Kids Earn Cash Review: Nothing Legit About This Scam


As much as I would love to talk about nothing more than making money online, I have to give immediate attention to scams.

Within this Kids Earn Cash review, I want to show you exactly what makes this one and why you need to avoid it.

With the fact that it is completely free to join, what could you possibly lose?

That’s what I thought when I first came across a very similar site and that is exactly what got me in trouble.

So if you don’t want to go through the same nonsense I did, it would be wise to follow the information in this review.

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Besides that, let me give you the low down on a site that you can’t just brush off as just another scam.

Kids Earn Cash Review – Product Overview

Name: Kids Earn Cash


Owner: Unknown

Overall Rating: SCAM

Kids Earn Cash is a phishing scam that is designed to take your information and use it against you.

This is a very common scam that uses the same website template and does nothing but change the domain name.

Unless you want your identity taken, you want to avoid putting ANY information on the Kids Earn Cash Website.

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What is Kids Earn Cash?

Kids Earn Cash is supposed to be a site that will pay you for doing super simple tasks.

I’m talking simple as in share the site with others.

The site looks 100% legit and they even have a video of proof that this whole thing actually works.

However, there is no indication of who actually owns or runs the site, which is NEVER a good sign when it comes to ANY make money from home program.

But hey, we want to make $500 today and we want to make what this Tanner Fawks character is making.

If that does not sound too good to be true to you, maybe I can explain how everything works as soon as right now.

How it Works


Kids Earn Cash has the most simplest marketing tactic out there.

They show you some huge dollar signs, charge you $0 to join, and even pay you $25 just for doing so.

How in the world could you possibly beat that?

Well, you really can’t but that does not mean it works.

If you are familiar with a phishing scam, that is exactly what this is.

Back in the day, this scheme was usually done through email but now there full on sites that are being used.

Just like this one.

They get you to put in some information on their site and then try to use it against you later.

If you tried or have signed up to Kids Earn Cash, you would have needed an email address and a password.

Then you would see that you made $25 and you also have access to your personal link that you can share to make $10.

Come time to cash out, you will then need to use one of their methods of payment and one of them will be PayPal.

Being that you want to get paid, you will put your actual PayPal email address and that is where they come in.

They will then try to match that email with the password you used to create your Kids Earn Cash account.

From there, they will then try to transfer some money to themselves.

And if that doesn’t work, you can bet that they will try to get into any other account you may own.

So if you did signup and for some reason used the same password as your PayPal account, you might want to go in and change that ASAP.

But Will Kids Earn Cash Pay?

Absolutely not.

You can make all the money you want recruiting others but I can promise you that you will not make a single penny here.

And if you believe the so called proof that others are flashing, don’t let that fool you either.

As a member of Kids Earn Cash, you can and will make all kinds of money.

There’s just one problem.

You won’t be able to cash it out.

You can hope and pray all you want but you will not make any money using this site.

But There’s Proof


I get it, there is so much proof all over the site and even the Fawks dude showed it in that video.

Just like I mentioned above, you will see all kinds of big bucks in everyone’s account.

That’s about the only place you will see it though, as it will never turn into actual cash.

You will not get a check in the mail and it will not show up in your PayPal account either.

I do think you have seen enough screenshots of “proof”, so I decided to add some of the testimonials to this review.

It’s just really funny.


This TrayQuan person had to bring up this little sneaker story?

Get right out of town!

Within the 5 years of working from home (full-time), I have not seen such comedy in my life.

It might sound like nothing to you but this whole sneaker deal is hilarious to me.

But anyways, I think this was the best part about this site.

Again, these are not real testimonials.

Just like the income proof of all that money being made, this is more garbage to add to the mix.

Who in the World is Tanner Fawks?


Here we have a 21 year old millionaire.

He’s been an online entrepreneur for two years now and he has made $1.8 million dollars online.

According to the little video, he mentions that he will be “teaching you his steps” and then it gets cut off with some baloney.

Look guys, this Fawks dude is just like everyone else.

They show you stuff like this just so they can try to get you to join.

You will then join him and his numbers will go even higher.

But like I said earlier, it will never, ever be cashed out.

There’s More Out There

Put it this way.

There is no way that I can review every single phishing scam like this out there as there is just too many being created.

Once one gets shutdown and/or exposed by people like me, they will come up with something exactly like Kids Earn Cash.

They will just change the name and use the same website template.

It’s actually pretty funny though because sometimes they will forget to update the websites.

The domain name won’t match what’s on the actual site.

Oh and I must give them props as the grammar has actually really improved.

Final Verdict: Phishing Scam


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is not your golden ticket to financial freedom.

I know that $500 sounded so good right now as we all have bills that need to be paid.

Just look at it this way.

You might not have made any money here but at least you didn’t lose any of it.

There are others that will actually end up giving into this nonsense, so please don’t become another statistic.

What I Recommend

There aren’t many free ways to make money online but they do exist.

With sites like Swagbucks, you can take some surveys, watch some videos, and even play games that they are willing to pay you for doing.

It is not going to be $500 though so I’m sorry if that’s what you were thinking.

If you want to make more than some pocket change, you might want to create your own blog as that is probably your best bet.

That’s exactly what I do and you can bet that the pay is worth the effort.

Spread the Word – Kids Earn Cash is a Scam

And I don’t mean spread it like everyone else who thinks they are going to make money by telling you this is legit.

Go out there, share this post, and show everyone how they will not make any money with this site.

What we have here is another too good to be true site that will not stop unless we spread the word.

These crooks are operating outside of the US so it’s not the easiest thing to bust them and put them where they belong.

So do your part and at least let others know that what they are sharing will not work.

Conclusion – Don’t Be Desperate

Everyone wants to make money online but no one wants to put in the work.

Now if you are looking to make free cash, this big bad list will help you do exactly that.

Now if you want to make real money, I’m sorry to say but you will have to work at it.

I had to put in work and so did every other successful person online.

If you can’t understand that much, you might want to kiss your bosses butt tomorrow.

Until next time, thanks for reading my Kids Earn Cash review.

I hope you have learned a thing or two and please don’t forget to share the wealth.

If you have any questions about this or any other “opportunity” for that matter, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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