How to Avoid Recruiting Based Ponzi Schemes

There is only so much that I can do as a blogger to help those legitimately looking to make real money online.

Ponzi schemes are all over the net and at a higher rate than ever.

Get later investors to pay those that got in earlier.

A typical model that I can not stand.

What’s pretty interesting is how this name came about by an actual person.

Mr. Charles Ponzi.

He used the scheme in the early 90s, and you can bet that many have followed suit.

Some try to disguise themselves with something they aren’t, while others flat out tell you that they are a Ponzi scheme.

Just not using those terms.

For whatever reasons you might want to join a company, let me give you some of the obvious and not-so-obvious signs that you might just be joining a Ponzi scheme.

I’ve joined many in my online career before finding a legit way to make money online, so I know exactly how the process works.

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way like I did or sometimes you can have people like myself tell you what you need to look out for.

So before you do anything, let’s pick apart these schemes so you don’t have to waste your hard-earned money and most especially you’re valuable time.

So How Do You Avoid Ponzi Schemes?

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Well, there are simple things that you need to look at and ask yourself.

But before any of that, you need to do two things.

Not be desperate and not be gullible.

If you can, at the very least, do that, you can avoid Ponzi schemes easier than most.

Now, if you have the same problem that 99% of all skeptics have, you can use the little tips below.

So before you go join any make-money online type of program, use this simple guide to help you decipher what is legit and what is simply a recruiting based Ponzi scheme.

1. Is the Company Focused on Hype?


This is what Ponzi schemes are driven by.

You get a bunch of crazy marketers talking about how amazing their lives are and how this program has helped them accomplish such a feat.

Some even go as far as borrowing a Lamborghini and renting out Mansions just to shoot a video.

They are already lying, so what makes you want to trust them at all?

Most people will never know what goes on behind the scenes, though, so just don’t believe everything you see or hear.

Hype is the best form of marketing, and it is very commonly used with Ponzi schemes.

You can see examples from programs like the 30-Day Success Formula or even 48 Hours to Wealth.

The next time you get excited about a company, just remember this part of the post.

2. Does the Company Promote Getting Rich Quickly?

You’ve seen this all over the place, and of course, it has you wondering.

Some you skip, and some are just too hard to resist.

“Make $10k in 30 days”

“Quit your day job using this simple system”

There are many ways that get-rich-quick programs are promoted and it doesn’t always have to be in the form of money.

The idea is to get you to think that you can accomplish something in such a short amount of time.

With that idea, you will then join their Ponzi, and things will magically happen.

But how?

Well, I’ll be going over that next, but just know that there is no way you will get rich overnight unless you won the lottery or something flat out gave you a million dollars.

3. How Did You Come Across the Program?

Facebook and other social media sites are the perfect place to run into Ponzi schemes.

They flash all the income proof, and then you ask, “How.”

Not only are you getting an answer almost immediately, but that person now has access to you directly.

They can message you and promote anything and everything as they please.

By getting into this personal relationship, you start to trust this person.

You think they are genuinely helping you, but let’s just pump the brakes right there so you can think about things for a second.

If that person was making so much money using whatever it is that they are using, do you really think they would need to tell others about it?

Heck no.

They are clearly trying to recruit you into…

You guessed it!

A Ponzi scheme.

4. Are There Real Products?

In the world of business, whether it be online or offline, there needs to be something in place or it won’t be legit.

The company needs to have a product or service.

Without one or the other, you can bet that you are about to enter into Ponzi territory.

What most ding dongs are doing these days is trying to use advertising, mining, or marketing training as their products.

By having something to show for it, they think that they are gaming the system.

Now, if you can look past these so-called products, you will clearly see that they are nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

What’s even crazier is how much these idiots are willing to charge just for the sake of making money.

5. How Much Do the Products Cost?

If you have never come across a high-ticket program in your life, you can check out my guide on high-ticket programs, as I explain how they usually work.

These high-ticket programs use marketing training as their product, but they jack the price up so that others can promote it and make more money.

They feel they are going to get rich by promoting these schemes, but there is usually one person looking at everyone and just laughing.

The owner.

So if you get promoted with something like “make $1,000 daily” or “Earn $10k with just one sale”, just understand that you are most likely about to join a high-ticket Ponzi scheme.

Most marketers will sacrifice integrity just to make more money, so be careful with the internet, as there are just too many snakes in the grass.

This is the worst Ponzi to get involved with, so please avoid anything that costs over $1,000.

Oh, and don’t forget that in order for you to make that kind of money, you need to do what I mentioned in bullet point #3.

Recruit others.

Get them to fall for the hyped marketing, and you, my friend can make that kind of money.

If, of course, you care about no one else but yourself.

Ponzi Schemes Are Not Easy to Shutdown

Some of you might be wondering why Ponzi schemes are still around even if they are obviously one, and that is okay.

The first thing you need to know is that there are thousands of Ponzi schemes out there, and the FTC has to do a lot of investigating before they can take any action.

Most Ponzi’s aren’t taking millions of dollars, so they are usually kept on the low until someone makes a complaint.

Now, if you are something like Digital Altitude or MOBE, you can bet that it’s only a matter of time before they get slammed.

Are Ponzi Schemes Worth it?

In the beginning, the dollar signs will get you curious and have you feeling you will be quitting your job by next week.

Then, you will find yourself in debt and even more desperate to make real money.

That then leads to depression and a pissed-off other half that has lost all hope in you.

That’s what I went through, but it didn’t stop me from trying to find a legitimate way to make money online.

It did make me understand that Ponzi schemes come in all shapes and sizes, and with tunnel vision, you will never notice what you are really doing.

That’s how it was up until I found out about making money selling other people’s products.

So no, Ponzi schemes are not worth it, and it is never wise to get involved with any.

Regardless of how desperate you get.

Avoid Ponzi Schemes at All Costs

As an online marketer, you will come across all kinds of make-money opportunities, and I can promise you that 99% of them will be garbage.

If you can recognize the signs mentioned in this post, you will be able to avoid Ponzi schemes no matter what anyone says.

Remember that this is a dog-eat-dog world, and most of the people you come across care about no one else but themselves.

Be smarter than most and avoid trying to be a part of the common Ponzi problem we are facing these days.

Now, if you genuinely help others, I can guarantee you that you will make a lot more than just money.

Focus on yourself, and you will fail before you even get started.

Now you tell me, are Ponzi schemes really worth it?

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