Legendary Marketer: Scam or Legit? [Review]


Welcome to probably the best Legendary Marketer review out there.

For one, I know everything about this program and two, I know all about the owner and his history within the make money online space.

Oh and I’m not here to try to tell you how amazing it is just so I can make money from you just like every other Legendary Marketer affiliate is doing.

Now I do know that I will be giving you the facts and my honest opinion so that YOU can make a better decision on your own.

Just know that I was once in your shoes and I know exactly how it is to try to make money online, without knowing how everything works.

Like some of you, I felt that the more I spent, the higher my chances are at making lots of money.

Things don’t work that way online and that is the first thing you need to know.

You also should know that you DO NOT need to spend thousands of dollars to learn about marketing as there are many programs that do exactly that.

Will Legendary Marketer be one of them?

Through this review I want to show you everything you need to know so that you don’t make the same mistakes that many others are making.

So before you go giving into the marketing that comes with any make money program, let’s see what Dave really has to offer.

If in fact it is worth the up-sellsĀ  and craziness that come with high ticket programs.

Legendary Marketer Review – Product Overview

Name: Legendary Marketer

Website: www.legendarymarketer.com

Owner: David Sharpe

Type of Business: Training on making money online/high ticket

Price: $30/month starting

Overall Rating: 3/5 stars

Legendary Marketer consists on various aspects of online marketing.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating your own digital product
  • How to run your own events and masterminds
  • Starting a coaching and consulting business

This is not your typical high ticket program as they do have real products that you don’t have to buy in order to resell them. That’s how affiliate marketing should be and that is exactly what they teach.

However, the basic course is very affordable and could teach you a lot but you would have to spend a lot more money to get into the really good stuff. I still recommend Legendary Marketer but you can always checkout my top recommended program if you aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg to learn how to make money online.

What is Legendary Marketer?


Legendary Marketer was created by David Sharpe and I’m sure you already knew that.

There are many (and I mean many) mixed reviews and emotions when it comes to David Sharpe as he does not have the best reputation.

He co-founded a company called the Empower Network, which has taken millions of dollars from its members.

He cut ties with partner David Wood and went off to pursue his own program.

Obviously, this is what we now know as Legendary Marketer.

The idea that Empower Network had is somewhat similar to what Sharpe has done with Legendary Marketer but there are a few things that kind of separate the two.

Legendary Marketer focuses on different aspects of making money online with affiliate marketing being the core of everything.

There are other courses but I will be covering more on them later.

But first, let’s see what high ticket programs are really about.

A Little History On High Ticket Products

High ticket products are nothing new to the internet and the idea is really simple.

Create a product, place a crazy price tag on it, and let affiliates promote it.

Give them a nice profit and you can bet that they will promote it for you.

The problem with every high ticket nonsense that was created was the fact that there was no real substance.

All you got was marketing on how you can promote the same thing you just bought.

That’s the way things went for at least 5 years and no one has ever really tried to make a change.

With a bad name and the idea of high ticket products still intact, you would think that David Sharpe has done nothing but copy the same pyramid scheme/cash gifting format.

To my surprise, it is actually different.

There are real products, with real training that I know actually works because I have used them to make my living for the past 5+ years.

But before I get into them, let me explain why this may or may not be the right program for you.

Who This is For

In the high ticket world, you get nothing but stuff like attraction marketing.

The idea is nothing more than show people a lifestyle, get them curious, and voila!

They come to you and ask what it is that you do so they can live the same dream.

Of course most of them are lies but that’s the whole idea around their so called products.

You jack up the price so you can make a lot of money and that is it.

This is designed for network marketers but in a way that has them changing the way they think.

They go from trying to promote their lotions and potions to trying to sell the same thing they just bought because of the higher profits.

This is not what you will be getting or doing with Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer will actually teach you how to make money online.

Not just one way but with different products that you can choose from.

I personally use these methods to make my living online, so I know for a fact that they will work if you do apply yourself.

Do know that buying any of the Legendary Marketer products does not mean you will make a single penny.

You are still required to work and you are still required to make that investment.

So if that is something you are interested in, then this might just be for you.

If you are looking for a get rich quick type of gig, it will not happen.

The Products

Legendary Marketer has gone through its 3rd overhaul and I think this one has got to be the best one yet.

For one, it really separated them from the high ticket Ponzi schemes that eventually get shutdown from the FTC.

If they kept their same affiliate program, I’m almost certain that they would be shutdown within a couple of months.

All that has changed and I have completely changed my outlook on the overall program.

And two, the pricing and value are a bit more aligned of what the products are actually worth.

I still think they are a bit high but if implemented, I’m sure you can create a solid online business the right way.

Now another great thing about the Legendary Marketer products is that they aren’t focused on just one thing.

The best thing about it is that it also isn’t focused on just promoting them either.

Although they do focus strongly on it, at least it can be done to promote whatever it is you want.

15 Day Business Challenge


This is the cheapest product you can expect with Legendary Marketer.

This product focuses on the basics of affiliate marketing.

You will learn how money is made all the way to getting started.

It is not the most complete course but you will also dabble in some list building and other strategies.

Marketer’s Club


This is where you will get most of what is needed to make money online.

From your mentality to all kinds of marketing that will help you start and grow your very own online business.

There is live training along with some Q&A, which is great for any of you that are completely new to making money online.

And by purchasing this product alone, you are eligible to earn the maximum percentage of commissions, which is a really sweet deal.

Traffic Rolodex


I can not stand the word rolodex.

Every single cash gifting Ponzi I have been apart of made that their main selling point.

They have you thinking that you are going to get put in some rotator so you can get traffic but it never happens.

With the Traffic Rolodex bundler, it is a lot different from what I am used to.

Rather than trying to tell you that you will make money through a rotator, they give you the training that is necessary to get you traffic within the online space.

Whether it be through Facebook or Google, there is a training dedicated specifically for that social media outlet.

Traffic is needed in order to make money online and that is exactly what this course will teach you.

This will cost you $247, which is not bad and required if you really want to succeed online.

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint


Almost every online entrepreneur starts off with affiliate marketing or they use it as their main source of income.

It amounts for 80% of my income online and it is due to the fact that it is done through the selling of other people’s products.

There is no better business model and that is exactly what you will be learning in this section.

Unlike your typical affiliate marketing training programs like Wealthy Affiliate, you will not be spending $49.

If you want to learn the tricks that pros use within the affiliate marketing space, this is the course for you.

You will need to spend $2,500 just to get in and this does not include the cost for advertising.

Keep that in mind before you purchase this product.

Digital Products Business Blueprint


Very much like Clickbank University, you can learn how to create your very own digital products by purchasing this course.

This is not some $49 product though as it costs just as much as all the high end products within this course.

Creating your own product is a great way to make big bucks and I do think that this training will help you accomplish exactly that.

If you want this specific course, get ready to spend $2,500.

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint


Becoming a coach or running a consulting business is

For $2,500 you can learn how to start, run, and operate a real deal coaching or consulting business.

If you feel that you are the expert in a given niche, you can very much make money by providing your expertise.

I’ve done it and so have many others.

Now if you don’t know where to start, this is the course for you.

It does cost an arm and a leg as it will run you $2,500.

But if you feel that you have the potential to coach others, this can be worth the investment.

Events and Masterminds


If you are looking to host your very own event or live mastermind, this is the course for you.

This is also offered as part of the other products and there is also an invitation only retreat for seasoned Legendary Marketer members.

The Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint will show you how to conduct yours but this has nothing to do with the actual Legendary Marketer mastermind that you can purchase.

Now each of the products mentioned above is priced at $2,500 each.

If you do decide to take the 15 day challenge, you will get an offer to get all products for just $2,500.

That is a steal but unlike how things were back in the day, you do not need to purchase that if you want to resell it.

That is a huge change and I guess I can go over the affiliate program next.

The Affiliate Program

This is exactly why Legendary Marketer has all the fuss and controversy.

They focus mainly on the affiliate marketing business model but of course the main focus is to sell Legendary Marketer.

You will learn all about how much you can make (or not) if you do decide to purchase any of the products.

That’s how other high ticket schemes run their programs that that is also how Legendary Marketer used to be.

Not anymore.

They have revamped the affiliate program and I’m sure you will all appreciate how they are doing things now.

As a regular old affiliate, you can make money if someone purchases a product using your personal affiliate link.

You will have to apply to become an affiliate and there are only two options.

You can either be a basic member or a pro member.

Basic members are free and they get 10-30% commissions.

That’s if any products are purchased using your personal affiliate link.

If you are a pro member, you are looking at 40-60% commissions.

What’s great about Pro is that you only need to be a Legendary Marketer Club member.

And all that is required is for you to pay $30 each and every month.

All high ticket programs require you to purchase a product before you can earn any money, which is why they get shutdown in the first place.

With Legendary Marketer’s new affiliate program, you can rest easy that you are promoting something that is actually legit.

Final Verdict: Legit

legitLegendary Marketer is what it is.

It is not a scam and is one program that you should invest in.

The old ideas from Empower Network still exist but I think Dave has made all the necessary changes to make this one different.

With a new affiliate program in place, I am really excited to say that Legendary Marketer is not your typical high ticket Ponzi.

In fact, the training is worth it and you can definitely kill it if you were to promote the program to make some higher commissions.

My Recommendation

Affiliate marketing is truly a great business model that I recommend anyone at least try.

The legendary Marketer sales funnel is very effective for anyone who knows nothing about marketing, so it can benefit you if you’re into that kind of stuff.

The affiliate program does pay well and I recommend it over any other program out there.

Do remember that you can still make commissions without having to purchase any of the high ticket products but you will only get 5%.

I know it’s marketing but it definitely can work.

Maybe try utilizing and implementing what is taught within the Legendary Marketer’s Club and see where that goes.

If you start to see some great results, definitely make the investment and make the most profits possible.

Besides that, I hope this Legendary marketer review has been helpful to you in one way or another.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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