How to Stay Motivated as a Blogger

Blogging can be the most fun thing in the world, but just like anything else in life, it does come with its blah moments.

I’ve gone through almost every phase that we, as bloggers, go through, but I have managed to stay motivated using some personal strategies.

I’m sure you guys have yours as well, so I’m sure we can all benefit.

Learning how to start a blog, blogging, and continuing the whole process it takes to make money is not as easy as most people make it seem.

Have you ever seen the little saying, “They all see the glory, but they don’t know the story”?

That sums up the life of a blogger, and it is exactly what happens.

I mention that not to tell you that blogging requires hard work but to show you that it comes with a process and, most especially, its challenges.

Those challenges are what cause us to lose motivation, and that is what I want to go over today.

Blogging’s challenges and how we can stay motivated.

Understand the Process


There are many reasons why bloggers fail, and 99% of the time, it is because they don’t understand and trust the process.

It’s a sad thing, but it happens a lot more than we would want it to.

This is also the same reason why there is a very small percentage of successful bloggers and successful businesspeople overall.

You can say that you don’t have the get-rich-quick mentality, but that doesn’t mean you understand what it takes to succeed with blogging.

For one, blogging takes time if you’re trying to get ranked in Google and tap into organic traffic.

Two, just because you’re blogging your butt off does not mean you are going to get boatloads of traffic and start posting about it on social media.

It does not work that way.

There are other things like hosting and equipping your site with the essentials.

There is no perfect formula, but you have to at least understand that there are several things that must be right, or you simply will not make it.

Sometimes, your site’s speed might be the problem, and for someone else, it might just be their content.

Again, there is no exact fix to any of the many components, so do examine your blog and think about things like monitoring Search Console.

Focus on learning, growing, and evolving, but please do not get complacent.

Set Goals

Goals are a big deal.

Whether it be blogging or any other part of your life, it does wonders.

Now, what most people don’t understand is that something so simple as setting goals is actually a really big deal when it comes to succeeding as a blogger.

Don’t just say what you want to do or what you’re going to do, but write them down.

And don’t just write them in a notepad you don’t even use or on your phone’s note app that you open when you have nothing better to do.

Get a nice bulletin board or whiteboard and put those goals where you can see them.

Get reminded about what you need to do, and this will keep you motivated more than you think.

I use a whiteboard, but that’s something I prefer. Something a little simpler is fine.

Treat Blogging Like a Real Business Because it is

If there is one thing that might be holding you back from blogging success, it is probably the fact that you don’t treat your blog like the business it actually is.

I mentioned this briefly in an earlier point I was making, but I can not stress enough how important this is.

Not just to succeed with your blog but to continue and remain motivated in your journey.

Most people start and quit or start, make some money, and then slowly fade into the section of failed bloggers.

For me, it’s fairly easy not to be complacent and treat blogging like a business because, well, this is what I do for a living.

If I don’t work, nothing will ever get paid, right?

Get Involved in Your Niche

Finding the perfect niche is not an easy task, but that’s not even the biggest problem.

Sometimes, you get into a niche because it’s probably the only thing you are interested in, and then you find yourself struggling to create content.

Then you ask yourself if you’re even in the right niche, and then you start another website and find yourself running in circles.

Do you want to know what the real problem is?

It’s the fact that you’re not making an effort to learn and grow into the niche you just chose.

The truth is that we aren’t all passionate about a certain thing that complicates the whole niche selection process.

That does not mean that you are in the wrong niche or you can’t make what you chose work.

You can make anything work, but you have to make an effort to make it work.

Read other blogs, watch videos, and buy products in that niche, but never sit there trying to create content on something you probably know nothing about.


No one really likes to do this, but it helps with every aspect of life.

Whether you want to become a better person or you want to succeed as a blogger, exercise is very critical.

Clearing your mind and boosting energy are very important factors when it comes to blogging and staying motivated.

For those of you who aren’t athletic or aren’t even into doing any kind of exercise, today would be a great day to start.

Take walks, then maybe jog, and then eventually get to doing some short runs.

Now the best thing, of course, would be to pick up a sport but there is even one better way to get some exercise.


Get off your lazy butt and do some cleaning around the house.

Go and wash the car and play with the dog, but do not make any excuses as to why your energy level is so low and why you can’t concentrate on a blog post.

Exercise is critical to blogging, and I think is a must to stay motivated.

Conclusion – Take Action

Motivation is a tiny piece of the pie when it comes to blogging.

People like Wesley Virgin can give you all the motivational speeches in the world, but it is useless if you aren’t going to do anything about it.

Creating success on the internet as a blogger requires a special person who can understand and apply the special concepts of such a job.

You can also check out these awesome blogs that I’m sure will motivate you, but remember what I just said.

Only you can do what is needed to succeed.

In the end, though, I’m sure you can appreciate more time with your family, not having to answer to a boss, and most especially, having the potential to bring in an income that most people can only dream of.

But before you get excited, remember that there are roadblocks that come with the territory.

Follow some of these tips, and I’m sure you will stay motivated on this blogging venture of yours.

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