Statum Global: Scam or Legit Mining Investment? [Review]


Welcome to my Statum Global review.

These types of programs can be really confusing if you are new to the whole idea of making money online.

Now if you know a thing or two, you will see things differently and might just be jumping from program to program.

And if you are like me and you have been following the start of revenue sharing, you will know the many different changes that is used to mask what is really going on.

From advertising to Crypto Currency to trading all the way to mining, which is what Statum Global seems to be using.

Will this be a legit Crypto mining investment or is this just another Ponzi scheme that is utilizing the hype that Crypto Currency provides?

That along with many other answers will be showcased in this review as I know all too well about what this site is about.

So before you go signing up and putting any money into this so called mining program, let me give you the ins and outs of Statum Global

Statum Global Review – Product Overview

Name: Statum Global


Owner: Unknown

Type of Business: Revenue Sharing

Price: $10 minimum

Overall Rating: 1.5/5 stars

Statum Global is nothing more than a revenue sharing (revshare) program that shares the money that is brought into the company. Although there are claims of income coming from other avenues, this program is ran 100% from its members.

Not so much a scam but definitely not going to make my list of ways to make money online.

What is Statum Global?

Statum Global claims to be a Crypto mining platform that uses clean and renewable energy sources.

Say what?!

On top of that, they claim to share its profits with its members, which is the same reason you are even thinking about joining this program in the first place.

Sharing is caring, right?

Now besides a real deal revenue sharing gig that comes with actual investing, why would anyone want to share profits from mining?

If you know anything about mining Crypto Currency, you will know that one, it is not going to be cheap to startup and two, it is not easy to turn a profit.

Maybe a couple of years ago but not anymore.

So do you really think that anyone is generous enough to let you in on their mining platform or any money making opportunity for that matter with such a small investment?

Of course not, which is why I want to explain how the whole revenue sharing is done with Statum Global.

How Statum Global Works

Before we get into how money is made and shared, please do know that I was apart of the very first revshares that used advertising.

Although I no longer partake in such activity, I have had my share of wins and losses within the revshare space.

Not to say that I’m proud but rather to show you that I know exactly how they work.

From what started as advertising, has not gone into Crypto land and there’s an explanation for that.

When it comes to business, you need to have at least one of two things.

A product or a service or maybe even both.

Without any of that and you can bet that you are running a Ponzi scheme or just a flat out scam.

With Statum Global, they have chosen mining just like all the other revshares are doing these days.

Others like FX Trading Corp use trading but just know that these are the two most used “products”.

That is their product/service of choice, which masks what is really going on and how money is made.

Through this very popular method called recruiting.

Without that and you can expect that not a single soul will make any money.

I know it sounds stupid simple but that is exactly how the cookie crumbles.

Forget about the fancy website and the abundance of information as they are all veered towards the idea behind how this whole thing works.


Now with that being said, there is one question that most of you are concerned about and that is fine too.

Can this program actually make you some money?

That’s a great question and I have the perfect answer.

Will Statum Global Pay?

Yes and no.

Confusing but I can explain.

Remember that Statum Global is completely based on recruiting.

With that recruiting comes the flow of money.

As long as NEW people are joining then you can bet that you will make some kind of return on your investment.

Now once that recruiting stops and no one joins, the well will dry up and no one will get paid.

The thing about revshares is that there is a specific software designed to accept and distribute funds accordingly.

Put in X amount of dollars and you will get X amount of dollars back.

However, this ROI will be distributed over a specific amount of time, which will determine when and if you even get back your money and/or any profits made.

Get in while they are still paying and you can get out with some profit.

Get in at the wrong time and you will be apart of those that just paid the ones that got in earlier than you.

The Price and Compensation

To get started it is not going to cost you any money.

Now if you want to make something, you are required to do one of two things or both.

One, you can invest in one of their packages or two, recruit others into the program.

To invest, it is going to require a minimum purchase of $10.

This gets you thrown into the mix so you can start earning money on a daily basis.

The amount you earn is dependent on the amount you put in and this kind of stuff requires quite the investment or you will just be wasting your time.

The packs range from $10 to as much as $250,000.

I know it sounds absurd but people used to put in more than that back in the day.

Now that things have calmed down and people are aware of this kind of stuff, the risk is just too high.

The other way that you can make money is by playing the whole recruiting game.

For every person that you bring into Statum Global, you will get compensated for your efforts.

It is usually around 10% but it also varies on the level that you fund your account.

I’m not going to get all technical on this as it is found on the Statum Global website but I hope you at least got a basic understanding of the fact that this is purely recruiting based.

Pros & Cons


  • Can make you money


  • No proof of mining
  • Requires recruiting
  • Will not last

Before You Join


If there’s one part of the review that you should pay attention to the most, this is it.

There are a bunch of stuff besides that I mentioned earlier that needs to be known and that is what I want to go over next.

Way too many people join revshares without knowing how they really work and then complain about a bunch of things later.

To save you from becoming another statistic, here are the main things you need to understand before you join Statum Global or any other HYIP revshare for that matter.

1. This is a High Yield Investment Program

I don’t care what anyone tries to call this, it is clearly one thing.

A high yield investment program or better known as a HYIP.

Pretend you are mining, trading or selling advertising that doesn’t change the fact that this is a HYIP.

Money is made through the investment of everyone but most especially its newer members.

2. It Will Not Last

Some HYIPs start off really strong and they gain a huge following, to the point where it gets out of control.

If you get in early, you can profit for months if the recruiting continues.

But just like every good thing, it has to come to an end someday.

And when it comes to revshares, they usually only last for less than 3 months.

Once people stop joining, the ones that got in early will withdraw what they can and look for the next best thing.

That’s when everything will crumble and the people behind the scenes will come up with every excuse in the book as to why no one is getting paid.

“we’re changing payment processors”

“It’s a holiday weekend”

The excuses will come but just know that it is nothing but a way of saying there is no money to pay anyone.

3. You Need to Invest a Decent Amount to Make it Worth it

If you plan to do any kind of revenue sharing through HYIP’s just know that paying $10 will get you nowhere.

It is going to take a while before you even get back what you put in, so do you really think that making $10 profit is worth the wait?

The risk factor is beyond high and you need to be sure that this is something you want to do.

I will never tell you to put in a lot of money as this is not where you want to put it but do know that you will be wasting your time if you don’t plan on investing a lot.

4. There Are No Refunds

I say you need to be sure that this is something you want to do because not only is a pretty big investment needed but there is also no way that you will get a refund.

Too many people use their grocery money thinking that they are going to double that by next week but it doesn’t work that way.

This kind of stuff will take at least a month before you even get your initial investment back, so don’t join as there are no refunds.

5. There Are No Guarantees

Just because you put money in does not mean you will make anything in return.

On top of not seeing any profit, you should also know that you are not guaranteed to get anything back, at all.

You can put your money in today and everything can stop tomorrow and you will be in the red.

There is nothing you can do about it and you will just have to accept your loss.

So is Statum Global a Scam?

Statum Global is not a scam but it is definitely stepping into Ponzi territory.

No one will take your money but that’s about all you can count on.

This is strictly a money making program and if you don’t know what you are about to join by now, that should be your sign that this is not for you.

There are literally hundreds of programs like this out there.

Same business model with nothing but a different name.

As much as you can make money, I don’t think that this is worth the risk.

back in 2014 I would tell you to do it because there was a good chance that the program will last for at least a year but that doesn’t happen these days.

There are few that last longer than 3 months but it is very rare.

Although this is not a complete scam, I would not recommend this.

One, they are not well known and two, it doesn’t look like it is going to take off.


My Recommendation

I used to do revenue sharing until I found a real way to make money online.

I jumped from revshare to revshare and took what I can.

This was when they were fresh to the world.

Nowaeays they are pretty watered down and it is not the easiest thing to get others to join.

If you are looking to make a nice income online it is not going to happen with revenue sharing.

Through my constant joining and failing, I finally found a program called the Wealthy Affiliate.

That same program is responsible for me working from home for the past 5 years and it is my top recommended way to make money online.

Definitely check them out if you want something legit and you will see why they are better than recruiting based revenue sharing programs.

Besides that, I hope this Statum Global review has done its job in providing you with the right answers.

If you still have any questions about this or anything related to making money online, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Until next time, be scam smart and remember to always do your research.



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