Mirror Trading International: Scam or Legit? [Review]


Welcome to my Mirror Trading International review.

Not many of you know what you’re getting yourself into, and that’s just how it is.

Some of you might be thinking this is nothing but a scam, and again, that’s just how it is.

Then there are those of you who could not care less if this was a scam or not, and you wanted to know if it could actually make you money.

That’s just how it is as well, but I think some answers would be better.

There are so many questions, and not many reviews can give you those answers.

Thankfully, you have me.

Not only have I been making money online for the past 5 years, but I have been involved with these types of companies since they even started.

From the days they used advertising as their product to the shift into cryptocurrency to what we see now, which is trading.

The so-called products might have changed, but the same idea of making money has not, and that is exactly what I want to talk about today.

So grab yourself a cup of something, and let me show you exactly how everything works.

Mirror Trading International Review

Website: www.mymticlub.com

Owner: Johann Steynberg

Price: $200 (starting)

Paying Status: Currently Paying

Mirror Trading International claims to be a trading platform that shares its revenue with its members.

By simply joining and paying your dues, you can make money through their trading efforts.

This is not proven, although some of its members claim to see some bots in action.

However, they are paying its members, and they are at least not here to take anyone’s money.

Just know that this is a very risky business, as there are no refunds and no guarantees.

For those of you who know enough and are wondering if they are paying, the answer is yes.

Mirror Trading International is currently paying and is probably the best one out there.

What is Mirror Trading International?

Mirror Trading International is a trading company that allows others to invest and share their profits.

The site is run by Johann Steynberg, and trading is obviously the service of choice.

Some of its members have seen some real trading, and I have talked to them personally.

They have met with the owner and have seen everything for themselves.

The problem here is the fact that there are many other sites out there that claim to do trading when they are really nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

MTI might just be a needle in the haystack, but let’s see what is really going on here.

Trading Explained

Is there any real trading going on with Mirror Trading International?

That’s a very common question and one that not many people know the answer to.

Trading in the Forex market is a thing, and I have personally done it in the past.

It is not the easiest thing, and there are bots, so I know for a fact that you can actually win more trades than lose if you really know what you’re doing.

With something like Mirror Trading International, you can have someone do it for you.

Regardless of whether or not there is any actual trading going on, you can make money.

As I said earlier, they are paying and continue to pay, so now would probably be a good time to join MTI.

So, How Do You Make Money With Mirror Trading International?


I’ve briefly mentioned above that you can make money by recruiting others.

That is a way, but it is not the only way.

Sites like Mirror Trading International claim that you make money through their trading, but again, that is skeptical, but at least that’s what they offer.

However, you can make money through the sharing of the money it brings in, just like you would with a real-deal revenue-sharing company.

Now, this money does not come in and get thrown into the trading ring but rather into a pool of money that gets distributed equally amongst its members.

This is done through a revenue sharing software that does all the math.

It then gives out the proper percentages to each and every paying member.

This math is done over a period of about a month, and that is when you can start seeing some profits.

Once you get the allotted percentage, you either take your money and walk away or you reinvest.

This is a very simple process and is what keeps things rolling.

Now, once the whole recruiting game stops, you can guarantee that things will start to fall apart.

Members will panic because of the slow earnings and will most likely try to withdraw what they can.

Then comes the excuses as to why people aren’t getting paid, which then leads to the shutting down of everything.

That’s how revshares work, but if this isn’t anything like it, then hey, we might just be able to cash in and keep cashing in as long as they keep trading.

Personally, I like the way things are so far, and I would recommend this over any other revshare out there.

There are hundreds of them, but they never last.

Will MTI be different?

I sure hope so.

Recruiting Explained


With most programs, regardless of how money is made, there is usually an affiliate program attached to them.

This is how word is spread, as it gives you a reason to share anything.

This is better than advertising, and it’s beneficial to the owner as well as its affiliates.

I like the affiliate marketing business model as that is accountable for more than half of the income that comes in through my various websites.

Now, with MTI, you do not need a website but rather the skills to get others to join you.

If you can do that, MTI is definitely a better opportunity than most.

So, is Mirror Trading International a Scam?

When it comes to business, there needs to be some kind of tradeoff, correct?

Before you give a restaurant your money, they need to give you food.

Before you pay the person cutting your grass, they need to well, cut it well.

From that little explanation, you can see that there needs to be some kind of product or service that needs to be offered before you can accept any money.

That’s how it works with any business, or you can bet that you are dealing with something you might be familiar with.

This thing is called a Ponzi scheme.

So, would you call Mirror Trading International a scam?

Probably not.

Trading seems to be the service they are providing, and I’m going with it.

The owners of these programs are not there to rob you blind, but they, of course, do get their piece of the pie.

There is nothing wrong with that, especially if you can make money through their efforts.

I’ve had bad experiences with shady brokers in the past, so at least MTI can handle them for me.

I hope all that made sense, but please do leave any questions in the comments section below if you are still confused.

Before You Join


The very first and most important thing you need to know is the fact that this will require an investment on your part.


This is not your typical Melaleuca or fancy facial cream MLM but one that has no products. It is rather a trading platform that offers you a chance to make money by recruiting others.

What’s pretty cool is that they use the MLM business structure.

By implementing such a thing, you are able to make money through your left leg, right leg, and whatever other leg you can think of.

The point here is that you can make money from people you don’t even recruit.

These commissions add up and you can very much make lots of money by getting others to join.

What to Expect

For one, there are no refunds.

I don’t care what happens after you put your money in.

Don’t expect to get it back.


Secondly, there are no guarantees.

Just because someone else made money does not mean that you will make a single penny in return.

Also, remember that it will take a minimum of 1 month before you see any profits.

Everything you make after you put in will all be trying to make what you put in up until that one-month mark.

After that, you will see a profit, which would be the percentage of whatever pack you purchased.

Lastly, please do not forget that this thing will not last.

They can be paying you today, but things can change as soon as tomorrow.

Join at your own risk, and if you can understand what I just said, there is no one to blame but yourself should anything not go the way you expected it to.

The Price


There’s always going to be a price to pay, as that is what makes this whole thing risky to begin with.

With Mirror Trading International, their lowest option is going to be $200.

The highest option is going to be a whopping $10,000.

I know you’re wondering who would invest such an amount, but do understand that those involved will be the ones who do such a thing.

By doing so, they put themselves into a position to cash in on the money every other non-experienced person puts in.

Some companies in the past gave their members the option to put in $100k, and they paid it.

And no, I’m not exaggerating.

Expect to pay a minimum of $200, and don’t expect to get it back either.

We all know how buyer’s remorse kicks in after paying for something we probably couldn’t afford.

Oh, and they only use Bitcoin, so you must own some kind of cryptocurrency wallet before you even get started.

That’s about it.

But is Mirror Trading International Paying?

For those of you that know a little more than the average newb revshare person, this is for you.

I know you could not care less if anyone calls this a scam or Ponzi scheme.

All you care about is whether or not they are paying.

At the writing of this review, Mirror Trading International is and has been paying for quite some time now.

They are paying and probably the one revshare that I personally would recommend to anyone interested in doing this kind of stuff.

Now that you understand how everything works do know that I personally have put in some money here.

I will keep you guys posted on whether things slow down and whatnot, but as of now, you can still make money.

Final Verdict: Join at Your Own Risk

As I mentioned earlier, I might come off as confusing to most of you.

The main thing I want to stress is the fact that this is not a real deal business.

I do like the fact that you don’t have to do much and you can still make money.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless you have some money to invest.

Do not come in here using your grocery money because you are not getting anything back.

If you are willing to take the risk, you don’t want to waste too much time thinking and just do it.

Again, join at your own risk as you have NO ONE to blame but yourself if you end up losing your money.

Final Thoughts


I tend to get asked what I recommend after I call out these programs for what they are, especially with my relationship with them.

Although there aren’t many real ways to make money online, I at least have a few to choose from.

You can check out this list of affiliate marketing courses if you are looking to run a real online business.

There are free survey sites like Swagbucks, but they don’t pay that much, and I hardly recommend them.

If you want to make a nice income online, your best bet will be through something like affiliate marketing.

I’m sure selling other people’s products online is a whole lot better than trying to get someone to join you so that you can make money.

Besides that, you can almost guarantee that every other “opportunity” out there is recruiting-based and will only make you money through the wallets of others.

Other than that, I hope you have learned a thing or two from this Mirror Trading International review.

If you have any questions or just want to leave your two cents, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading, and good luck.



MTI is currently paying and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. If trading is something you are interested in but don’t know what to do or where to start, maybe MTI can give you a hand. Get Registered Here!  

20 thoughts on “Mirror Trading International: Scam or Legit? [Review]”

  1. Guys – Steynberg is a scam…i know him personally he did outside consultant IT work for my company before breaking away and running with his scheme. I bought in on it and one morning the website and access platforms were closed and he disappeared…pity because we were friends at one stage.

  2. Sorry but DON’T trust brokers at all! the job (Just over broke) of a broker is to make you broke otherwise he becomes broke. It’s a proven fact we in South Africa all know already.

    I’m a proud member of MTI who saw the bot in action myself and am willing to prove it to ANYONE who’d like to see it as I’ve done more than once already.

    Best of luck promoting your own business John, you really could’ve made real money with us instead of standing against us due to a financial system who indoctrinated you to believe anything outside the monetary system is a scam. The monetary system as we know is proven to be a scam as I can prove with more than 50 reviews and not just 1 or 3.

    Best regards though and hope you’ll join us in the future.

    • My answer to Viro is…why not? I say what it’s about but does that mean I’m against it? If transparency is not cool with you then I really don’t know what to tell you. You want me to lie? You want me to praise it like it’s the best thing out there? What is it that you want exactly Viro?

  3. Hi John, yes i get 10% from personal invites only, i can only withdraw after 7 days. The compounding comes from the system. I don’t have to do anything. Trades are done for me, historically i have been making 0,5% per day which equates to 11% per month. That is why between 6/7 months you double your income. I know it seem like a scam, i have been scammed so many times that it took me some time to get involved. My only regret is i never joined when i was first introduced. I was cautious and only started with an amount of $200 i was told exactly what i told you to withdraw $200 when you have doubled your income, which is what i did. i introduce 11 happy friend which gave me the $220 which i drew $200. I have joined my wife and both my kids now. i haven’t got their money back yet, but in the near future i will have theirs back too. here is my wife’s link to join if you are at all willing to take a leap of faith. https://mymticlub.com/userpanel/register.php?referral=Joanita. She will be grateful to you for the $20 she earns from MTI for the introduction. with your ability and marketing knowledge you will out perform me in no time. give it a go you have nothing to lose only a nestegg to gain.

    i know we will see you here at some stage.

    Kind Regards


  4. Hi. Im confused over all the tradingplattforms. Can you recommend some plattforms thats legit?
    Have you heard of Globalstartupfactory.com?
    They started up about 4years ago
    Thanks for help.

    • The “trading” platforms you are coming across are mostly going to be recruiting based that utilize the revenue sharing business model. This model is paid through the investments of newer members and will stop when people stop joining. You can make money if you get in early Devo but none of them will ever last. As far as trading platforms, there are many out there but they don’t assist with your trading. I’ve joined several teams and followed individual traders in the past but the amount of time and work got overwhelming for me. The ups were always great but the downs were always rough like anything else. These days I focus more on the affiliate marketing business model as it is more stable and can pay you for many years to come if done right. Besides that, the trading promotions you see all over the place are all funded by the investments of newer members.

  5. MTI is a Legit as you will ever find. I personally saw the bot at work when I did my investigation and due diligence.

    This revew is a plooy to get people to CLICK on his website so that the website Owner may make a few Dollars through CLICKS.

    Shame ON YOU for not even doing your Due Diligence honestly. You call yourself a veteran, I am a veteran too, but clearly one NOT willing to LIE to earn some money. You are a disgrace to the uniform.

    Johan Kruger
    Proud MTI member and supported

      • HI John, an interesting read, but you honestly don’t know what you are talking about. However there is some truth in what you say. Just to answer your question for Johan above.
        Does Google have Bots? let me answer that for you. They do have Bots. has anyone seen them at work? no cause it is not something physical. do they do their job? well google would not use them if they didn’t. let me challenge you…. join the system with $200. draw $100 out ( just to see how the system works) and in 6/7 months you will see your funds double. take out your initial investment so you are not out of pocket with your hard earned money. Give the system 6 to 7 months. Here is my Link if you love a challenge and search for the real truth…
        thank me in 5 years, if you leave $200 in your account for 5 years you investment would be$145k if the bitcoin doesn’t increase in value over that period. if it does your investment would be far greater.
        See you on the inside if you accept this challenge.
        This message will self destruct in 5 seconds


        • Oh trust me man, I know exactly what I’m talking about. Do you know what you’re talking about though? Have you joined any other programs like this in the past? Have you been with MTI for a year? Google bots and actual trading bots have nothing to do with MTI, regardless of what comparisons you want to throw out. Can you make money with MTI? Of course you can and the same thing applies to every other “trading” platform that claims to make you money.

          Now let me ask you this…why would anyone want you to join them in making money if they are already making it? “oooh let’s go show everyone else that they can make money with our awesome trading platform”, said no one ever. If you really pay attention to what I am talking about in this review, you will see exactly money is made.

          Trust me man, I have been apart of these sites in the past and I have made some really good money with them but that does not mean they are legit or that they are doing what they claim to do. I’m glad you’re enjoying it though and I do hope that it can last a lot longer than many of the revenue sharing programs that have come and gone in such a short period of time.

          And if you don’t believe me, checkout these other “trading” sites below and you will see just how many of them are out there.

          Cash FX Group
          FX Trading Corp
          My Passive Trades

          There are many, (and I mean many) more out there but it is literally impossible to cover them all. Do check those out and you will see that they are all the same. Same claims of trading, same method of making money, and most likely the same members. The ones mentioned though are just about done paying its members and that is only because of ONE reason. People have stopped joining. Hope this helps Trevor and I wish you nothing but the best. Cheers!

          • Thank you for the good wishes John,
            I invested $200 in mid september and am earning $400 a week now ( and growing )so am very happy. Taken my initial investment out last week so there is no real risk for me now

          • Not a problem my man and it’s great to see you’re “compounding” your earnings as that is the best way to make more money with revshares. And yes, you are all profit now so you have nothing to worry about, which is awesome. Are they still paying 10% for each of your referral’s earnings?

      • John, john john…. you obviously do not know who Johan Kruger is…. you surprise me in your continued stance of Ignorance. 100% will you and your friends get to see the Bot at work, that IP belongs to the Man willing to pay Millions of Dollars to start a business built on a Dream many decades ago.
        Best you turn nappies my Friend, at your rate of applying i\’Financial Intelligent you’ll only remain a Veteran being Broke.

        Sadly, I will rather leave this site and come back in 10 years to see if the Precepts of good governance has been achieved.

        I joined Johan Steynberg and his visions 3,4 years ago and he is as a straight shooter about money as you’ll ever hope to find….

        Jaco – MymtiClub Rocks

        • Jaco Jaco Jaco…you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about and it does not surprise me one bit. Why would anyone spend millions of dollars so that YOU (Jaco) can make money? Ignorance is right my man as that is exactly what you have just shown. It does suck to see that you are helping someone build their dream by your complete lack of knowledge but hey, that’s exactly how these things work.

          Now can you make money with this? Heck yeah and I know this because I was involved with MANY of them in the past. Does it mean they are legit and it is a real business? Of course not. Just because you can make money does not mean anything Jaco as you can make money selling dog crap to a blind person.

          Have you seen Xtradechain, FX Trading Corp, or any of the hundreds of “trading” programs out there? If not, then you aren’t really involved in the revshare industry like I am. But can you please tell me what other “visions” you were involved with in these past 3-4 years? Are these other programs even around anymore?

          I don’t care what you think or say about the trading, we all know what this is about. So please stop talking about that nonsense as it has nothing to do with how money is made. Is there trading going on? sure, but is that really what MTI is about? Of course not. It’s about recruiting and getting others to join so that there is new money rolling in. Mining is the “product” or without one, well, this would be nothing but a scam. Mining, trading, advertising, crypto currency, you name it…revshares have used every type of “product” out there. And yes, I have made money with every single one of them.

          But like I always say, if you are comfortable doing this and it’s working for you, then so be it. Just don’t come on my site trying to sound smart because it’s not working. Financial intelligent? I will remain a veteran being broke? That my friend is ignorance at its finest but it does not phase me one bit. I’m sure you’re making millions of dollars though so can you share the awesome knowledge that resides in Jaco’s brain? We ALL would love to see what the master recommends, so please do share.

          For those of you who have put money into MTI or any other revenue sharing program for that matter, I do hope that the payments continue to roll in. I’m sure you know that the payments will stop once new members stop coming in so be prepared for that. In the meantime, take what you can and enjoy it while it lasts. Jaco will be back in way less than 10 years as I’m sure he will be involved with something new here soon. For now we will let Jaco have his fun thinking that he knows what he’s doing. I do hope you come back here when MTI comes up with an excuse as to why no one is getting paid and explain what happened. Bot got kicked? Someone’s dog got sick? Trust me, these will NEVER last.

          • Also remember that it will take a minimum of 1 month before you see any profits.”

            John, Incorrect fact…day after approval you will earn your days trade in Bitcoin.

            check the Trading Bonus in your back office…no packs (as you refer to and no limits…$10,000 allows you to earn to’unlimited Levels. under $10k to Level 30…

            these are the facts…[end]

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