Project 24 [Income School] Review: Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Welcome to My Project 24 review.

Project 24 is one of the few legit work-from-home programs that will teach you how to make money through the creation of niche websites.

With up-to-date training, techniques, and overall transparency, you will see how possible it really is to make a career from the internet.

Thanks to Income School and their new program, you can learn how to build a website and profit as they have.

That’s the goal with this site and one that might not be a sure sale with you, especially with the not-so-cheap price tag.

Then come the other questions that still hang over our heads and will have you

“Is this a scam, or will this work?”

“How long will it take for me to make money after purchasing Project 24?”

I know exactly how you feel as I was once in your shoes.

I tried program after program and could not figure out a real way to make money online.

It doesn’t help that everyone and their mothers have “a better way”.

What I have learned is that there are only a handful of ways to make money online, and everything else is either some recruiting-based Ponzi

Or the product is only designed for the owners to make money.

Will that be the case with Project 24?

Through this review, you will get all the answers you need so that you can decide for yourself if the not-so-small price tag is really worth it.

Let’s get on with the show, shall we?


Project 24 Review – Product Overview

Name: Project 24 by Income School

Website: Click Here For Official Site

Owners: Jim & Ricky

Type of Business: Niche marketing/blogging

Price: $449 for the first year and then $199 every year after that

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

I personally really like the affiliate marketing business model and I always recommend it over any other method out there. I have also been following Jim and Ricky for a really long time, so I know that what they teach works.

The training, community, and overall package that you get inside of Income School is definitely worth the price. I have given consultations for that price, so you can bet that what they offer is worth every penny.

I recommend Project 24 and I will explain more within this review. But if you are looking to make money online with some of the best in the biz, you definitely want to take them up on their offer.

Join Project 24 Here!

What is Project 24?


Project 24 is course designed to help you become successful with a niche website rather than focusing on just the affiliate marketing business model itself.

That reason alone is why I absolutely love what these guys have put together.

The program was created by buddies Ricky and Jim, who are no rookies to building successful niche websites.

With an enjoyable and funny personality, you get 60 courses worth of training along with a community that will help you with any questions you might have.

The owners get on there every now and then to answer questions and whatnot but you won’t get any one on one help unless you request for coaching.

Overall, this is a legit program that will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to creating niche website.

What You Can Expect From the Training


I have been doing business online for over 5 years now and I have managed to pick apart what works and what doesn’t.

Along with that, I have crafted things in a way that makes better sense for others looking to make money online.

With those thoughts and ideas, I have crammed it all into what I teach other online entrepreneurs when it comes to starting and running an online business.

What does that have to do with Project 24?

Well, it is exactly what I teach and preach with this very website you are on.

The difference is, these guys have put it in 60 different lessons!

Lessons that are easy to understand and put in a way that I would personally teach myself.

Not to say that they don’t have theirs but I personally don’t have any laid out training just yet.

Now the difference with this and other training platforms is that it is focused on an actual business model.

Utilizing the internet and search engines to get you traffic and make you money.

The way a real online business should.

Not by showing some lavish lifestyle in hopes that someone will take the bait and pay you for showing off to them.

This is the most common tactic these days and I’m glad that Project 24 is nothing like that.

The training is great and will work if you really put it into action.

It is laid out in steps that you will understand and they tell you exactly what to do.

But what I like best is that they also tell you what NOT to do as something so simple can ruing a whole business if you’re not careful.

Great training that is not boring and actually works.

What kind of training?

  • Blogging
  • Website building
  • Website improvements
  • Picking a niche
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Myths on internet marketing
  • Monetization
  • Advertising
  • Photography for your site
  • Mindset
  • And lots more

At the core of what Project 24 teaches, you can expect to get everything you need to start, run and maintain a legitimate online business.

And if you even go through any of the free YouTube training they offer, you will see that Jim and Ricky ALWAYS offer value.

The type of value that other gurus will not teach.

Not because they don’t want to share but simply because they don’t even know.

Although I have been doing business online for quite some time, I have learned tons from Income School alone.

Does Project 24 Offer Support?


They do but it isn’t going to be anything close some one on one coaching that I personally provide to those who join me with a very similar program called Wealthy Affiliate.

That platform allows me to help anyone looking to utilize the affiliate marketing business model.

Besides that, you will have to pay some good money to get that kind of help.

At the very least, Project 24 will not leave you with nothing but training without a source for answers.

To help you, there is a community of Project 24 members that will help you with any problems you may have.

And to help you with your everyday motivation, tips, and tricks, you can get access to the Project 24 Podcast.

For most of you looking to make the internet a career, the earlier stages will almost require you to get some real help, so this is always a big addition to any program.

Why Trust Project 24?

Let me just say that I have been following since the day I ran into one of their YouTube videos.

Since then, I continue to learn and adopt some of the strategies they teach.

Jim and Ricky are very passionate about their business and they truly want to help others succeed.

Sure it might seem that they are only doing it so that they can make money but there are many reasons that say otherwise.

If you watch just one of their YouTube videos, you will see that these guys offer tons of value.

The best part about this whole deal is that they don’t charge a single penny for it.

So why charge for Project 24?

Well, there are way too many other parts of the business that are a lot smaller and can’t be taught on its own.

The overall process of making money through niche websites require a lot more than most people think and that is what you will get with Project 24.

And if you’ve been following for some time, you will know that it is almost never that I praise a company, let alone recommend them.

Now there are more than one reason why I do and I want to show you why.

1. Legit Business Model


In the world of internet marketing, there are really only a few legitimate ways to make money online and what Project 24 teaches is one of them.

Building niche websites is a great way to make a living and it is exactly what I do myself.

I can promise you that 99% of the ads you see in regards to making money online is nothing but a recruiting based program.

Let me show you how you can buy what I just bought so that you can pay me and then you can go out there and try to do the same.

That kind of stuff irritates the crap out of me and you can rest assured that Project 24 is nothing like it.

If you have tried to make money in the past and got lured into some recruiting Ponzi, let Project 24 show you one of the real legit ways to make money online.

2. Samples of Their Work


On top of there being no recruiting whatsoever, you can see examples of other niche websites that Jim and Ricky have built themselves.

As a niche marketer, picking your niche and passion is not the easiest thing.

But with the examples provided, you will get a better understanding of what you need to look out for.

They have some pretty cool niches too and it allows you to get out of thinking too broad like most people do.

Myself included.

The best part about these samples is the fact that they have built them all from scratch and they don’t sugar coat anything either.

If a niche didn’t work, they tell you like it is.

But of course, most of the sites they build usually flourish.

3. Income Proof


Everyone thinks that you have to show the money to prove anything.

That’s the truth when it comes to recruiting nonsense but Project 24 is different.

The proof they provide is to show you that niche websites can make money.

Not how much money they have or what kind of fancy car they got thanks to some “system”.

That proves there is no recruiting but there’s another thing that this proof displays.

The fact is that this is a real business and the income shown is as realistic as it gets.

4. Knowledge and Passion of the Business


These guys absolutely love what they do and it clearly shows in everything they do.

If you get on one of their niche sites, you can see that they are very passionate and take the necessary steps to provide value.

There can be all the competition in the world but if you follow the example provided by Jim and Ricky, your overall business will stand out.

And when I say standout, I mean with rankings in the search engines.

Not many programs focus on the stuff these guys teach and through my ever love for growing and evolving, I can agree with almost everything in Project 24.

Oh and did I mention that these bimbos are actually funny?

Well they are and that is always a plus when it comes to trying to learn something new.

5. Completely Transparent


There is no holding back with the Project 24 owners.

They say what is on their mind and they speak the truth, unlike other marketers that are exactly that.


In the world of making money online, I am a firm believer that the core to this whole business is to genuinely help others.

That’s exactly what they do.

Whether it be on one of their niche sites or even on Project 24, they do nothing but help.

If you come across any other ad on a program designed to teach you how to make money, it is going to come with nothing but marketing.

“Look at all the money I have and my nice Ferrari”

“Let me show you how you can live the same lifestyle I have”

That’s the kind of stuff you will see with actual marketers but not with the Project 24 team.

They are humble, know what they are doing, and they will help you build YOUR business and not theirs.

The Price For Project 24

To get started with Income School’s Project 24, it isn’t going to cost you $20 like other programs charge.

I’m sure you won’t like the price but I personally think that it is a fair price to both product owner and customer.

For $449, you get an entire year of access to the Project 24 site.

This gives you complete access and with what they teach, I am almost certain that you will make back that before your membership expires.

And even when it does expire, you will only need to spend $199 for the following year and every year after that.

If you know anything about price points of products and programs that teach you how to make money, it is not going to be cheap.

Some even charge thousands of dollars, which I think is a complete waste of money that is usually going to the person who got you to join.

That is not the case with Project 24 though as you are paying for nothing but training and resources, like how it should be with any real business.

Ready to Get Started? Join Project 24 Here!

The Coaching Call


Besides their training, you can get some live coaching from the owners.

However, this is not going to cost you more money.

Now with the private coaching, it will be done through Skype and is only going to last for an hour at most, depending on what package you choose.

The call is done with either Jim or Ricky or both, again depending on what package you get.

This call will be about your website and anything related to it, so you can see that this is for someone who has actually tried to make money with an affiliate website.

There are two options as well and there is quite the difference in price.

The first option is going to cost you $599.

The second option is going to run you $899.

Now there is no major difference besides 15 minutes and having both owners on the call.

For $300 extra, I think that’s a bit much.

But if you feel that you need both dudes and 15 minutes more, then that’s on you.

But is Project 24 Too Pricey?

Absolutely not.

I am an online entrepreneur myself and I make my money by simply helping people.

Just like how I make money doing product reviews, I do the same with helping others understand the internet and how money is made.

For the time I use to consult others, I have to charge a decent fee or it simply is not worth my time.

I know I love helping others and that is why I have a whole blog on exactly that.

The same site you are on, which some of you might now as

Now when it comes to charging others for my time, you can bet that it is around the same price that Jim and Ricky are charging.

So when you do the math, you can clearly see that what they have is definitely valuable and will be worth every penny.

Will Project 24 Work?

You bet it will.

I have personally built several niche sites that make money and although it wasn’t with them, I know for a fact that what they teach works.

I learned the same stuff over at Wealthy Affiliate but they both follow the same principles of building an online business.

As a matter of fact, let’s compare the two, as I think they are probably the two best in the industry.

Project 24 might lack some of the reasons why WA is my #1 recommendation but I would still recommend it over any other program out there.

Minus the not so amazing support, I think Project 24 is a solid course that will show you how to make money online.


Final Verdict: Project 24 is Legit

Like I mentioned earlier, I can not agree more with the business that these guys will teach YOU to build.

I use it and so do many other successful online businessmen.

Forget about recruiting based Ponzi schemes and build something that will create a true passive income.

You will not see any complaints with Project 24 because there isn’t much to complain about but Im sure something will come up.

For now, just know that you are getting value for the price that you will pay.

I would like to break down the price to show you what you’re really paying for but I think this review has gone long enough.

Through the information provided, I do hope that you can make a much wiser decision.

But if you do have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Final Thoughts


Just because a program is designed to teach you how to make money does not mean you will make it.

Yes, the internet is a great place and the opportunities are there but let’s face it.

It is not for everyone.

Now if you put in some time and effort, not only will you make money but you will get to live the laptop lifestyle like me and many others are doing.

But before you get ahead of yourself, you will need to purchase this program and take some action.

Project 24 is a great program and one of the few that I will ever recommend.

You will not regret joining and you will take away so much valuable knowledge that you will find yourself running a real deal online business.

Kind of pricey but I definitely recommend it over any other work from home program.

Click Here to Join Project 24

Project 24 Out of Your Budget?

I know that $449 can be out of reach for some of you but thankfully my top rated program has you covered.

For only $49/month, you can get the same type of lessons with a community, as well as all the tools you need.

So if you could use a more cheaper program that works just as great, you will definitely want to checkout a site called Wealthy Affiliate.

It is what I personally used to learn almost everything I know about building niche websites, so you can bet that it is legit too.

Besides that, there aren’t many sites that can show you how to build a real, legitimate online business.

Trust me, I’ve tried, tested, and still continue to look for anything that can even come close to my #1 recommendation.

I do hope this Project 24 review has done you well and I do hope that you follow through and actually use Project 24 or even my top rated program.

Whichever route you take, I’m sure you will like what they have to offer.

Until next time, thanks for reading and good luck.



There are many affiliate marketing courses out there and this is at least top 5. With the most up to date online marketing strategies, Project 24 is definitely a great buy. Join Project 24 Here!  

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