Monumetric Review: Increased My Revenue For Sure

Welcome to my Monumetric review.

I absolutely love what I do for a living, and starting my very own blog was one of the best things that I could have ever done.

Sharing information with others and interacting is what I enjoy the most from this “job,” on top of the more obvious benefits like working on my own time and, well, doing whatever I want.

Then comes the other side of the business, which deals with how we make the money to have such a job.

This comes in the form of monetization.

For years, I have relied solely on the affiliate marketing business model.

It has done great for me, and I never thought I would venture off into other ways to monetize my site.

Stepping out of my comfort zone, I messed around with some Google Adsense and made a couple hundred dollars a month.

Nothing life-changing, but it got me wondering about other advertising networks.

After some research, I came across about 5 sites that caught my attention.

I weighed my options and decided to go with Monumetric.

After just a few months of using their service, I was really impressed with the revenue brought in with their service.

Now, there were other things that I really liked, and I will be sharing them here in this review.

So before you go adding Monumetric or any other ad network to your monetization strategy, let’s see if this is really the right fit for you.

Monumetric Review – Product Overview


Name: Monumetric


Type of Service: Advertising

Price: Free (unless you have less than 80,000 or less website visitors per month)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Monumetric has definitely increased my revenue, and I recommend them over most ad networks. With their simplicity and flexibility, this is going to be one of your better choices when deciding what ads you should place on your site. Oh and they pay the fastest and will probably make you the most money, thanks to their team that will make adjustments for maximum earning potential.

Apply Here

What is Monumetric?

Formerly the Blogger Network, Monumetric is an advertising network designed to help advertisers and publishers (you) get aligned with the right service.

Companies and businesses need traffic, and there’s no better place than what we have here.

The World Wide Web.

That’s when they get with sites like Monumetric, which will then connect with websites that have the right kind of traffic for these businesses.

The company contacts the ad network, the ad network connects with bloggers, and everyone is happy.

Businesses get their products seen, and website owners that provide this traffic will get paid for providing this traffic.

It’s a very simple concept, but who can you really trust?

Which ad network will pay us the most money for our efforts?

Which one will still have our site feel like a regular site without having ads all over the place?

I personally like this one, and I want to explain why within this Monumetric review.

Why Monumetric?

There are actually quite a number of reasons as to why I would recommend Monumetric over almost every other ad network provider.

Having tried and tested others, I personally believe that this is your best bet when it comes to placing ads on your site.

Especially if your traffic isn’t bringing in millions of visitors just yet.

There are several components that I’ve observed while dealing with ads, and that is what I will go over next.

This will highlight the key players of Monumetric and why I think they are really that good.



The main reason any blogger or website owner would look into an advertising network like Monumetric is for one thing and one thing only.

To make money.

Not to make our site look cluttered and not to make them slower, either.

So, of course, I mainly do affiliate marketing, which amounts to almost all my income for all the sites I own.

I have tested Adsense ads and a few other ad networks, but none can make you as much money as Monumetric can.

If you take a look at the screenshot above, you will see that the earnings for one of my sites are actually really, really good.

For just 30,000 sessions, that site is making over $700!

That will definitely not happen with Adsense, so you can bet that it pays its publishers really well.

But why and how?

Well, the person assigned to you will work closely so that you can get everything working the way you want it to work.

If you don’t want an ad in a certain area, they will remove it for you.

Now if making more money is your goal, these guys know the best places to place these ads for that to happen.

For the most revenue, this is where it’s at.

Apply to the monumetric program and see if you meet the small qualifications.

Pay Per View

If you’re familiar with the Google Adsense program, you will know that you will get paid for every click.

With Monumetric, that’s not the case.

As a publisher, you will get paid per view.

So if someone is on your site and an ad just so happens to appear on their screen, then guess what?

You make money.

There is no need for clicking, but of course, that will also play a big part in how much money you will make.

This is also why they know exactly where to put these ads.

Site Speed

I blogged and owned blogs for 3 years before I finally decided to give advertising a try.

With affiliate marketing being a solid source of income for me, I didn’t think that ads were really necessary.

Not that I didn’t want to make money from ads, but because I didn’t want my site to slow down.

You bloggers know how important your site’s speed is for SEO, and having ads was a sure way to slow it down.

That was then, but this is now.

I’ve compared two of my sites to see which one took longer to load.

One of my sites used Mediavine, and one used Monumetric.

Surprisingly, the site that used Monumetric loaded faster.

I still use Mediavine, but for different sites, I definitely need my site to be at its fastest.

Monumetric Pays Faster Than Most

Almost all advertising networks can be a little confusing if you are completely new to advertising networks.

Things like “Net 30” become a part of your life.

This type of stuff is usually used with things like credit, but they are also a part of advertising networks as well.

As an advertising service, they will provide their clients with a time in which they will pay.

So when they mention something like net 60, that gives the companies advertising 60 days to pay.

For people like us, that just means that it will take 60 days before we see any money.

We can make $700 this month, but if it’s a net 60 deal, you won’t see that money until two months from now.

With some changes last year, Monumetric now goes with a net 30 schedule, so you will see your payments a lot sooner than other ad networks.

Once you get that first payment, you will start to receive monthly payments as well.

The first month will drag on, but things will get better and faster after.

They Place the Ads For You

As long as I have been blogging, I still don’t understand some of the technical things that come with websites.

Placing codes in the header and footer are still things I’d rather not mess with, and that is what you will deal with when placing ads.

With Monumetric, they will get into your site and do EVERYTHING for you.

If you want to remove an ad, they will gladly do it for you.

Don’t like the amount of ads?

They can remove some, too.

I don’t care what you want done, your ad manager will help you do whatever it is that you want done.

Awesome Support

As a member of Monumetric, you get someone assigned to you.

This person will contact you through email, and everything will be done there.

From getting your ads set up to making any adjustments, you will contact the Monumetric team through email.

They usually respond within 24 hours, and I had no problems communicating with them whatsoever.

They don’t operate on weekends, though, so get whatever you want accomplished throughout the week.

The Price For Monumetric


Yeah, I know, most ad networks are free.

However, not all of them will approve you if your site doesn’t have enough traffic.

For the most part, you need at least 25,000 visitors per month before you can get approved for an ad network.

Some websites take forever to get to that level, and applying for ads is not even a question.

With Monumetric, you can utilize ads if your site has just 10,000 visitors a month!

Now for that to happen, you will need to pay $99.

I actually paid that price just to test out their service, and I made that back in no time.

The other plans that you get are all dependent on how much traffic your site gets.

The more traffic you get, the more services you are provided.

And, of course, you wouldn’t have to pay that $99 fee.

How Long Before You Get Approved?

Getting approved for Monumetric is where most of the time gets taken.

First, you have to get all the analytics data and whatnot, and that will take a couple of weeks.

then you have to wait to get approval from the ad partners.

After all that waiting is done, you will have to wait to get the Monumetric team to place the ads on your site.

In total, you will have to wait about a month’s time just to get your ads up and running.

Then you have to deal with the Net 30 BS, which will mean that you won’t see any money until 3 months.

Once that happens, though, I’m sure you’ll love the income that you will get from Monumetric.

The Downside of Monumetric

Having someone do something like place ads is a great thing.

However, you will have to give the Monumetric team access to your website.

Not just as an author or contributor but as the admin.

I know it should be okay, but I felt a little uneasy about the whole situation.

Even if I had to pay the $99 fee.

What I do recommend, after they have done everything on their end, is to change your password.

Do know that in order to make any future changes, you will have to give them the new password.

So, that is one thing I wasn’t too fond of along with the whole setup process.

Besides that, there are a lot more pros than cons with Monumetric.

Is Monumetric Right For YOU?

What works for one site will not always work for another.

When it comes to advertising.

I have sites in different niches and monetization methods.

For a more affiliate marketing-focused website, ads are, of course, not the best thing to have.

However, I do feel that people are so immune to ads that it almost has no impact on your conversions as an affiliate marketer.

You know your site best, so decide if this is something you want to add. Definitely apply to Monumetric and see if you qualify.

Your wallet will thank you.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended


If you are looking for the best advertising network for your site, Monumetric is definitely one of them.

Over the years, they have improved their service, and now is the best time to add some extra income.

The pay is way up there, and I’m sure you will make more than your affiliate marketing efforts if your site has less than 30,000 visitors.

On top of that, they have found a way to make your site faster, unlike before when ads slowed your site down like crazy.

I’m glad I took the risk, as it has paid off tremendously.

I have sites that had a couple hundred bucks in revenue jump to the thousands thanks to Monumetric.

I highly recommend them, and you definitely should consider using their service.

Besides that, thanks for reading my Monumetric review.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!



Definitely a better way to make money thorough advertising on your site but the turnaround for getting approved and implementing the ads have been taking a lot longer than usual. They are legit though, so definitely apply if you haven’t reached over 10k visitors a month on your site. Apply Here

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  1. Hey John, wouldn’t replacing Google Adsense affect your traffic since Google is losing the money? And how would you compare Monumetric and Mediavine?

    • Most ad networks are still working with Google and you can see that within their ads. That wouldn’t be fair if they did that though but I do know that my rankings weren’t affected on my other site.


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