How I Went From Broke Veteran to Making a Living Online [9+ Years]

Looking back at my journey to online success reminds me of how easy things weren’t.

It was one heck of a ride, and although things were really tough, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Without the hardship and pain, there really wouldn’t be a story now, would there?

I mean, how boring would a story be if someone said, “I just bought this product, and voila, I became a millionaire”?

Not only does that come with no such story, but it is actually unheard of.

It’s unheard of because, well, it doesn’t happen.

So before I get into my story, let me just remind each and every single one of you that there is no get-rich-quick nonsense out there, and you will not become rich overnight.

There is also no push button secret, and there is no easy way to make money online.



Now, about my story…

The Early Days


There is no way I would be called the Broke Veteran if I wasn’t in the military, so I guess I can skip that part.

Or, you can always read more about me here if you absolutely positively have to be that nosy.

I’m kidding, don’t cry.

But let me get right into the days of post-military life, as that is what this post is about.

The days when having no money was common, and how I threw the little I had away.

I worked at a regular job, and that didn’t cut it, which is probably the same problem a lot of you might have.

That led me to join college to use the GI Bill, which eventually depleted and left me with nothing.

From there, I decided to quit my job, withdraw my retirement, and open a bar that was a complete flop even before I opened up shop.

The bar life led to some depression and finding myself with me and my kids, living back with my mom.

I know it sucked, but that was my only option.

With bills up my behind and kids to feed, I couldn’t let life get the best of me.

That’s When I Turned to the Internet


Excuse the poor attempt at a selfie, as this was back before selfies were even a thing.

And this isn’t a regular old pic, as this was taken from my laptop.

However, this is a pic I took from my old job as I did some research about how to make money online.

Now, these weren’t happy days either, as this was the time I got my start at falling for scams.

Not until I spent the last money I had (which was thousands, by the way) did I realize that money did not grow on trees.

The bills stopped getting paid, and all I had was a computer and the will to survive.

Oh, and a mom that constantly nagged about me getting a “real job”.

At the same time, I was getting hounded, I was desperate.

This led me to find a fella who told me about this program that was making him around $2,000/month.

If I could even make half of that, I would be the happiest man alive.

But there was a catch.

It required work.

Without any cash, I put my head down and put in the work that I knew was needed.

I Finally Found a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online


Thanks to this dude who told me about this program along with the bank account to prove it, I took his advice and signed up for a program called the Wealthy Affiliate.

At the time, I had to pay $49, and that was the only option.

No free sample, nothing.

These days, there is a completely free trial that actually lets you in and shows you exactly how you will be making money.

On top of that, you gain access to the best training on the net, all the tools needed to run your business, and a real-deal community of online entrepreneurs.

I like to think of it as Facebook for internet marketers.

On this same platform, you get to ask questions via a live chat feature, and you can even interact with the owners of the company.

You will not find anything like it.

And this, my friend, is the same exact program that took me from a broke veteran to online success.

I went from being broke and frustrated to finally enjoying life the way most would never be able to do.

Will you sacrifice a year of your life if it means that you can be free, all while making more money than probably anyone you know?

Well, I did, and it has changed my life forever.

Try WA For FREE Here

How it Works


The training inside Wealthy Affiliate is mainly focused on this thing called affiliate marketing.

This is nothing more than selling other people’s products, all while earning a commission.

Unlike a traditional business that has you purchase some inventory and then sell it to make a profit, affiliate marketing is different.

You don’t have to purchase a single product, and you don’t have to deal with any customers, either.

No shipping or dealing with returns and no having to pay any crazy overhead costs just to run your business.

That’s what affiliate marketing is in a nutshell, but with your free membership, you will definitely get a better understanding of how everything works.

These are just the benefits of affiliate marketing, but can you imagine the ones that come with the idea of working from home?

It’s quite amazing, and I guess I can go over them with you too.

Benefits of Working From Home

  • You work when and where you want (coffee shops are my fave)
  • You create your own work schedule
  • Spend more time with your family
  • For me, my kids don’t need to worry about me deploying
  • You don’t have to answer to anyone
  • The Financial gain has no ceiling
  • The job is actually a lot of fun.

There are many more things that come with working from home, but I think you get my point.

What once was a thought has become a reality, and if it weren’t for Wealthy Affiliate, it would have never been possible.

So, if you’re looking to make money online and you have what it takes, I’d like to make you an offer.

How About Some Personal Help?

You already know what it takes to make real money online, but are you really ready?

If so, I will gladly help you go through everything, and I will be there if you need a hand with anything.

If that is something you want or need, I will give you my personal expertise.

However, you must be willing to learn, and you must promise that you will change your mentality.

Making money online starts with that, and if you aren’t willing to accept change, then you will not make it in the online world.

Everyone giving you financial advice is not doing much with their life.

They are working a “normal” job, and they probably never get to spend QUALITY time with their family.

That’s the reality of things and one that you need to accept and understand.

Now if you feel you are ready, get signed up below so you can start one journey that you will not regret.

You have nothing to lose and way too much to gain.

Take advantage of what the internet provides, and you can live the life most will only ever dream of.

Get started today, and I will see you inside!

Yes John, I want your personal help!

– John


5 thoughts on “How I Went From Broke Veteran to Making a Living Online [9+ Years]”

  1. Hey John, my name is Rob. I read your article and found it interesting. I’m a Navy and Nation Guard veteran, I am working on a few businesses ideas. After article has given me some thoughts on moving forward with a business and niche. Thanks for the insight.

    • Glad to hear that Rob. Keep pushing forward and never look back. Can you update me on your progress? I love hearing stories from other veterans, regardless if it’s successful or a great learning experience.

  2. John my name is Debra Medders and I am a retired SFC, Army. I retired in 1995. I started with a company called MOBE which I am sure you have heard of and lost about $150,000. Now I am trying the 6 Figure Stamp Club and I am not sure if that is going to work out. I have been introduced to Wealthy Affiliate but didn’t continue and maybe I should have. I am tired of all this crap people making money and not really sure they are or not. Maybe we can talk or at least converse on the internet about what you know about the program. I feel that I can trust another veteran to be truthful.

    • Most definitely Debra. I know exactly how you feel and I was very much in your shoes at one point of my online career. Just not $150k in a hole though, so that is absolutely insane. Just shoot me a message at and I will gladly help you with going in the right direction moving forward.

    • Hi Debra
      I have just stumbled onto the Broke Veteran’s http://www…and your question to him. Yes, I absolutely agree with what you say…. Did you get reasonable or proper “conversation”, as you asked for with John, re your question?
      Thank you.


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