Swagbucks Review: Scam or Legit and Paying?

This has been my top survey site for a really long time and I’m going to explain why within this Swagbucks review.

6 years later and I am still a member and that says a lot about a company, especially when it comes to survey sites.

Maybe it’s because of the $10 bonus you receive just for joining?

Maybe it’s the better overall pay?

There are actually several reasons why I personally like this survey site and I want to show them within this Swagbucks review.

I want to show you exactly how things work as there are so many questions that need answers.

Is Swagbucks a scam?

Is it really free to join?

And most especially, is it even worth my time?

Having tried, used, and made money with different cash back type sites, I must say that this is my absolute favorite of them all.

One, it is completely free to join and two, they actually pay.

There are many other reasons why I like these guys but I will be covering that a little further into this Swagbucks review.

But before you go running off into survey land, let me give you the lowdown of what you can expect with something like Swagbucks.

Sometimes joining something without knowing much will leave you disappointed, so I’m sure you will want to read further into things anyways.

Swagbucks Review – Product Overview


Name: Swagbucks

Website: www.swagbucks.com

Type of Business: Get Paid To (GPT)

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Swagbucks continues to be one of our top recommended GPT sites. With the fact that it is free to join and you can still make money is already a huge plus.

They are also the highest paying GPT site and they have been around for over a decade. Definitely recommended, as long as you know you aren’t going to get rich with this.


What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is what we refer to online as a GPT (get paid to) type of site.

They pay you through gift cards and even cash, just for doing things you normally do anyways, minus taking surveys.

Unless of course you actually do that, then I guess that would be normal for you too.

With most GPT sites, they usually only come with taking surveys but with Swagbucks, there are many ways that you can earn money.

  • Take surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Shopping online
  • Search the web
  • Finding deals

I mean, if getting paid to find a way to save is a problem then I really don’t know what to tell you but I think that’s really awesome.

The site was started back in 2008 and within that decade they were able to pay its members without any problems.

It is ran by Prodege (digital service provider), which also owns other products.

But today, we will be going over their main product to see if it is worth even a second of your time.

Is Swagbucks Safe?

Before you even start using the app, it is only normal to want/need to know if this will be a problem.

Especially with the many scams out there.

I mean, no one wants to fall for Ponzi schemes, let alone something that will flat out take your money

To answer that questions, yes, Swagbucks is absolutely safe.

I have been using them for 5 years now and I have not had anything happen to any of my personal accounts.

Is Swagbucks Really Free?


It might sound too good to be true to some of you but it is actually completely free to join Swagbucks.

There is no need to pay anything and it is possible to make money through their partnerships with the merchants on their site.

Now can you really get $10 just for joining?

You sure can!

Swagbucks is free and you will get your $10 signup bonus…

Once you purchase something through their partners and reach the $25 threshold.

This is fairly easy to reach and can be done with just one purchase online.

Get Your $10 Signup Bonus Here

How Swagbucks Works

It is really simple actually but not many Swagbucks reviews will tell you exactly how it works.

The only other site that can explain such a thing would be on Quora but that’s about it.

Being that I have been doing this whole make money online thing for quite some time now, I can gladly explain that here.

When you take a survey, make a purchase, or do any of the other simple tasks available in your back office, Swagbucks gets paid.

Very much how you would if you were to do affiliate marketing, they make money through the promotion of other people’s products.

By referring you to these other sites, they are then able to make money and then share the profits with you.

I know for a fact they aren’t making a whole lot of money, so you can tell they are giving you a generous percentage.

Thanks Swagbucks!

Who Swagbucks is For

Swagbucks is for anyone who is looking to make a little extra cash.

You will not get rich and hitting $500/month is also not likely.

For a much better chance at hitting a nicer income, you can always see what I think is the best way to make money online.

Besides that, don’t expect to become the next overnight millionaire.

However, if you can do a couple of surveys here and there + sharing your affiliate link, you can make an even better income.

I will be covering that a little further into this Swagbucks review though, so stay tuned.

Making Money With Swagbucks


My most favorite thing about Swagbucks is the fact that you aren’t bound to just taking surveys.

They can get boring and the pay is not the best.

Being able to do more than just one task is not only fun but allows you the opportunity to earn more money.

Very similar to Opinion Outpost but just a tad better in my opinion.

Taking Surveys

Again, surveys are a very common way to make money online.

They are always free to do, so don’t fall for any sites that have you pay.

I’ve seen it done on National Consumer Center, so please don’t fall for them.

I have been with other GPT sites that give me a headache but I have also found some really good ones.

They deny me from doing a survey or flat out wait until I’m done to tell me I didn’t get any points.

Swagbucks is by far the best in this department as they don’t usually do such craziness.

Watching Videos

This might sound silly but it’s really not.

Swagbucks will pay you for doing exactly that.

Watching videos.

Some of you might have seen their “get paid for watching funny cat videos” ad and there is nothing false about it.

You can and will get paid for doing so.

Shopping Online

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to earn Swagbucks.

So if you are one online shopaholic, you might as well get rewarded for doing it.

Swagbucks is partnered with a lot of the big names in the business, so always check your SB account before making any purchases.

Searching the Web

Every single grown adult (at least) has done a search on the web but no one ever knew that they could make money.

I mean, who do you know gets paid for Googling?

Probably no one.

How cool would it be to make money searching for things on the web like you are doing already?

Well download the plugin and you can make it happen.

Looking For Deals

This goes hand in hand with searching the web but there are special offers when you find these actual deals.

The points can be worth more and they are usually to other offers that have you join for free.

But just like the other simple tasks, looking for sweet deals is another one of the ways to make money with Swagbucks.

Sharing the Wealth

This is the part of this Swagbucks review that you should pay most attention to and it is the best reason anyone should join Swagbucks.

Remember that $10 bonus I mentioned earlier?

Imagine getting 10 people to join.

That is $100 for doing nothing more than introducing others to a site that is free to join and pays you for doing simple tasks.

Everyone and their mothers are online and I’m sure they won’t have any issues with getting paid for doing things you are most likely doing anyways.

Get Your $10 Bonus Here

Pros & Cons


Every program has the good and bad that naturally come with them but I am glad to say that at the very least, the pros heavily outweigh the cons with Swagbucks.

Now this Swagbucks review will not be complete if I didn’t share these things, so it’s only right that I do so now.

No company is perfect and Swagbucks isn’t the exception either.


  • Completely free to join
  • They will pay
  • More than one way to earn money
  • Pays out almost instantly
  • Gives 7,000 gift cards every single day
  • Has paid out over $300 million to its members
  • Offers a referral program


  • Can be time consuming
  • Points are accumulated at a slow rate
  • Will not allow you to fire your boss

Obviously the pros are pretty sweet and although there were some cons, I only felt it necessary to find some “dirt” on them.

Just to be transparent as that is how I am with all the reviews I do.

Besides what I just mentioned, there is really nothing wrong with this site and they are 100% legit.

And if being around for over a decade isn’t enough then I really don’t know what to tell you, besides get with the program and create a free Swagbucks account.

Getting Started

Signing up is beyond simple.

If you’ve ever landed on the Swagbucks homepage you will see that they ask for three simple things.

  1. Your email address
  2. A password

Okay, that was two but who cares.

At least they don’t have you filling out some crazy forms like other member sites do.

Once that is done, you are ready to start earning yourself some Swagbucks.

Swagbucks Review Complete – The Conclusion


The verdict is in and it’s great to say that Swagbucks is not a scam but rather a legit survey site that pays.

They have always been my favorite GPT site and for the many reasons stated above.

I make a nice chunk of change every month and I have never paid a single penny.

Put it this way.

I have to file my earnings from Swagbucks come tax time.

So if you do join, don’t forget to include this in the miscellaneous income section.

Swagbucks is as legit as it gets and they are currently my #1 free opportunity for making money online.

I hope this Swagbucks review has given you the best understanding about this site but if you do have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.



Swagbucks is obviously one of our more favorite GPT sites out there. They pay well, they have been around longer than most, and they actually pay in cash. Completely legit and one that we definitely recommend. Join For Free Here  

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  1. Thanks but I can’t get in because is not recommended in my country. Is there no other online business like swagbucks?

    • Swagbucks pays through gift cards Lee. So you can choose from Amazon, Dominos, Macy’s or one of the many establishments out there. Now if you want cash, you can do so by getting a PayPal gift card or an online Visa debit card.

  2. I am a Nigerian, I’ll like to know if I’ll get paid doing stuffs on Swagbucks or it is limited to some countries.


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