7 Profitable Ways to Make Money Helping People

There is no greater satisfaction than helping someone with one of life’s many problems.

We all have them, and we’ve all helped someone with them.

What’s really awesome is that we are able to share that knowledge.

We don’t need a college degree, and we don’t need anyone to tell you that you’re not qualified to give advice.

The world we live in makes you think that way, but I like to take the more non-traditional approach to life.

I’m an against-the-grain kind of guy, and I rarely conform to what everyone else thinks anyway.

Just like how I make my living on the internet, and everyone else has a “real job.”

Or how I teach my kids about not having to impress everyone while other parents focus on pleasing everyone else.

The point here is that you have the power to help people.

You don’t need a college degree to do at least 80% of what I am about to cover, and they don’t require any technical skills either.

So, How Do You Make Money Helping People?


Well, there is actually more than one way to do such a thing, and I’m sure you will find at least one to be something that you can see yourself doing.

These options all pay well, and you can even make a living with any of them if you really want to.

I personally have done several of these in my life, and I currently make my living with two.

They all require you to do nothing but help, and they all pay extremely well.

So if you are looking to make money helping others, here are some of the absolute best ideas you could possibly get.

1. Start a Blog

I can not stress enough how much something like a simple blog can make you insane amounts of cash.

This amounts to 90% of my income and is one that I am actually passionate about.

So yes, you can make money with your passion, and you can do it with a simple blog like the one you are on right now.

I run several blogs on different topics, and it all happens with me helping other people.

This blog right here (brokeveteran.com) helps people learn the different ways of making money online, along with many other financial issues we face in life.

I run another blog called mangiene.com, and I help people who are interested in men’s hygiene and lifestyle.

I also started a site called AskDads.com, and I will be helping parents with everything related to being a parent.

These are all sites that help people, and you can see that they are based on very specific topics.

With the many ways to monetize a blog, you can make money helping people find information on something they are actually interested in.

It does not get any better than talking bout your passion along with helping others in the process.

And if you see the type of money that can be made, you will see exactly why I put this at the #1 spot.

Click here to see how you can start a blog, and you will see for yourself how something so simple that most will only dream of can make you money.

2. Consultant

We are all experts in something that we do.

Whether it be in the financial department or even something as simple as cooking, there is always someone who needs “professional” advice.

There are all kinds of consulting careers out there, but don’t think that becoming one requires you to apply and be approved by some big company.

Becoming a consultant is one of the most profitable and simplest jobs when it comes to helping people, simply because you usually get paid by the hour.

Within that hour comes a great deal of info and a lot of money being exchanged.

Everyone is searching for information online, and most people aren’t satisfied with the answers they receive.

They usually want someone with a lot of knowledge in that specific field.

If you know just a little more than someone else about something, then you, my friend, can become a consultant.

3. Personal Coach

This is a very popular job these days and one that does not come with some crazy knowledge.

Life comes with many challenges, and some people just need that personal help and advice.

This can come in a number of categories, but the popular ones are relationship, financial, personal, health, and business.

People are looking for ways to improve in those departments, and being a personal coach is in high demand.

As a matter of fact, some people just have nothing better to do with their money than they feel that spending it on someone like you is necessary.

Keep your client on track with their health or tell them where they can work when it comes to building an income.

Personal coaching can help you meet new people and give you the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone accomplish their goals.

4. Personal Trainer

This is not one of the jobs that I’ve held as an online entrepreneur, but I do know some who do this.

It might sound a little crazy to some of you, but personal trainers are in high demand within the online space.

Yup, the internet is where personal trainers are making the big bucks.

The thing about such a money-making opportunity is that it can be done through different sites.

Fiverr.com offers such a service, and you can start with small jobs and then eventually land some clients who love your service.

Another way that you can make money as a personal trainer online is through something most of you

5. Create an E-Book

I remember when I used to think of the whole bookwriting deal as something that I could not do.

Then I see others doing it, and some self-evaluation kicks in.

I then do my research, and a simple 10-minute read has got me shaking my head.

In the world of writing books, there are so many people that can and should get involved.

Someone to proofread your stuff and someone else to make sure your writing is in order.

Call me slow, but I never knew such a thing existed.

Well, it does, and the idea of writing your own book is actually something you can do.

Now a full-on book is not what we’re here to talk about either.

I’m talking about E-Books.

Books that help people with recipes and simple how-to’s that you can literally cough up in a couple of days.

Sell them at $10 a pop on Amazon, and you can bring in a nice income.

Take it up a notch and put more effort into things, and you can, of course, make more.

Now, that’s not the best part about all this, either.

I mention E-books because they are really a great way for any new writer to get started.

Unlike a traditional book that requires publishing and printing, E-books are printed on demand.

So, if someone wants a book, sites like Amazon will send it to them upon ordering it.

All this means for you is a lot less overhead and more money to invest in other parts of your business.

If you have some kind of recipe or even a simple exercise regimen, put it in a book and let others promote it for you.

6. Create a Course

This is my personal favorite and is somewhat similar to writing an e-book.

However, this method of making money is one that can last for a really long time and allows you to be a lot more flexible.

Courses help people accomplish things, and they are willing to spend on something that will actually teach them something.

Within the first 2 years of making money online, I have bought many courses to help me.

These products ranged anywhere from $10-$1,000, but they were worth it.

So, if you’re wondering if people really spend that kind of money online, I’m sure you got your answer.

If you know how to get better abs in a month, create that course, and others will buy it.

If you know how to train a dog to stop crapping in the house, that course can sell very easily as well.

The topics are endless, and you have the knowledge to offer others who are willing to pay for it.

I recommend starting at Udemy.

They are very easy to use and have the tools you need to create your course.

7. Teach

It doesn’t get any more traditional than this, but it is still one of the best ways to make money helping others.

The beauty of today is that you don’t have to be an expert at anything, and you don’t always need a degree.

Now, the best part about all this is that it does not need to be done in real life.

At least you don’t need to be face to face with anyone, and you don’t need to meet in a classroom or at an actual building.

Thanks to the internet, you can do all your teaching from the comfort of your home, coffee shop, or wherever you feel like teaching.

With sites like VIPKID, you can teach kids from China how to speak English.

If you have some teaching experience, this can be the best way for you to get paid, all while doing something you are already good at.

Now, it does not beat the fact that you are working online, and you never have to meet with your students in real life.

Conclusion – Help People and Make Money

In this world of marketing and making money, it always comes down to one simple thing.

Helping people.

Too many people focus on making money that they come off that way and eventually make $0.

If you want to make money helping others, you need to do exactly that and nothing else.

Whether it be a blog or teaching, you need to provide your customers with the help they came to you for.

As long as you can understand that much, you shouldn’t have a problem making money online.

I hope you find at least one way to make money helping others, and please let me know if you need a hand with anything.


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