Secret Affiliate Machine Review: Scam or Legit Funnel?

Nothing in life is free, and I’m sure we can all agree on that.

Now do you think that you can make thousands of dollars without having to invest a single penny?

I didn’t think so, and that is why I have put together this Secret Affiliate Machine review.

Within this review, I want to show you exactly what it is about so that you know exactly what it is that you are getting involved with.

I’m almost 100% sure certain that you were introduced to this from some “friend” of yours and they most likely came from Facebook or another social media site.

That or through some ad that showed you some fancy cars and lots of money.

Is that coincidental, or is this just a clear sign that this is a recruiting Ponzi scheme?

That’s usually a great indicator, but you should never judge a book by its cover.

Even if you are confident that recruiting is the only way to make money.

So, without judging anything, let’s dig a little deeper to see exactly what it is you will get from something claiming to be free.


Secret Affiliate Machine Review – Product Overview

Name: Secret Affiliate Machine

Website: + many other affiliate sites

Owner: Unknown

Type of Business: Recruiting

Price: “Free” (Really $97 +)

Overall Rating: 1/5 stars

The Secret Affiliate Machine is nothing more than a recruiting based program that will make you money if you can get others to go through the same funnel you just went through.

This is nothing but marketing, designed to work against you so that you can put money directly into the pockets of the person who introduced this to you. Typical recruiting funnel that will not make you the money they claim.

This is far from being anything I recommend, so please be careful with this one. Unless your’e comfortable with putting your money into someone’s pockets without any real product or service.

What is the Secret Affiliate Machine?

Try to stay with me here but I am going to explain this whole gig in one sentence.

The Secret Affiliate Machine is nothing more than a marketing funnel connected to another marketing funnel that pays some really awesome commissions.

Not to the point of a high ticket Ponzi but more of a baby version that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg just for marketing training.

Make sense?

Well it can be a little confusing if you are completely new to making money online, so let me give you the best explanation possible.

This might not be necessarily high ticket but without a product, this might not be any better.

I’m going to try and explain this in steps, so that you get a clear picture of how this whole funnel works.

1. Hype + Following Instructions

Everything starts with hype and not just some kind stuff to get you excited either.

This kine of hype is what gets you thinking and feeling that you could and should be doing better.

Fancy cars, laptops and bikinis on a beach, and large amounts of money that will make your jaw drop.

“That could be me” is what they want you to think so that you can carry on to the next step.

Hype and something so simple as following instructions is about as easy as they want it to be because the next step is very critical to this whole operation.

“If you can follow instructions, you can succeed online”.

It gets you curious and keeps you interested, so you can head on over to the next step.

This is where all the magic happens.

At least for the person who introduced this to you along with the ding dong that created this product.

2. Create Your ClickFunnels Account

This is really the secret sauce in this whole program.

ClickFunnels is a software designed to help businesses create their very own sales funnels to make the most money from their products.

Rather than having your customer purchase just one product, feed them different up-sells and down-sells that will have them spending as much money as you want them to.

That’s what they do and they also have a sweet affiliate program that you can join so that you can make money by promoting their products.

You can do that on your own for free or you can do so by following the funnel created by the fine folks of the Secret Affiliate Machine, which will make someone else money.

I am an affiliate of ClickFunnels and I like the products but the Secret Affiliate Machine has it setup in a way that I’m not a fan of.

You join by opting into their 14 day trial, which bounds you to the program up until it comes time to cough up some cash.

Once your time is up, be ready to spend at least $97 a month.

This will then lead you into creating your very own ClickFunnels affiliate account, which will allow you to get your personal link that will make you money.

3. Pay For Other Services

Nothing in life is free and it isn’t any different with the Secret Affiliate Machine either.

The Secret Affiliate Machine Explained

Some of the stuff mentioned above might be confusing to you so I want to give you the nutshell version of what I just talked about.

First, you are going to have to signup to ClickFunnels, which gives you a 14 day trial.

Once that is up, you will pay a minimum of $97/month just to keep your funnel active.

After that, you will then be hit with

At the end of the day, you have gone through the complete 5 step funnel, which is exactly what the Secret Affiliate Machine is.

Now your goal is to go out there and try to get others to watch that same video and go through the same funnel.

Whether it be advertising, spamming, or doing whatever it takes to get someone to do exactly like you did.

That’s really all there is to it and there is no secret.

What I Liked

Practically everything besides the program they are using to make you money, which is ClickFunnels.

Besides that, there is nothing within the Secret Affiliate Machine that I can even like because it doesn’t exist.

There is no product or service besides the whole “done for you” nonsense that was created for you to promote the same exact thing you just joined.

The Secret Affiliate Machine.

Even if I wanted to like something, what is there to even like?

The people in the video?

Maybe the nice beach in the background?

There is nothing to be intrigued by, because there is literally nothing.

What I Didn’t Like

I don’t like ANY make money from home program that hits you with marketing so that you can buy the same hype you were presented with.

Marketing is great when it comes to actual products that you use but not when it comes to making money.

Soaps, cars, food, etc., but not a program that is claiming to make you money.

When you start a business, does anyone say…

“hey, do you want to win a Ferrari by opening up your very own store?”

It does not work that way and it definitely does not work on the internet.

Now with Russel Brunson’s ClickFunnels, that is surely an awesome incentive.

When it comes to ANY make money from home opportunity that comes with hype, you can bet that it is a recruiting based Ponzi that will only work by doing one thing.


The funnels and whatnot within the Secret Affiliate Machine will ONLY make you money if someone goes through the motions AND spends money.

Buy this product so I can make money and you can go out there and do the same exact thing so that you can make money.

Very similar to a lotions and potions like Melaleuca, minus the actual products.

Even if they try to talk bad about MLM, you can bet that any actual network marketing company is better than joining one that doesn’t have any products at all.

So is Secret Affiliate Machine a Scam?

Not so much a scam but definitely stepping into Ponzi scheme territory.

When a program promotes making money and a fancy lifestyle without producing any real products, you can be sure that it is not a real business.

All you get with Secret Affiliate Machine is a hyped up sales funnel with some hope that someone upgrades with ClickFunnels.

Then again, ClickFunnels is needed to keep your funnel going, so I guess you can say this is a trap.

What most will never see is the real winner behind all this.

The owner who doesn’t show their face in any of the marketing videos.

Now if you’re comfortable with taking other people’s money just so that you can make money, then hey, this might just be for you.

And if you think that you have to go through this funnel to promote ClickFunnels, you can signup here and skip the 14 day trial that will end up taking your money.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended

There are hundreds upon hundreds of programs like this out there that I can not review all of them.

As much as I like to reveal the not so ethical tactics, it is literally impossible for me to get them all.

Just know that they are all the same with a different marketing strategy.

No product or service but a chance to make money.

That is not legal or ethical in any way shape or form, so please use good judgment with stuff like this.

Scam or not, there is no way I can recommend something like this, EVEN if I could make some pretty nice commissions by telling you this is legit.

That’s not how I roll.


My Recommendation

I have been through many funnels in my life and I have dumped thousands of dollars directly into other people’s bank accounts.

Without knowing what you are doing, you will do exactly like I did unless you put a stop to things.

Put a stop and get with a real way to make money online, because it isn’t going to happen with the Secret Affiliate Machine.

Cool name and all but this is just another hyped up program that provides no value whatsoever.

In the end, the decision is yours but I do hope the not so desperate side of you can help.

Other than that, I hope this Secret Affiliate Machine review has given you a better understanding of how everything works.

The members of this program will not like what I have to say but you will thank me later.

Thanks for reading and great job in doing your research.



Just another pay to play gig that has you selling the same exact stuff you just bought. These are very common and definitely not something you want to get involved with.

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