Shopping on an Empty Stomach – Yeah, it Does Not Work


What seems like common sense can be overlooked, especially when it comes to a much younger shopper.

Shopping on an empty stomach.

Today I want to share my thoughts on such a topic as there is more to something so simple than the obvious.


Shopping while hungry will have you grabbing anything and everything because, well, you’re simply just hungry.

In the cart goes the Pizza Bites, Twinkies, and all the junk food you can imagine.

What most don’t understand is the fact that the shopping goes way beyond the Hot Pockets.

As frequent mall rats as we are, shopping becomes a different animal compared to regular old grocery shopping.

If we decided to skip the two-choice section at the food court, our stroller would be full of bags and a whole bunch of unnecessary nonsense before we stuffed our faces.

Just like the situation you find yourself in when you’re buying groceries but with items that you might not want to chew on.

With such curiosity, I decided to do some research (I’m just crazy when it comes to stuff like this), and low and behold.

It wasn’t just me.

Knowing I would find a whole bunch of “shopping on an empty stomach” type articles in the search results, the very first one had my answers.

An article published by the Huffington Post was on the same topic we are discussing, but it involved some research by a team from the University of Minnesota.

The test involved office supplies and cakes, but the end result was purchasing more non-food-related items if one went shopping on an empty stomach.

Not to say I needed a study to back up my personal crazy thoughts, but it’s always great to have others see eye to eye with you.

Especially when others around you think that you’re just crazy for thinking such things.

Not to say I told you so, but…

I told you so.

Does This Apply to Shopping Online?

You bet it does.

Having that lack of “something” will always have you indulging in other ways.

I mean, what’s wrong with shopping online all while eating your lunch?

Then again, you’re probably buying junk online to begin with, so you’ll be better off not shopping at all.

Get on Amazon without any food in your tummy, and you can bet that you will give into the whole “you might also like” marketing that you once overlooked.

Such a simple discussion, but your stomach can do a lot of things more than just deal with food.

So the next time you go shopping on or offline, it might be wise to at least not do it hungry.

There Are No Benefits to Shopping on An Empty Stomach

The next time you decide to do ANY kind of shopping, you need to understand that you are not going to help with saving money.

Do yourself a favor and have some breakfast if you do your shopping in the mornings like I do.

If you shop at any other time of the day, please put something in your stomach.

Now, the biggest takeaway from this post is this.

Never go shopping on an empty stomach.


I’m not a shopaholic to begin with, but I do have another half that can and would splurge on the luxuries of life.

This study might have proven that empty stomachs will have you purchase even non-food-related items in abundance.

But I still think that my significant other will buy the same things anyway.

So, although I do believe that shopping on an empty stomach is never a good thing.

This kind of stuff is also dependent on the person who is doing the shopping.

Shopaholics will always be shopaholics.

Hungry or not.

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