My Passive Trades: Scam or Legit? [Review]


Finding legit reviews of My Passive Trades is no easy task.

Everyone has their thoughts and “facts” on things but they actually don’t know what they are really involved with.

Since there is more confusion and lack of knowledge, I want to give you the very best understanding of how everything works.

Is My Passive Trades a scam?

Is there any real trading going on?

I have all the answers and there is zero speculation going on.

I’ve been involved with these programs since 2014, so you can bet that I know exactly how they work.

Forget about what you’ve heard from anyone (to include the owner) and let me show you what you are about to join.

Here is everything you need to know about My Passive Trades.

My Passive Trades Review – Product Overview

Name: My Passive Trades

Owner: Darren Bradbury


Price: $5 per pack

Overall Rating: 1.5/5 stars

My Passive Trades is known as a refshare in the world of making money online. They claim to do some trading and advertising but that is definitely not the case. They do claim to have proof but don’t let that fool you because I can promise you that there is no trading going on here.

However, you can make money as long as people keep joining. Once that stops, so will the pay. There is no telling when they will stop paying so please do join at your own risk.

I will keep you guys posted on this one, so stay tuned.

What Exactly is My Passive Trades?

Like I just mentioned, My Passive Trades claims to be a trading platform that allows its members do some revenue sharing.

On top of that, they have an advertising service of some sort that you can utilize to get your business some traffic.

Of course that is not true and this is the same exact thing every other revshare claims to do.

Cash FX Group had the same claims and all of a sudden its members are making complaints about not getting paid.

That kind of stuff happens in this kind of business and I want to explain how it all goes down.

So before you go telling me that there is all kinds of trading proof, let me tell you what you are really getting involved with.

Trading Explained


My Passive Trades has proof that they are doing some real trading.

Now here’s the thing.

Why would anyone who has “cracked the code” when it comes to trading want to share their secret?

Why would they even need your money to trade if they are already winning?

Are they that generous?

Of course not.

They need your money because that is what is used to keep things flowing.

The trading that they mention is nothing more than a way to have some kind of product or service.

Without one or the other, you can bet that we are dealing with what we know as a nice little Ponzi scheme.

Back when revshares first started, the owners used advertising as its product.

Once that go stopped, there was a need for another “product”.

That then led to Crypto Currencies, which eventually got slammed as well.

Today, they are using trading.

Well I guess you can say trading as well as advertising just to make it seem as if there is some real value.

These products and so called services are nothing but a front, so don’t go thinking you are joining a legit trading platform because you’re really not.

Proof or not, no one will trade for you and not charge you anything for it.

Think about it.

So How Does it Really Work?

The idea of a revshare is very, very simple.

These types of programs are ran off of a software that every single revshare uses.

This software takes in everyone’s money and distributes them at a pace so that more money can be put in.

That 125% ROI is true and you will make 25% on top of whatever you put in.

The problem here is that these profits are gained throughout the course of at least 30 days and is accomplished through the investment of new members.

Yup, new members are the ones that keep things going.

Once that stops, so will the payments.

Then comes the excuses and whatnot about why no one is getting paid, when it’s really the fact that there is no money coming in.

I mean, to have a set rate of 125% through a trading platform is beyond sketchy.

Why can’t we make more if they are doing so well with their trades?

Trading is something that requires a lot of thought and most especially a decent sized investment.

Sure there are bots out there but even at that, it is very rare that they give you great results.

I know this because one, I once used to trade and two, I was very much involved with revshares back when they first started.

These days I am a bit more cautious as they come and go at a much faster rate.

But Can You Make Money?


You sure can.

Not by the way they try to claim in their video but by the way ALL revshares work.

When revshares usually get started is when everyone will make money.

This then allows its members to show everyone else that they are making money.

Then others will join and the process will continue.

This can go on for several months and even up to a year like some have but the chances of that happening are very slim.

The average revshare lasts no more than 3 months.

So if you want to join one, you better do it when the time is right.

You can make money, as long as there are new members joining after you.

If that doesn’t happen, well, you might even lose your initial investment.

There are some other things you should know before you join, so let me just explain that as well.

Before You Join

I’ve already covered a few things earlier but I want to cover them more along with others that you MUST know.

The first thing that most newbs don’t understand is the fact that you will not make money right away.

It will take at least a month’s time before you see any profits.

Within that time, the program can shutdown and you might even lose your money.

With that being said, please do not use any money you aren’t willing to lose.

This now leads into the fact that there are no refunds.

Remember how I mentioned that there is a specific software that revshares use?

Well that’s where your money goes and it’s not sitting in some bank ready for you to retrieve.

Once you put your money into a pack, there is no turning back.

Also, you will need to put in a decent amount of money if you want to make it worth it.

Put in $100 to make $25 in a month is absolutely worthless.

This is one of the reasons why you see people investing thousands of dollars when it comes to revshares, with the other reason being that they got in early.

I know it might sound a little confusing but that’s just how it is.

To sum things up, here’s what you need to know.

  1. There are no refunds
  2. There is no trading going on
  3. It will take at least a month to see any profits
  4. You are not guaranteed to make any money
  5. This will not last

And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, just raise an eyebrow, and remember what I said.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended

I have been apart of way too many revshares in my online career and they are all a hit or a miss.

I can’t tell you what will happen with My Passive Trades today and I can’t predict the future either.

I’ve made money from them in the past but I have also lost a lot.

There is no telling what will happen and for that reason, I can not recommend this.

Revshares are the most unstable, hard to understand type of programs out there.

You can say it’s a scam but you can make money.

So call it a Ponzi, scam, or even legit, I do hope that you can decipher for yourself.

You’re a big boy (or girl) and I know you can make a wiser decision on your own.

Do know that everything mentioned in this post is from my personal experience and is as accurate as it is going to get.


My Recommendation

Revhshares are cool and all but with the ups and downs that they come with, it is never easy to decide what to do.

There are literally hundreds (maybe even thousands) that are created and they mostly end up flopping.

My Passive Trades looks fair but it is ran by a person who has created many of them in the past.

None of them exist but this is his current gig.

Of course it will not last, so please join at your own risk.

Now if you are looking for a more reliable way to make money online, I will always recommend something like affiliate marketing.

It is what I use to make my living and it is also the same thing that got me to quit jumping from one program to the next.

For complete beginners, I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a member there, so you can see me pop in and out of there every now and then,.

Now for those of you who know a little about affiliate marketing and think you can do it on your own, you might want to go with something like Authority Hacker.

Both programs are great but do go with what you think is best for YOU.

Besides that, I hope this My Passive Trades review has been of great use to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Until next time, thanks for reading and good luck!

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