My 20 Dollar Travel Business Review: Scam or Legit?


Welcome to a real and honest My 20 Dollar Travel Business review.

Some of you might have thought you had just come across the opportunity of a lifetime, and some of you might think this is nothing but a scam.

Thanks to the lack of information provided on their site, you have to look for reviews and whatnot for a better explanation.

Well, I’ve done my due diligence, and I’ve actually joined to see what all the fuss is about.

I mean, for $1, what could you possibly get?

On top of that, I have many years of experience in the world of making money online as well as multilevel marketing gigs.

And even if I already knew what this whole site was about, I still had to join to see if there was any real value that these guys claimed to offer.

So before you go joining the person who presented this nice little opportunity to you, let me tell you exactly what it is that you will be joining.

Oh, and what you will be getting as well as I’m sure you want some value in exchange for that hard earned money of yours.

Without wasting any more precious time, let’s get right into things.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business Review – Product Overview

Name: My 20 Dollar Travel Business


Price: $20

Type of Business: Network Marketing

Overall Rating: 2/5 stars

My 20 Dollar Travel business is what was created after My 1 Dollar Business tanked.

This is nothing more than a travel discount membership site that focuses on recruiting others in order to make money.

Not the best way to make money, and is not even close to being one of the top MLMs that I would recommend.

Its members of course, will think otherwise, but I’m sure you know that almost everyone is not making any real money with this or any other MLM company for that matter.

What Exactly is My 20 Dollar Travel Business?

According to the automated message I received on a chat I initiated on their site, My 20 Dollar Travel Business is…

“A Travel Club Membership that can save you up to 75% off over 1 million hotel rooms, save $1000 or more per condo vacations, and have vacations starting at $200 per week!”

Oh and “refer others and earn“, which of course, stands out the most.

But before My 20 Dollar Business came to be, owner Steve Gresham ran My 1 Dollar Business as well as Savings Highway, which no longer exists.

However, the domain still remains under but the content is on My 20 Dollar Business so don’t get confused.

The company has no actual products and seems to stay targeted on savings, which is what those other sites came with.

So, what we really have here is a reboot of what was already created and gone.

Just another failed business with a new name trying to make money off of hype?

Sure looks like it, but let’s see what they really have to offer.

The Products


There isn’t much of a product here but rather a bunch of savings on hotels and condos.

I frequent hotels and even my membership with them give me better savings than I would with My 20 Dollar Travel Business.

Never tried the condo deal in my life, so I can’t say much about that.

This reminds me of other travel-saving-type network marketing businesses that have come and gone in just a month’s time.

Pro Travel Plus was one I personally joined, but there were many that tanked in under a year.

I mean, who stays at hotels every single month to even make use of this membership?

Sure, you can justify that the price is so low to join My 20, but what’s really the point of all this?

To recruit, recruit, and recruit.

The Price

To get started with My 20 Dollar Travel Business, it is only going to cost you $1.

However, that $1 will do you no good as you don’t have access to any of the travel savings stuff they mention.

So what do you get for that $1?

A chance to set yourself up to have your account upgraded to the next level after a month has passed.

The next level is the Gold membership and this is going to cost you $20.

This does give you access to travel savings and allows you to recruit others and make a nice commission, which I will cover next.

The last level is the Platinum membership, and this will cost you $100 each and every single month.

This does nothing but give you a chance to make more money, and that is exactly what I am going to cover next.

  • Regular Member – $1
  • Gold – $20
  • Platinum – $100

The Compensation Plan


This is the bread and butter as well as the sole reason why My 20 Dollar Travel Business even exists.

Everything with this site is based on recruiting.

If you get someone to sign up under you, you will make money.

Now, My 20 Dollar Travel Business has a very fair compensation plan, and this is why everyone and their mothers are promoting it.

As long as you are a paying member, you can make $.50 if someone joins at the $1 level.

If they pay the $20 (and you’re at that level), you can make $10.

Now, if you are a paying member at the $100 level, you can make $50 for every paying member that you recruit.

Obviously, this is the main goal for its affiliates, and I’m sure the owner has no problem paying them either.

You make him those $ 20s and $ 50s, and he’ll gladly give you something in return.

Then, of course, they have the incentives that make you want to promote this program even more.

The more people you get to join, the more money the owner makes as well.

So keep that in mind before you go crazy trying to tell others about how amazing My 20 Dollar Travel Business is.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended

The compensation plan is the ultimate selling point for this program but what are you really getting?

This is not the only MLM in the world and there are others that provide real products with a decent compensation plan as well.

Recruiting sounds really easy when someone hypes things up.

Get down to business, and you’ll see how difficult it really is.

Some people are going to question your product, and others will clearly see that this is somewhat of a recruiting Ponzi program.

At the end of the day, you need to make decisions for yourself and not everyone else.

What if I showed you a program that shows you how to build YOUR own business?

Make money from actual products that you don’t even own.

Thanks to the affiliate marketing business model, such a thing is possible.

Forget about recruiting and forget about making other people money.


My Recommendation

I personally have joined many recruiting-based programs, Ponzi schemes, high ticket BS, and whatever else you can think of.

I’ve joined it.

I’ve made other people rich, and I’ve lost thousands of dollars in the process.

However, I never gave up, and I don’t look at it as a loss either.

I see it as a valuable lesson and one that I am able to share with others so that they don’t have to waste their hard-earned money and, most especially, their valuable time.

Besides that, I hope this My 20 Dollar Travel Business review has helped you in one way or another.

If you are still confused with anything, feel free to leave your questions and/or comments below.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!



Yet another travel discount MLM that has you feeling like you’re living the lifestyle by simply joining something like My 20 Dollar Travel Business. This is just another network marketing gig with mediocre products. Join if you are into recruiting but what do you really think makes this better than the thousands of other MLMs out there?

13 thoughts on “My 20 Dollar Travel Business Review: Scam or Legit?”

  1. I think it is very distasteful when people bash one opportunity just to make their opportunity seem better. How can you, John, make My 20 Dollar Travel Business sounds so bad when your opportunity is built on the same principle of getting paid by signing up other people? Here is what I encourage everyone to do before taking John’s opinion to heart. Do your own research. These blogs are not facts. They are the opinion of someone who failed.

    • What did I say wrong Tammy? That My 20 Dollar Travel Business will make you money by recruiting? I don’t get it. Now the stuff that I promote on this site or any other niche site I run provides my readers with REAL PRODUCTS that will BENEFIT them in one way or another. They are not recruiting based but rather real training platforms that will teach them how to make real money.

      I don’t get paid by recruiting but rather through affiliate marketing. If someone BUYS anything using some of the links on my site, it is very much possible that I will make a commission from that sale. Not through recruiting. I state that in my affiliate disclaimer and there is nothing wrong with anything as this is a real deal business.

      I run many other niche websites that make me money when someone buys products from Amazon, Walmart, or one of the many affiliate partners that I have. I run a parenting site, a site on gear for men, a site on biking, and several others. And that’s just one of the different businesses that I recommend. I recommend survey sites and other free ways to make money but I don’t just promote one program like you’re thinking.

      I promote a few money making opportunities Tammy but I will never discredit an MLM if they actually provide some kind of value. Can you tell me what My 20 Dollar Travel Business has to offer? I would tell someone to join something like Melaleuca (not affiliate marketing) before I tell you to join something that will ONLY make you money if someone joins under you. And I’m not even apart of that company either.

      Does that make sense Tammy? I do get where you’re coming from, especially when you’re trying to defend something you are heavily involved with. I was once in your shoes, so I know exactly how you feel. Regardless of what you think of me and what you’re involved with, I still wish you the best. I do hope that you understand that I am being honest and will ONLY recommend something that I know will work. Honesty is really the best policy, whether you like what I have to say or not.

    • Hi Wayne, I personally learned all about making money online through a program called Wealthy Affiliate. They offer a free membership that allows you to see what everything is about before you spend any money, so definitely take advantage of that. There are other ways that I do recommend but they require a lot more money to get started. You can check that out first but do let me know what you are looking to do and what kind of budget you are working with and we can go from there.

    • Wayne,

      Everyone buys something or pays a bill monthly right?
      Would you rather get paid for making a one time sale or from a monthly purchase?
      Does it make sense to you to get paid every time someone pays a monthly cell or utility bill?

      If your answer is yes then contact me at


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