you are up against.

Blogging like crazy and linking properly is essential to non-backlink builders.

3. Structure Your Site Properly


We build out sites and start blogging.

The one thing we fail to pay attention to is the way our site is actually laid out.

Not your menu or how it looks but rather the categories and tags that really make up your site.

In my early days as a blogger, this was the one thing that I could not grasp.

Not because I’m slow but because I was taught different things by a million people.

Rather than being confused, I actually thought about how these simple things actually work.

Categories started to make sense, and so did tags.

I once got penalized for dupe content, and it was all because of the improper use of categories and tags.

The way you need to use them is not complicated either.

Look at categories as the topics on what you are going to build your site with.

I usually start with 4-5 of them and build from there.

Tags are more of a sub-topic to that topic and should be built out as such.

Google will see that you have content focused on those topics, and you will get the rankings you deserve without dealing with backlinks.

Add this to the first two points, and you are just about there when it comes to getting better rankings.

I can and will do a whole post on this later, but for now, just know that categories and tags are really, really important.

4. Write the Right Posts

With categories come the types of posts you are going to create.

The few topics you have should be the right kinds of posts.

Don’t start writing on anything and everything but rather on the categories you just created.

Doing this shows that you are very consistent and are focused on that specific topic.

This will then set you up for authority in those few topics and will ultimately result in your posts getting ranked.

Put this together with everything else we just talked about, and you just about have the recipe for SERP domination.

But there is one thing left that will get you to boost your traffic.

This is nothing new and is actually something that seems to be overlooked these days.

Do this next, and you, my friend, will beat all those back-linking nerds.

5. Target Low Hanging Fruit


This is the oldest trick in the book, and most people tend to blow this off.

They start thinking that there’s too much competition, and they go after competitive keywords in hopes that they will rank off of pure luck.

You can, but there’s a better way.

Target things that no one is writing about.

I do this by finding the latest and greatest products that come out.

I run a backpack site, and I promote products from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

They have new products coming out every single day, and I get a nice commission from each of them.

Imagine being the first one to post on that new product that will probably become a hot commodity next month.

You might just be set up for thousands of visitors a month!

Sometimes, you have to think outside the box and, most especially, ahead.

The work you do now will pay off eventually, regardless if it is even product-based.

Use the proper keyword tool and target keywords that no one even knows about.

Put these all together, and voila!

Traffic that you will never get if you focus on backlinks alone.

Backlinks – They Will Come Naturally

Once you have implemented everything mentioned in this post, you can bet that other sites will want to link to your site.

What are these links called?


This will then lead to more trust, and you will eventually become the authority in your niche.

Backlinks are great, but they are even better when people are just wanting to link to your site without any extra work on your part.

So the next time you feel that your whole day needs to be on building backlinks, just remember this post.

I get traffic without any backlink building, and I know you can too.

Conclusion – Don’t Believe the Gurus

If you want to make it big within the online space, you are always going to have to learn.

It will never stop, and that’s just how it is.

When it comes to learning, though, you want to pick and choose what you know and even feel works for you.

There are thousands of gurus that teach the worst crap on the internet, but they make the most money.

They get you feeling you need their service when you really don’t.

Quit filling their pockets with money and build your empire instead.

Just like the corporate world has its chain, the same thing happens within the online space.

Don’t buy an SEO course.

Don’t buy a back-linking strategy guide.

And don’t believe everything you see or hear.

99.9% of all gurus are out to take your money, and they are up there for a reason.

They know how to market and usually do so in the sleaziest way possible.

I used to follow these idiots until I realized that they always have a sales pitch somewhere within their posts.

And when you think about SEO and content marketing, what could they possibly come up with that they haven’t already?

Now is the time to focus on building your business.

Backlinks are great, but they will come naturally, just like they should.

Now you tell me…how important are backlinks today?

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