10 Simple and Easy Ways to Save More Money in 2023

There are simple and easy ways to save more money, but it will require some effort.

At the same time, we all want to save money, but it’s really not that easy.

The problem I did see with all the other content online is that they are a bit too serious for someone like myself.

They mention the obvious, and it is one of those things that you actually know, but you just don’t do it.

You can learn that kind of stuff on sites like Americasaves.org, but I want to be a little more practical and realistic.

So, I decided to create a simple list that can help the real world, with real people and real jobs, save more money.

It does not require any special skills or education, but they will keep some of that money in your wallet.

The Biggest Lesson you can learn when it comes to saving is learning.

Kind of a brain twister, but it makes perfect sense.

So, if you aren’t willing to learn, you will never save.

It does not come naturally, but it does not require a financial advisor to make it happen either.

The best part about all this is the fact that I am going to be giving you my little cheat sheet on how I managed to save more money.

This helped lead me to better spending and, most especially, a better life.

So, if you want to learn how to save more money, you are in the right place.

But before we get into anything, please remember that I am not a legal advisor, a doctor, or any real professional for that matter.

Take what I offer with a grain of salt, and know that it does work if you really want it to.

1. Act Your Wage


This is the biggest reason why most people are going broke, and it is by far the best way for you to save more money.

Most of you have absolutely no money to your name, but you still insist on getting that dress you will probably use once.

Cut it out.

If you don’t have the money to spend, then don’t spend it.

I’m sure that a carton of milk is way more important than meeting your friends for dinner.

I see it too many times, and it literally has me shaking my head.

Everyone in the office is too busy trying to impress each other when they all have the same salary.

If you can step back and see that you are all like zombies, you might actually get ahead.

2. Don’t Let Social Media Win


This problem relies mainly on the people you are around.

The “friends” you follow and the friends that follow you.

They post a pic of some fancy restaurant, and you feel the need to do the same.

Mind you, this is a subconscious thing that you aren’t even aware of.

So what do you do?

You go to that same fancy restaurant the following week, and you let it be known that you just ate there.

You acted like you ate there on a daily basis, and you weren’t afraid that your card was going to get declined.

The same nonsense continues the following year, and you continue to live the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

All I have to say to this is stop.

Forget about trying to impress people on social media that you probably don’t even know, as they are probably just as broke as you are.

Are they going to pay your bills?

Do they have to deal with your power getting disconnected along with the fee to reconnect it?

I’m sure you won’t post your blacked-out house, so just stop.

The best thing you could probably do is live for yourself and quit thinking that these people actually care about you.

It’s not worth it.

3. Live Like You’re Broke


Telling you to be frugal is just another way to have you not saving any money.

Being more realistic and straight to the point will.

We all like nice things, but you need to use the nice thing card sparingly.

When you feel like getting that triple Whopper, pretend you don’t have the money for it.

When you THINK you need new shoes, look down at your feet and know that you will be just fine with what you have.

2. Shop Better

This has helped me save thousands of dollars, and one thing you need to apply as soon as you can.

The store is your enemy.

It might have everything you need, but it also has everything you don’t.

4. Ignore Commercials


Don’t get me wrong, I love commercials.

Especially the funny ones that relate to my life.

The ones I don’t like are the ones that you think relate to your life but they really don’t.

These are the most popular ones out there and they usually come with a product that you don’t actually need.

They make you feel like you do, and you eventually find yourself in a store buying something thanks to a nice little ad.

These commercials are designed to make you want to spend money.

You may think that they found the solution to make you feel like a million dollars, but they are only contributing to the problem.

Marketing will always work, but if you are one of the smarter ones, you can actually understand what it’s there for, and guess what?

You can save more money.

5. Get Rid of Cable and/or Landline


This is a very tough one, but it is something that you can tailor to your needs/wants.

I say this simply because I personally do still have cable.

But I do have my reasons.

My cable/internet provider charges me less if I have everything in one.

Paying for internet alone literally costs more than getting everything in one.

Oh, and I love sports, and having them live on TV is one of the ways I pamper myself.

Now, I am a very special case as I do live outside of the US, so don’t compare yourself to me.

If you don’t watch sports and you have cable that you don’t even watch, now is a great time to cut it off.

Even if it’s just $20, you probably don’t need it.

And if Netflix is not being used but once a month, you might want to stop throwing away $12 every single month.

The price will also be going up, so please put an end to it if you aren’t using it.

6. Don’t Take Any Unnecessary Trips


Gas is stupidly expensive.

What sucks is that you think of it as a necessity (because it is) and you don’t consider taking fewer trips.

Some of you might forget something at the store and then head right back to get it.

We all spend hundreds of dollars every single month on gas alone, and it takes a huge chunk of our income.

Figure out how much unnecessary driving you’re doing and fix the problem.

You can also consider getting a bike as it will not only help with saving money but it can help with you getting in shape.

Now, just because gas is one of the costliest items on your expenses does

7. Change the Way You Drink Coffee


Just because a cup of coffee is around $6 does not mean it is okay to buy one every single day.

“I need my coffee” is one of the most irritating lines I hear, as some people are just brainwashed with different lifestyles.

I personally drink coffee every single day, but I will not get a gourmet cup but once a week.

Resort to some house coffee and Americanos, or do what I do and make your own.

They have these little thermos hydro flask-type products that are pretty awesome, and they can also help save you thousands of dollars every year.

I’m sure you can see how this ties into acting your wage and social media, so I’m not going to mention it here.

But, then again, I might just have to.

So please, do not get coffee just to show your 50 IG followers that you are ballin because it is not cute.

8. Really Understand Credit Cards


The only thing good about a credit card is that it can help build and establish some credit in the event you find yourself needing it.

Other than that, they are not necessary, and they can be one of the biggest stress factors in your life.

Things were awesome when you were able to buy all those clothes with your new credit card, but they can quickly turn into chaos if you’re not careful.

You need to know that credit is not something you own, and it will come out of your bank account one way or another.

If you don’t have the money to buy some shoes you don’t need, then don’t do it.

It isn’t easy to do, but you have to at least try.

9. Gift Within Your Means


Buying gifts is misunderstood by a lot of people.

For some reason, we feel that we need to get others expensive gifts.

On top of that, we think that a nice credit card is a way you want to purchase them.

No, no, and heck no.

Do not feel obligated to buy anyone any special gifts or even any gifts at that.

If you don’t have the money, I’m sure they will understand.

The problem here is the fact that you don’t want the receiving party to think badly of you.

That’s not how it is.

And if it is, that person definitely does not deserve even a $2 gift.

There should be no monetary value behind any gifts, and no one should expect anything.

Once that birthday or special holiday is gone, no one will think about the gifts they got or didn’t get, so keep that in mind.

10. Invest in Yourself First/Open Up a Savings Account


What’s the first thing you throw your money to once you get paid?

Probably that bill that was overdue the previous month.

The last thing you will throw money into is your savings account, which has nothing but dust in it.

Then again, I hardly ever hear about it as it is utilized less these days.

The problem?

Well, with the cost of living going up everywhere, the word savings is out of the question.

You can argue that you can’t blame anyone, but there is definitely a way for this to happen.

Remember that coffee or the expensive Coach bag that you didn’t need?

Take that money and dump it into a savings account.

Please do not open up a savings account just to pay for next month’s activities.

I’ve done it before, and I know for a fact that it does not work.

Don’t just invest in yourself, but do it first.

Once you get paid, either put it in your savings account or put it into something that can make you more money.



Take things slowly.

You are not going to be some money-saving expert overnight, and it probably won’t even happen in a couple of months.

Take baby steps and try to work on one aspect of saving.

Every single one of these tips works hand in hand, so if you can apply them to your life, you will save a lot more than you think.

Just please don’t save it all so that you can blow it on everything you did to save it in the first place.

Get with the program, learn some responsibility, and you will do a lot better at saving.

Now, if you have a little part of you that feels you are going to save for one big spending spree, go back to #3, and you’ll remember what needs to be done.

Well, there you have it, folks.

10 simple and easy ways to save money.

I can probably add 20 more tips to this list, but I’ll save that for another day.

I do know that you have some tips of your own, so please share them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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