How to Stop Being a Lazy Prick and Be Better at Life

Life is the most interesting thing out there and can control us if we don’t.

When we let life take over, it leads to a lot of things that overflow into other things and then everything gets thrown off track.

One of those things is laziness.

I’ve gone through it, and I’m sure you have too.

One day you’re on top of the world, busting ass and getting shit done.

Then you hit a speed bump, and it’s the world’s end.

You get depressed and can’t seem to get anything done.

Been there, done that.

But, lucky for us, there is ALWAYS a solution to things, and sometimes it takes a little time and minimal effort.

In some cases, it is going to take something so simple as a nice little blog post that I just created.

So if you want to get out of that lazy slump you just got yourself into, you might want to read along.

Why Are You Even Lazy?


As I covered briefly above, there are a bunch of things that can have you hit the lazy slump.

Often times it’s more of a combination of things that happen in your life.

Some are very little, while others are pretty big.

You might have gone through a breakup or divorce or even lost a job that you were probably working at for years.

Or you might have broken an ankle or come down with the flu.

There are many contributing factors to why you are lazy and sometimes you won’t get out of it unless you identify the problem.

Life Happens


In this thing called life, shit will ALWAYS happen.

It’s beyond our control but there is always something we can do about it.

Now there is one big problem when life decides to be a pain in the ass.

We won’t ever see it coming and it usually takes time before we ever do anything about it.

Okay, that was two things but who’s counting?

What I am about to get into is a huge part of the lazy process but please don’t take anything to heart.

Today is when you grab life by the horns and control where things are headed.

At least when it comes to little things like laziness and mental breakdowns that are a part of life.

For everything else, we’ll let the man upstairs take care of that.

Mental Issues

This is not a bad thing.

We all go through some kind of mental issue in our life and that is completely normal.

We don’t need to be diagnosed with anything and we don’t need a doctor to tell us that something is wrong with us.

If anything, it will probably piss us off even more, and it might make things worse.

Again, that’s just part of life, and we need to handle and manage things in a way that works best for us.

Not them.

Now when it comes to being lazy, all it takes is something to happen that can get you to roll back down the hill.

And that’s okay.

I know exactly how this thing can affect your daily life, and it absolutely sucks.

It can affect you daily, which will lead to monthly, and even yearly unless you do something about it.

And that day is today.

Combating Laziness


For something so simple but complicated, you can actually overcome it with just a little thinking.

But who wants to do that?

Not me, for sure, but I would love to share my experience.

I’ve gone down this road many times in my life, and I’ve gotten myself out of it.

Now we know why other idiots say their life is like a rollercoaster.

Well, ours is no different, and that’s the first thing we need to understand.

It happens to everyone!

You are not alone; everyone and their mothers go through the same nonsense.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself this.

“I got this”.

Now let’s get into how we can “get this” and be a little better in our wonderful life.

Mental Laziness

I like to recommend what I call “the step-back method.”

And yes, I created this but you can go and tell all your little friends about it if you really want to.

You simply step back (you can do it literally too, as it does help), and look at what just happened over the course of this laziness.

See where you were and how you got into this mess.

Whether it was a physical thing or a mental issue, you can spot it if you just look at your life from when things took a wrong turn.

If you take that deep breath like I told you to do earlier and really think about things, you will see that it is really not that bad.

Life comes with struggles, but we need to overcome them, or we won’t be helping anyone.

And if you have kids like me, they will also have to deal with it.

I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.

Anything that affects your mental welfare is bigger than anything you can face, but I know you can overcome it.

What we will cover next can and will help.

Physical Laziness


Get your ass up.

That’s the first step to overcoming all this laziness.

If you are a little on the heavy side, start off slowly.

Take short walks and get your blood flowing.

The first step is always going to be the toughest, but just like everything else, you are not alone.

Everyone deals with the madness, and we can all win the battle.

You just have to see where you fall short and take the baby steps needed to get back into the swing of things.


This is one hard thing to work on, but it can be done.

Pretend you never saw any Keto diet posts on Instagram and forget about the Herbalife products that your best friend’s cousin is trying to sell you.

Think about what gets put on the table or in the microwave.

90% of the garbage on that list are things that can be substituted for something a little healthier.

I am no health nut, but I watch what I eat.

When I got out of the Army, diets and exercise were easy to handle.

I was still in that mode, but it only lasted for so long.

Then the weight came out of nowhere, and yes, I got really lazy.

By simply switching up some of the things in my diet, my weight got lower, and my scale was happy to see the old me again.

I am no nutrition specialist, nor am I a doctor, but I know for a fact that if you cut down on processed foods, you will lose some weight.

The best part about eating better is that you will feel better too.

Try it.

It works.

Physical Activity


When it comes to exercise, we tend to think very narrowly.

Things like gym memberships and running marathons come to mind.

Screw all that.

It does not always have to come down to that, and you definitely don’t need to get on any kind of program or crazy workout routine.

You do not need to be that monster up top, and you don’t even have to be anything close.

As a parent, it is beyond complicated to get any exercise in.

However, that does not mean I can’t do anything.

Simple walks at the mall will do you just fine when you’re starting out.

Eating healthier and taking short walks will do you really good.

Once you get some energy back into your life, you can step things up and maybe go for some short runs.

And if you can’t do that, try to incorporate what you already have available.

My kids and I play soccer, so I already have to be there.

Lately, I have been kicking the ball around, and I also try to go for a run while they are at practice.

All these little things will add up, and you can bet that you won’t be as lazy as you were last month.

Crawl, walk, and then run.

Take things slowly, and you can accomplish way more.

Try to be some super athlete, and you will remain lazy.

We ALL Get Lazy


I literally sighed there, so that’s why I wrote it.

Life is amazing and wonderful when you really look at it.

Being lazy is a part of life, and it is not your fault; neither is it permanent.

Use that step-back method I mentioned, and you will see how amazing life really is.

Chop things up into little chunks, and you will accomplish great things in life.

This includes laziness.

It is Not the End of the World


Whether you are a complete mess and think you will never get out of the slump you’re in or if you hit a small obstacle, you need to know that you will be fine.

As long as you can identify some little things that are causing such big problems, you will be able to overcome anything.

Don’t wait until next Monday to start, and don’t wait until you are feeling up for it.

Start today.

Better yet, start right now.

Think about things and take some action.

Remember now.

Baby steps are all you need.

Everything Will Change – For the Better

Once you understand how and why all the laziness came about, you can work on improving things.

Everything else will start to improve as well.

You’ll see a happier you, so the kids won’t have to deal with your stupid anger.

Financially you’ll understand how and why you’re not headed in the right direction.

Emotionally you’ll see that you’re flat-out a better person.

People will find you more attractive, and they will naturally want to be around you more.

These are just some of the few perks of overcoming laziness, so keep them in mind when you feel like jumping back into bed when you should be up.

I hope this has helped you in one way or another, as we all have the same problems.

I’d love to hear about any experience you’ve had, so please do share it in the comments section below.

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Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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