Miracle System: Scam or Legit Bill Eliminator? [Review]

Welcome to my Miracle System review.

Want to turn your bills into a bank that brings you cash flow?

Get in a position to earn $3,000 – $40,000 in the next 14-30 days.

Your only job is to have a burning desire to eliminate your bills.

That’s what can happen as long as you join the Miracle System.

If only it were that easy, right?

Well that’s what the Miracle System claims to do and we have everyone and their mothers promoting it on social media.

So before you go thinking that you are going to be some kind of millionaire in no time, I want to explain how this so called “rotator” really works.

Will the Miracle System really work or is this some kind of scam?

There are many questions without any answers and there is even more that needs to be understood or you might just make the wrong decision.

Let’s get right into things so you can see if this is really the right program for you or if this is really a way to get your bills paid.

Miracle System Review – Product Overview


Name: Miracle System

Website: Websites are created by affiliates so there is not just one URL that goes with this site.

Price: $100 + Per Month

Type of Business: Recruiting

Overall Rating: 1/5 stars

The Miracle System is your typical cash gifting program that comes with no product or service. Everything is recruiting based and you are going to need some serious luck if you want to get anyone under you from their so called rotator.

I can not and will not recommend any cash gifting type programs, so please use good judgment when joining something like this.

The person introducing this to you wants nothing more than for you to fill their pockets with your hard earned money, so please be careful with this and any other sites that use words like “system”.

What Exactly is Miracle System?

The Miracle System is a program designed to help you eliminate bills.

By creating “banks” and going through their rotator, you will get help from others to pay whatever bills you may have.

As long as you have that burning desire to eliminate those bills, then you will make it happen.

Not in a year’s time but in as little as 14 days.

Now, I know that sounds too good to be true, and that is why you are even on this review in the first place.

Well, I’m glad you did your research, as I want to explain how this whole thing really works.

But before that, how can you trust anything about this business when there are several key factors when it comes to websites that claim to make you money?

How about an owner?

Maybe an explanation of how you will make this money?

All you get are “how to secure your spot” and “join our team” type promotions, which is very typical of what a Ponzi scheme would look like.

Now, before we jump to conclusions, let me show you how everything really works.

From there, you can decide for yourself if the Miracle System is a scam or something legit that you should invest in.

How it Works

If you are completely new to making money online, the Miracle System can be one big confusing headache.

There is no explanation of how anything works.

No one claims ownership of the site.

There is not one website that you can go to for any information regarding this program.

Well, there’s a reason for that, and I would like to explain.

When you start watching one of the Miracle System videos, things will get confusing, but to a point where you think you’re starting to understand things.

They talk about matrixes and all the different banks that need to be filled.

Then words like “rotator” and having other people fill these banks come into play, which has you thinking that you don’t have to recruit anyone.

Well, that’s far-fetched and almost never going to happen.

So, how do you get those banks to be filled?

You go out there and advertise your site like other Miracle System affiliates are doing on social media.

Get one person interested, and then you can think about filling a bank.

Now, here’s the catch.

You HAVE to pay for a specific bank in order to get paid for it.

So far, what we have here is starting to look like a nice little Ponzi scheme.

But let’s not jump the gun here.

Of course, its members will argue otherwise, but that’s just how it is, as they want nothing more than to have you join them.

You join, they make money.

You don’t join, they make no money.

And if you still don’t believe that this is strictly recruiting-based, let me just show you how much you will pay and how you might just be able to recruit your way to the big bucks they speak of.

The Price


I know these guys try to throw out things like, “This is not your typical lotions and potions program”.

And they are right there.

Lotions and potions like Melaleuca come with real products.

They also come with a price that is affordable and won’t make you broke just for joining.

With the Miracle System, you are not going to be paying any $60 membership that you get with a real MLM.

To join this so-called system, you will need to fork out $100.

Not just one time but every single freakin month.

And if that’s not enough, remember those other banks that you want to fill?

You will need to pay for those as well.

Each and every single month.

So if you want that car, some daycare service, and whatever other bank you want to be paid, then guess what?

Your behind will be paying $300 each and every single month.

And if you were to put the price any lower, there wouldn’t be much bill paying as you would need to recruit more people to make anything decent.

But that’s the price and what you will pay if you do decide to join the Miracle System.

The Rotator Explained

If you have been in this business for a while, you know how much the word “rotator” gets thrown around.

“You don’t have to recruit because our amazing rotator will put people under you”

I know it sounds very enticing, and you feel that it is going to happen because of their explanation, but I hate to break it to you.

Rotators do not work.


I have joined many recruiting-based Ponzis in my life, and it was that stupid word that got me to join.

Ro freakin tator.

That’s nothing but a tactic to get you to join, but it is all on you to get anyone placed under you.

I mean, did you really think anyone would recruit other members for you without filling their banks?

No one will put in the work unless it benefits them in one way or another.

Rotators sound really awesome, but they will not work.

Is the Miracle System a Scam?

Well, let’s see.

There is no product.

There is no real website that gives you a full explanation of how this is even a real business.

And there isn’t even any mention of who is running the show.

So what does that tell you?

And if we want to play dodge the word scam, you can bet that this is nothing more than a cash gifting operation.

This is not to say that cash gifting is a scam because it is very much legal, but it’s a lot different when it involves things that the Miracle System presents.

Join me here so that I can make money, and then you can get others to join you so that you can make money.

If that is a real business to you, then you really have no business trying to make money online.

But I can’t blame you because I was very much involved with this kind of nonsense in the early days of trying to make money online.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended


As much as I try to save others through reviews like this, it is almost impossible not to be intrigued by what they have to offer.

We all have bills that stress us out more than anything, and it would be great if we could get some help.

It just sucks that things don’t work that way.

Unless you have some real products, you are not running a legit operation.

Programs with the words system, button, or millionaire usually come with recruiting.

They definitely will not last, and if they are based outside the US, you can bet that the FTC will jump in and shut it down eventually.

I can not recommend the Miracle System, and I know this is not your golden ticket to financial freedom.

What Do I Recommend?

Build a real business.

With things like affiliate marketing, you can make a living all from the internet.

So, if the idea of selling other people’s products sounds a lot better than recruiting, you might want to check that out.

Besides that, I do hope that this Miracle System review has helped you understand what you will be getting yourself into if you do decide to join.

Now, you can either go back to the person who told you this was amazing, or you can dodge it and save yourself some time and money.

Regardless of what route you take, I wish you nothing but great success.



Help someone pay their bills and have it done for you in return. That sounds great and all but what is really going on here? Cash gifting is the name of the game and recruiting is exactly all that you’ll be doing.

16 thoughts on “Miracle System: Scam or Legit Bill Eliminator? [Review]”

  1. if a recruited affiliate gifts funds into a tier the affiliate who recruited them hasn’t gifted into, that gifting payment is passed upline to the first affiliate who has gifted into that tier.

    The potential maximum gifting payment per affiliate recruited is $1725 a month.

    This amount increases based on recruitment of new Miracle System affiliates (direct and residual pass-up gifting payments).

    Joining Miracle System
    Miracle System affiliate membership is tied to a minimum $100 gifting tier.

    Total participation in Miracle System costs $1725 a month plus a $10 monthly admin fee.

    Conclusion its a scam

    • Well I’m glad to see there’s one smart person out there, so thank you for that Sam. If that does not scream scam to anyone else, then you might just be that desperate and gullible to think that this is a legit business.

  2. You guys are idiots and you keep mentioning the products
    Go watch the YouTube videos and there are plenty of them and you will see the products and the trainings lol
    Another fucking Wealthy Affiliate scammer writing bad reviews about a company you know nothing about
    Do your research
    You guys in WA do this to every company out there
    If this is the only way you know how to market because you have no Marketing skills
    Another way to get people to signup for your business!!
    LOL!! Oh yeah and I like at the end when you ask for our info before you publish it has to be approved
    Because you don’t want people catching onto your tactic
    So I highly doubt my opinion will be seen by anyone because you will not approve it!!

    • Oh John…Maybe you can tell me what the products are? Comments are moderated because there’s this thing called spam that I’d rather not have out there, nor do I like cussing. But, just for you, I’m going to let this be.

      I promote many programs my man and Wealthy Affiliate is just ONE of them. They don’t offer much for commissions but they are a real company that will TEACH you how to make money promoting OTHER PEOPLE’S PRODUCTS.

      What does this “Miracle” system teach? Please enlighten me my man because trust me, I know about EVERY single program out there that claims to make you money. And yes, I have been apart of something like this as well.

      Do you really think I wouldn’t like to make a whole lot more money promoting this Miracle nonsense? I would make a killing if I were to promote them but do you see me doing it?

      I’m not going to use other people’s money to make me anything without offering any value. So please (pretty please?) tell me what you are getting with this Miracle nonsense.

      I’ll be waiting…

  3. Several people including myself have been ripped off by this trash program. If you’re thinking about joining this lame program, Don’t do it. You have been warned

    • Why do you say you were ripped off ?
      Did you do the trainings and take action?

      Or did you just sit there and hope you would make money?

      It takes action

      • It takes action! LMFAO! What action Johnny? Recruiting? Telling people to deposit their money in your account so you can pay your bills? Action needs to be done in the right place with the right program my friend, so saying “take action” means nothing when it comes to recruiting for you to make money. That is hilarious!

  4. Typical tactic of a terrible marketer. Let me bash one program so I can promote my own. LOL. BTW $110 a month is the same as having some type of auto-ship. Like your Melaleuca program with your minimum of $35.00 per month and price detergent that don’t even get my dog bed clean much less my clothes.

    • For one, I am not a marketer. I am a blogger and I look to legitimately help people. Whether you trust me or not is on you but I at least did my part in giving you the FACTS. Two, I am not affiliated with Melaleuca. I simply used it as a comparison so I don’t know why you are heated about detergent. I’m guessing you are a member of this Miracle System? Can you please tell me what makes this a real business that others should join? Give me your best shot and I will quit blogging if you can prove to me that this is a real legitimate business that will fly with the FTC. The floor is yours…

    • I agree They do this to every company out there because they have no Marketing skills
      And if they would research it they could see the products and who the owner is
      Cheap tactics
      Maybe we should resort to writing a negative review on them to get more people to join us lol!!

      • That would be great man but just make sure you can provide them with results. Wait, can you show what you’ve made with the training from this system? Or did you make your money from the person you got to join under you? How and where does the money you make from this training come from?

  5. Demoting the Miracle System to sort of Pro-Mote your Own is a weak way of Building a Business.

    Whose money are you trying to “save” or “transfer” to YOUR Pocket?

    Live and let Live. YES!, to the Miracle System. I received $3,400 in 4 Days!

    • How am I “demoting” anything here? Did I not explain how it works? Or is that not how it works? Please correct me if I am wrong Giovanni and I will be sure to make the necessary adjustments. I’ve been apart of way too many programs like this so trust me, I know how they work and what the main goal is. But I do have a question…Can you tell me what product or service is being sold with this “system”?

    • Lol. I’m sure you did Giovanni. With your 17 subscribers. That video is obviously not yours. He’s not a scammer. He found a niche he enjoys writing about and desires helping people stay away from scams like the one in this article. You are almost guaranteed to lose money. Many of these new scams pop up every year. Wealthy Affiliate is a legit product that teaches you how to build a blog around any niche you feel passionate about. Whether it is technology, cooking, dieting etc. You don’t have to promote wealthy affiliate to make money if you so choose not to. Miracle System is a 100% a scam. And all the people promoting it are con artist. There’s a reason why people promoting this garbage go straight to a new scam after a couple months.


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