The Pinecone Research Review You Need to Signup

Welcome to my Pinecone Research review.

Now, you may wonder if this is a legit way to make money online or just another scam trying to take your money.

Someone might have told you some “good” things about this, but something wasn’t sitting well with you.

Thankfully, I know all about sites like this, as I have personally tried and have been paid for using this site.

So I can give you honest opinions as well as share the experiences I have had with them.

I’ve tried a number of survey panels over the past few years, and every once in a while, you will stumble across a ‘private’ one.

This means in order to join, you need to either apply or be invited.

Now, I would normally say not to bother with these as there are so many open panels.

But from what I have experienced, you can sometimes get bigger payouts, which is why it can be worth checking out.

Anyway, I’m sure you want answers, and that is exactly what I will provide.

What’s the pay like, and is it even worth it?

Is there a better way to make money online?

There are many questions that come with every opportunity, and this is no different.

Pinecone Research Review – Product Overview


Name: Pinecone research


Type of Site: Get Paid to (GPT)

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Pinecone Research is one of the better paid-to-take survey sites out there. It is 100% free to join, and they will never require you to pay any money. They are legit and will pay you up to $3 per survey. Get signed up, and you can start making money as soon as today!

What Is Pinecone Research About?

Pinecone Research is a private survey panel that will pay you to complete surveys.

They work on an invitational basis and are also dependent on the country you are in.

So, if you need an invitation or country-specific link, you can contact me here, and I will give you a hand.

Pinecone Research is owned by The Nielsen Company, which is a well-known market research firm.

They get the data from participants at Pinecone and ensure it gets to the right places.

I had to apply, but this was a few years ago when they opened up their site to applications.

They have since gone back to invitation only.

Another thing to point out is that you may get confused with the different domains.

That is because they are open in the US, UK, and Canada, so there is more than one version of the site.

However, what I will be talking about in this Pine Cone Research review will apply to each of the three as they each work in the same way.

Getting Started

Joining Pinecone Research is just like any other program out there.

You need the basic name, email address, DOB, etc.

However, the whole invitation-only deal might be holding some of you back.

As I mentioned earlier, your country will also play a role in the signup process.

The link below is an invitation for those of you living in the US, so you can use that.

If you are living in Canada, the UK, Denmark, France, or Italy, send me a message or leave a comment below.

Get Your Invitation to Pinecone Research Here!

Why is Pinecone Research Private?

This is something I asked myself at first, but turns out there is a reason behind it.

What they are aiming to do is keep the ratios in check.

This means they want people from all types of demographics.

So let’s say they don’t have any Hispanic people.

They will start actively looking for these types of people.

I think the point of Pinecone Research (and most private survey panels) is to get specific information from specific countries.

With standard survey sites, you may have bots joining or even people who are only half interested in completing surveys.

Being closed prevents this from happening.

How Can You Make Money?


By being a member you will be getting paid to give your opinion.

From time to time, you can also get invited to do product testing.

That is, if you are a fit for these studies (it’s a demographic thing).

Apart from that, they operate in the same fashion as other sites in the industry, like Swagbucks and Opinion Outpost.

As a result of being the survey taker, you will get paid a commission for each study you do.

Pinecone Research is known for having a simple payout structure, and that’s actually the reason why I tried to get involved.

You will not find an easier payout method.

That is because the survey industry pay is generally low, with the majority paying you cents.

You will find with some sites you are lucky to get more than $1.

The payout is at a fixed rate of $3 for every survey you complete.

So, no matter how long the study is or what the topic is about, you will be paid that amount regardless.

With the payouts being decent, something has to be some kind of catch.

This means you won’t be receiving that many surveys each month.

While I was a member, I was getting around 3-4 a month.

It does seem that nothing has changed, so you can’t expect much from Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research Payout Options

If you have an invite to the panel…well, lucky you, as you can get paid with them.

There are a number of options at your disposal here. You can go with either:

  • PayPal
  • Cheque
  • Gift Cards – Includes Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes
  • Prepaid Visa Card

The minimal threshold is at $3, so you will get paid after taking just one survey.

There is no individual requirement for the payout options above, so you can choose any.

What this means is you do not need to reach certain thresholds like you would need to do with sites like Squishy Cash.

That requires you to earn a certain amount before cashing out.

My Experience

If you type Pinecone Research into Google, you will see many reviews out there already.

However, if you read some of them, you may be able to tell from those who have and haven’t tried them.

I know that:

  1. They talk mostly about the company
  2. Secondly, it’s not an easy panel to get into

So let me tell you about my experience.

A few years back, I got bored and thought I would complete a few surveys.

So decided to apply for Pinecone Research.

At that point, I had heard so much about their reputation, and the idea of being paid out well to complete surveys was enticing.

The sign-up was easy, and once I had completed the form a day or so later, I received an email saying I had been accepted.

As you can see from the top of the page, there is a section to login but no link to register.

So, I was given a username and was then required to create a password for myself so I could access the dashboard.

Now, talking about my time with the panel, I didn’t make a great deal.

However, getting paid $3 for a few minutes answering some questions.

Well, I took it as an extra income for myself.

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t get offered many.

Now, when you get them, they are easy to complete.

The disqualification rates you get with most surveys don’t exist with this one either as each study is chosen for you.

This means that when you get one, you are pretty much guaranteed to get your money.

Nowadays, I dabble more in Affiliate Marketing than surveys.

However, Pinecone Research will pay.

Before You Join

Along with the fact they are private, there are a few more aspects that you should know about.

Just like every other legit way of making money online, there are certain things that make one better than the other.

Pinecone Research does have many great things, but here are some not-so-great things to expect.

The Payout Is Good However…

I’ve seen many reviews talking about how some aren’t getting paid their money.

This is obviously not good if people are completing surveys and not getting rewarded for their time.

I was a member a few years ago all the surveys I completed, I got my bucks for doing them.

This is why this issue is odd to me, as there are people complaining online about missing money.

With any site out there, you are always going to find complaints.

For the time being, though, and with the recent reputation still being as high as before, I would mark them as perfectly safe to use.

As you can see by the screenshot below of their most recent reviews, they are all great which wouldn’t be the case if they stopped paying.

Side Income…Not Full-Time Income

I always get people asking whether you can make money with surveys as their main job.

Unfortunately, even with the good rates with this site, it’s just not possible.

I gave it a go back when I started looking at ways to make money online.

While I did make some, it was never hitting four figures like I hoped I could.

Surveys are designed to help you make a few dollars here and there.

It will not replace that 9-5 of yours.

This doesn’t mean it’s not worth joining, though as it is completely free to join.

Final Verdict


Pinecone Research is legit.

They are established and a site that you can trust.

The whole invitation-only thing might not be the greatest, but it’s not hard to get one, either.

Do keep in mind that there are many scam survey sites out there.

So if you are looking to make money with surveys, this is one of the few.

Take what you can and make that money.

For those of you looking to make more than just a couple of bucks, I have something for you, too.

My Recommendation

Pinecone Research is actually one of my top recommended survey sites.

Use the link below, and you will get an invitation there.

The problem with survey sites is that they just don’t pay that much.

Maybe back in the day, you could see $5-$10 per survey, but that is almost unheard of these days.

I’ve made what I could with survey sites, but I wanted more than just a couple of bucks.

That led to some research and a crapload of scams.

I learned a ton of lessons from them, and now I can avoid Ponzi schemes a lot better than most.

The best part about all of that “failing” and trying was that it allowed me to find a site called Wealthy Affiliate.

That is the same exact place that taught me almost everything I know about making money online.

It is also the same site that has allowed me to work from home full-time for the last 5 years.

So, if making more than just money is something you might be interested in, that is one site you have to at least try.

Besides that, I hope this Pinecone Research review has given you more than you bargained for.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading, and good luck!


100% free to join and you will get paid for taking surveys. With a solid reputation and the fact that you don’t need to pay anything, Pinecone Research is a great site to be apart of. You will not get rich or be able to quit your day job but a couple of bucks never hurt anyone.


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