The Beginner’s Guide on How to Make Money With Online Surveys

Making money with online surveys has been the oldest way that people have been making money on the internet without spending a single penny.

Up until this day, it is very much possible.

However, things will always change.

Sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes it’s just not in our favor.

Taking surveys and making money is one that kind of in between.

On a positive note, the scams are easily weeded out and the same legit sites are still around.

On a more negative side of things, surveys don’t pay as much as they used to.

Although it isn’t the best thing, it does help us.

It helps us avoid any scams that claim to make some outrageous claims.

$25 per survey is a thing of the past and you should never fall for a site that makes such claims.

Now as much as we would love to make lots of money for taking surveys, it’s not the easiest thing to do.

So before you go signing up to any sites, let me show you what you can expect if you do decide to get into survey paying sites.

Survey Sites Are FREE to Join


The first thing you need to know about survey sites is the fact that they are completely free to join.

You will never need to spend any money on them and they will pay you to answer simple questions.

They are very basic questions and they usually take anywhere from 10-30 minutes per survey.

Depending on the site offering the reward, you will be rewarded depending on the type of survey being taken.

Each of the sites also has its system of things and they come in points, bucks, or dollar values when accumulating credit.

Most survey sites pay through gift cards, but there are several that offer cash as well.

Survey Sites Don’t Pay Much

Although you can make money by taking surveys, you need to understand that you will not make any life-changing income.

You can make a couple of bucks here and there, but you will be limited to the number of surveys that can be taken in a single day, week, and month.

The type of money you make will not be enough for you to quit your day job either, so don’t think that this is your golden ticket to financial freedom.

Back when survey sites started, it was very much possible to make a decent income, but that isn’t going to happen these days.

What once paid $5 per survey now pays at most $1 per survey.

You will get lucky and find one that pays more every now and then but don’t expect to see that very often.

With an average earning of $1 – $2, yeah, I wouldn’t stress over anything.

There are Many Survey Scams

With the low payments that come with legit survey sites comes the chance for scammers to step in and offer something better.

You will see things like…

“Why make $1 when you can make $25 per survey.”

“Get a $1,000 Walmart gift card by joining us today.”

Sites like National Consumer Center offer such offers, so be aware that they are very popular these days.

That’s the kind of stuff you will see, and they will usually come with a price to pay.

Not to say that all are scams, but the end result will be you paying and almost breaking even.

Forget about those kinds of sites and get with a real program.

And if you are trying to make real money online, you might want to start a blog or get into some affiliate marketing.

Surveys Are Not the Only Way

Taking surveys is the most common and promoted money making method online.

Sometimes it makes people think that it is the only way it is done, which is far from the truth.

It is one way, but it is definitely not the only way.

Every time someone looks to make money online, they usually fall into three categories.

  1. They have no money to their name but want to make money
  2. They want to make a lot of money but they have little to invest
  3. Lots of money but not willing to work

This is what decides what you are capable of doing, and I want to show you how each has an impact on how you go about making money online.

Category #1

If you fall in category #1, you’re usually in a position of hoping and praying that something amazing happens.

You are the most susceptible to falling for phishing scams.

You go into things with the idea that you have nothing to lose and you join every free program that claims to make you money.

If making thousands of dollars on the internet is your goal, just know that it isn’t going to come for free.

Taking surveys is your best bet at making any money, so do what you can with them and then build up to something with more potential.

Category #2

Those of you who are in category #2 are the most common but have the most potential.

I fell under this category after I failed a million times while I was in category #3.

I got slapped back down to Earth, and it forced me to understand that making money online requires a lot of work.

Regardless of how much money you have.

Being that you are limited on funds, this category puts you in the best position to do what it takes to own a real business.

You build, grow, and continue to grow.

By doing so, you understand everything that is needed to make it as an online entrepreneur.

Failing to understand this will give you many problems, which come with those that fall under the next category.

Category #3

If you fall under this category, you have the most potential, but you are the most vulnerable.

In my early entrepreneurial days, I was in this category.

Being here leaves all frugality out of the equation, and it sets you up for a lot of failures.

You start throwing money into every program you come across, hoping that something eventually works.

Things like “if you spend more money, then you should make more money” cross your mind.

Then you start spending it on anything and everything without putting much thought into things.

A couple of thousand dollars later and more confusion, you will then figure out that you have been scammed or involved in some of the best Ponzi schemes out there.

You either continue throwing money away or you learn and find a real way to make money online.

If you fall in this category, I feel for you, but know there is hope.

I was in this position before I learned about saving money and being frugal, so I know this is the worst position.

Conclusion – Go With What Works For YOU

Some of you might only have the means to make money taking surveys, which is fine.

I do think you should build up your income and knowledge if you don’t have much capital.

If taking surveys is all you can do, then so be it.

Join Swagbucks, make some cash, and then save some money.

From there you can look at making an investment in something better in the future.

For those of you category three peeps, do check out my guide on how to do affiliate marketing, as that is the best opportunity for anyone with a decent budget.

If you can spare $50/month, that can bring in a nice income.

Now if you have a good amount to invest, you can try to take on something like drop shipping.

Get with the Amazing Selling Machine and see how you can cash in on the billions of dollars being spent on sites like Amazon.

Besides that, I hope that you can understand how things work in the survey world.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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