PrizeRebel Review: Legit and Paying

Welcome to my Prize Rebel review.

With the many get paid to take survey sites out there, why would this be “the one”?

Well, I have joined, tested, and used many in my life and I can honestly say that they are not all the same.

Some can pay well but limit you on surveys.

Some can have all the surveys available but pay you pennies.

There’s always some kind of problem when it comes to survey sites and that’s just how it is.

PrizeRebel is no different and that’s why I want to give you the strong and weak points when it comes to this site.

I’m personally not into making a few bucks and that is why I always recommend you at least try something like affiliate marketing instead.

Now if you don’t have a single penny to your name and making a couple of bucks is all you are able to do, then PrizeRebel might just be for you.

It’s not for everyone but this post will help you make a better decision.

PrizeRebel Review – Product Overview

PrizeRebel Review

Name: Prizerebel

Type of site: GPT (get paid to)

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

Prizerebel is one of my favorite GPT sites and one I recommend to anyone looking for quick opportunities to make money. They have been around for over ten years and have paid out over 19 million dollars in rewards.

Join For FREE Here!

What Is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a GPT platform that is based primarily in California and they reward users to complete a range of activities.

Being GPT (Get Paid To) means you will not be limited to just surveys.

In fact there are other ways to get paid getting involving other research opportunities.

I will be going over all this within this review.

I first came across PrizeRebel in 2016, but the site has been around since 2007 and is a very established site.

They have often become overshadowed by industry giants like Swagbucks and other big named sites.

However, what a lot of people like is the simplicity of the site and the wide range of opportunities they have.

PrizeRebel Registration

They say on the site that registration takes 10 seconds. While that is obviously an exaggeration it is very quick to get an account up and running.

Under the start today text, you will see two options for you to go with.

You can either use your Facebook or make a PrizeRebel account from scratch by filling in the four boxes.

Before you jump ahead and set up an account, let me just say you must be 18 to make an account.

If you are younger and over 13 you will need your parent’s consent.

From my experience, most surveys are for adults.

What Currency Do They Use?

PrizeRebel has an on-site currency that while at first seems complicated to understand, is actually really simple.

They pay in points rather than cash.

It works exactly like this.

Every point you earn is equivalent to 1 cent.

So if you earn 100 points, that is 1 whole dollar.

What Opportunities Are Available?

Now I am going to cover all the ways that PrizeRebel gives their users points on the site.

Let’s go over the opportunity and how much you can expect to earn.

1. Surveys

I have completed my fair share of studies on the site and

Now, if you are a newbie to this opportunity. You will be participating in market research by giving your opinion in third-party surveys.

There are three ways to earn money by doing surveys.

Survey Routers

Prizerebel partners with several companies, each of which brings their surveys for you to complete on-site.

These survey routers consist of the following.

  • YourSurveys
  • Samplicio
  • Yuno (New)
  • Market Cube
  • Opinion World
  • Peanut Labs
  • Tap Research
  • Toluna
  • Innovate
  • Cint
  • SaySoRewards.

The amount they pay depends on the router, as they all have different survey times, topics, and payouts.

You will also find with some routers that the surveys are easier to qualify for in comparison to others.

PrizeRebel Surveys

So it’s all about trying them yourself and seeing how you get on.

Daily Gold

Daily Gold is where you’re going to see your daily surveys, these are ones you can not only do every day but are updated.

Some of these only let you complete it once before you have to come back tomorrow. Whereas others will let you do them multiple times.

The surveys you get will depend on your location. If you take a look at the image below you will see what you get if you were from the UK.

However, these change if you are living elsewhere.

Daily Gold Surveys

Offer Wall Surveys

While we’re talking about surveys, the final way to get studies is through the offer walls, which I will talk more about in a second.

Some of these have separate sections where you will find more studies to do. One of the offer walls they have, which are in the photo, is Adsends.

As you can see, compared to daily gold, the surveys are paying less. So do keep an eye out for payouts so you are making the best of your time.

Adsends Surveys

2. Offers

You have the likes of Peanut Labs, AdGate, Adscend, OfferToro, AdGem,, RevenueUniverse and PointClickTrack.

That moves us to the next method, which is through completing offers. Now by clicking on offers under the ‘earn’ dropdown, you will be shown seven offer walls.

All of these offer similar ways to earn. For instance, you can watch videos, free trials, coupons, sign up for websites, download apps, and as I mentioned above you can do surveys.

Now, as for payouts, it all depends on what you do, as there is a range. However, generally, you will only be getting a few points for doing tasks as most are easy to complete.

Some offers, however, will require you to sign up for a service or purchase some kind of goods, so in that case, you will get paid more.

But unless you are getting more from the offer (getting paid more than you need to pay to complete it) and are comfortable using your CC on a GPT site, I wouldn’t recommend it, as there are more than enough ways to earn.

3. Videos

Next up, we have a common feature of GPT sites, which is watching videos. Something that requires you to do nothing but watch something in return for a small number of points.

When I say small, I’m talking half a point each so it’s not an opportunity that you will be able to use to cash out frequently, but it is one of the most straightforward tasks you could do. Videos

4. Raffles

In the next three, I will be going over ways to win money by using PrizeRebel. Raffles which I’m sure you are familiar with yourself, enables you to enter using your points for a chance to win something more significant.

Upcoming Raffles

For example, you can buy some entries, and you could get something back like a 50-inch TV, which is actually a raffle currently being run.

That is more for someone who isn’t too bothered about earning money but is more interested in winning big prizes.

5. Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers is similar to Lotto in that pick a selection of numbers, and if you get them all correct, you will win a prize.

What you need to do is choose four numbers between 1 and 17, and if you correctly guess them all, you will be in with a chance of winning.

That is because the jackpot is the combined entry of all members, and this will be shared if more than one person has got them all right.

In this case, it is 12000 points which is $120.

6. Contest

As it suggests, you will be in a contest with other PrizeRebel users to be the most active and complete as many tasks as you can.

Contest Leaderboard

For this, there are different contests in which you can take part. This consists of most offers done, survey completions for both international and exclusively for US residents, and there is even one for referrals.

It’s self-explanatory how each contest works; the ones who have the most of each of the categories will win the main prize. That goes down to number 10 with the ten best-ranked users getting a certain amount of points.

7. Daily Challenge and 7-Day Bonus

Getting users to come back to the site every day is a daily challenge for you. That is to reach many points to unlock a free bonus.

Daily Challenge

There are two levels to this, and to move on to the second one, you must collect your bonus.

There is a further way to earn here, and that is by completing the 7-day bonus. This is basically completing the daily challenge every day for a week. In return, you will get 42 points for doing that.

7 Day Challenge

8. Referring Others

The last way I will talk about is getting paid to show other people the site. Whenever someone joins PrizeRebel under your link, you will get between 20% and 30% of their earnings. I will explain why there is a range in a second.

But what this means is users can make money every month without needing to do anything. As long as they refer people who engage with the opportunities on offer at PrizeRebel, you will get points.

That is why referral programs, in general, are so popular.

The whole idea of referring people to other places and them using their product/service is also what is called affiliate marketing.

It’s a cool model where you can get paid up to a full-time income, referring people to buy other companies’ products.

If you are interested in learning more about that, then check out how I earn money from home here.

With that said, let’s now go over the level system here, as its one of PrizeRebel’s most significant selling points.

The Level System

Companies these days are focused on getting new customers and keeping customers, and the referral system represents the latter.

But what PrizeRebel has integrated to encourage users to continue to use there site is levels where the more you complete, the more perks you unlock.

It’s quite simple to explain, and there are five levels in total.

You have bronze, which is the one newbies start on.

From then on, you have silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

The below screenshot explains what you need to do to reach the higher levels.

Level Loyalty System

As you can see, there are several perks you get, including higher referral rates, instant rewards, and discounts.

As you can see, Diamond requires 16000 points, which means you will need to earn $160 to reach it. I have managed to do so, so it is achievable.

Getting Paid

You can get paid once you have 200 points which you can swap for a $2 Amazon gift card. It is quite low compared to other sites like Vindale Research, which require at least $50.

Once you have reached 500 points, you have to choose between various gift cards plus the option to get PayPal payouts.

The payment system is one of the highlights of the site and one of the reasons I still use it.

Once you have found the item you want to redeem all you will need to do is press the ‘claim this item’ button.

PayPal Custom Amount

They will then show you a message that your payout will be processed. In this instance, I have chosen PayPal as it is my favorite way to get paid.

Processing Payout

I have also gone with a custom amount, which is a feature that allows you to choose any amount of money.

As long as it’s over $5 and you have the number of points in your account, you can do so.

The best feature about the payouts is gift cards will be sent instantly to your email. PayPal is sent within an hour of the request if you are level gold +.

From my experience, I did find most of my rewards came in less than 30 minutes. Which was the case with this payment.

PrizeRebel PayPal Payout

When you first join and make your first payout, it will be manually processed after 24 hours. However, after that, you are on the above terms.

Pros & Cons

Prizerebel is a decent site, but with any survey panel I have used, you will find its pros and cons, so let’s have a look at them now.

Pro 1: Surveys Overall Are Great

There aren’t many faults with the surveys, and I can find two aspects for me that stand out. Firstly, they credit instantly, so once you have completed one, your points will be added to your account straight away.

Secondly is the fact you have a wide range of them available to you which means you won’t run out of ones to do.

Most surveys pay around $1, which is as good as it gets. I also found that completing them is also quite easy. It’s not impossible either to be able to complete a few and then get paid that same day.

I know this is a GPT site, so there is more than one way to earn. But if surveys are what you’re interested in, you will find what you’re looking for here.

To add on, if you want to learn more about online surveys in general, check out this guide.

Pro 2: Instant Rewards

Most of us like things instantly, especially when it comes to money. Since I have reviewed several sites, a common trait is having to wait at least a day to get those earnings in front of you.

That is not the case here, as once you go to redeem, you will see those earnings show you right away. Not many sites offer this either, which makes this feature more unique.

Pro 3: Low Minimum Threshold

Recently, I have reviewed various survey sites, and what tends to be the case to make sure you stick around for months is the minimum threshold is set high.

As I mentioned earlier, in Vindale Research, despite being a good survey site, their minimum threshold means people have to work hard and for a long time before seeing anything their way.

That results in people giving up.

We have already talked about how you get instant rewards, but the fact is you only need to do 2/3 surveys to get paid as a result.

A lot of people want to turn the laptop on to do some tasks and withdraw the same day, which is possible here.

Con 1: No Equal Opportunities

Using this site regularly, one thing I noticed was the number of opportunities. With other countries getting more surveys then me.

That means depending on where you live, your earning potential may be limited.

On the odd occasion, mostly on weekends when surveys dried up, I found it difficult to earn as much I usually would.

When I used the site regularly, I was able to make up to $10 a day. However, by the end of the week, it would be a struggle to find any active surveys.

That was due to my location.

I am not saying Prizerebel isn’t a good site to join, as they are one of the best ones I have used.

However, you may struggle to earn if you don’t live in either the US, Canada, UK or Australia. That is where the majority of market research companies operate, so opportunities are limited outside them.

What Are Other People Saying About PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel has a positive reputation and has been that way for years. However, its always worth looking at reviews to see if a site is maintaining its services.

Mostly, the site is doing well, and the majority of reviews are great. You will get the odd one that isn’t great. However, I have gone on the basis of what the majority were voting for.

If there were more people complaining than leaving good feedback, like was the case with Survey Club, then that is different.

This is some of the feedback at a reputable review site, Trustpilot, which has PrizeRebel with an average of 43% 5-star reviews.

On Survey Police, it’s more positive, with 62 percent of reviews being five stars.

So, is PrizeRebel a Scam?

PrizeRebel is not a scam, and I know that since I have been paid hundreds of dollars using them over the years. I also continue to check in now and then to withdraw money.

Now if they could pay out on more of a full-time job basis, I would be still doing surveys.

However, not only have I found a better way to make money in affiliate marketing, but survey sites, in general, aren’t designed to be full-time replacements.

There aren’t enough opportunities available for you to make anything massive. So, if its not possible with PrizeRebel, you will find it to be that way with any survey site out there.

With that said, though, it’s not out of the question for you to make $50+ a month. Especially if you have a few hours every so often to put into the site.

Final Thoughts

Surveys are great if you absolutely, positively don’t have a single penny to your name.

They do take a lot of time, and it’s not your best bet when it comes to making money.

For those of you looking to make more than just a couple of bucks, you might want to consider starting a blog or doing some affiliate marketing.

They are very easy to start and will not cost you an arm and a leg to get started.

Heck, with something like Wealthy Affiliate, you can even get started for free.

Besides that, surveys and PrizeRebel will definitely work.

It’s free to join and will make you money.

I do want to thank you for reading my PrizeRebel review, though, and I hope it has helped you in one way or another.

Until next time, go make that money, and good luck!


Prize Rebel has been around a lot longer than most survey sites. They have paid out millions to its members and of course they are free and will always be free to join. Join For FREE Here!  


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