Ticket Flipping Hub Review: Legit Opportunity or Scam?

Welcome to my Ticket Flipping Hub review.

I’m sure you’re wondering if you can really make money flipping tickets.

Then again, you probably want to know if Ticket Flipping Hub is just another scam.

Well, a good thing for you is that I have put together this review to show you exactly what you can expect and how to use this service to its full potential.

So, before you start buying any tickets to make a profit, let me show you what you can expect if you were to join Ticket Flipping Hub.

I have done my share of flipping in my life, and I can tell you that it is one of the best ways to get your feet wet when it comes to business.

Whether it be buying something at a flea market and then selling it to make a profit or doing it with cars, as I did, flipping is fun and very much profitable.

Ticket flipping is no different, and thanks to something like Ticket Flipping Hub, you can find the best deals, learn when and where to sell, and make a profit in the process.

If done right, this can be a real deal of business that you can do full-time.

But before any of that happens, let’s see what you can expect before you start.

And if you want to see my top recommended way to make money online, you can always read this review instead.

Besides that, let’s get right into things.

Ticket Flipping Hub Review – Product Overview


Name: Ticket Flipping Hub

Website: See official site here

Price: $25 (starting)

Overall Rating: 2/5 stars

Ticket Flipping Hub is your hub for buying tickets low and selling them high to make a profit. It is legal and can make you a full-time income, just like I do with affiliate marketing.

The alerts work, the price is definitely affordable, and you can really make months’ worth of payments with just one ticket sale.

They are decent, but I recommend ticketflipping.com. Check them out if you want to see how you can make money flipping tickets.

So, What is Ticket Flipping Hub?


Ticket Flipping Hub is a service provided to help you learn and understand how to buy tickets for concerts and sporting events so you can “flip” them to make a profit.

The site comes with all the training and tools to show you exactly what you need to do and where to go to succeed in the business.

By becoming a Ticket Flipping Hub member, you also gain access to a forum of other ticket flippers as well as some email support and advice from the owners.

On top of that, you get pre-sale codes that allow you to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the public.

The training will show you what works and what doesn’t work.

The best part about this service has to be its “stub alerts” feature that lets you know when tickets are available.

Definitely a one-of-a-kind service and one that will work if you follow what they teach.

How it Works


If you know nothing about flipping, don’t worry.

It is not complicated, and it is nothing more than buying something for a lower price and then selling it for more to make a profit.

I started my young entrepreneurial life flipping cars, and I never stopped there.

There’s nothing better than getting a sweet deal on something and then turning around and selling it to make some extra cash.

That’s exactly how Ticket Flipping Hub works.

You purchase tickets (that are going to sell out) in advance for the lowest price possible and then sell them later when they become higher in demand.

And if you’ve ever gone to a concert or any sporting event, you will know how crazy people get and how much they are willing to spend.

Join Ticket Flipping Hub, and you can be the one making huge profits by providing these tickets to crazy fans.

That’s really how simple it is, and yes, you can make money flipping tickets.

Is Ticket Flipping Hub Legal?

But of course.

I have flipped almost anything you can think of, and it has done great for me and my family.

And if it wasn’t for affiliate marketing, you can bet that I would still be flipping right now.

However, you can never spread yourself too thin in anything you do, so of course, I am focusing on just one thing at the moment.

Now, if you thought that ticket flipping was illegal, you can rest assured that it is a legal and real way to make money.

Do you see how a mom-and-pop store buys from a wholesaler at a lower price and then sells it to people like you and me for a higher price to make a profit?

Ticket flipping is no different.

This time, though, you are buying and selling completely online, which is definitely a big advantage for someone looking to start a business.

The Price to Join Ticket Flipping Hub

I don’t care what business you decide to do, there is going to be some kind of investment on your part.

Whether it be time and/or money, you will have to make the investment.

And if you have done any kind of business in your life, you will know that these investments are not cheap.

Thanks to this thing called the internet, there are ways to make money online without having to cough up thousands of dollars.

One of those ways is through flipping tickets and a site called Ticket Flipping Hub.

For $25, you can learn how to do all this, as well as get alerted when tickets are on sale months before the event goes live.

However, there are two options when joining, and one comes with more videos and includes stub alerts for 30 days.

After that, you only need to pay $25/month to remain a member of Ticket Flipping Hub.

Definitely a great deal and one that you should consider if you are serious about making money online.

Before You Join

There are so many reasons why you should join Ticket Flipping Hub, but there are also some things you need to know and understand.

I see too many people in the make-money-from-home industry that get involved and then find every reason to complain about.

So, to save you from being one of those people, I hope to clarify some things within this Ticket Flipping Hub review as well as give you some pointers on how to make the most of this venture.

1. You Need Capital

Every business needs money to get started, and Ticket Flipping Hub is no different.

Do not for one second think that you will join Ticket Flipping Hub and start making money today.

Not going to happen.

On top of that not happening, you WILL need some money to purchase tickets before you can do any flipping.

And if you think that buying one ticket is going to make you rich, you might want to go to work tomorrow and tell your boss how much you love them.

If you don’t have a couple of hundred dollars available to buy tickets, do not join Ticket Flipping Hub.

If and when you do have that money, then you can consider this as your next business venture.

Until then, you might be better off with something that requires less capital, like affiliate marketing.

2. This is a Business

Ticket Flipping Hub is a business and not some network marketing gig that requires you to recruit others in order to make money.

You are responsible for purchasing and selling tickets, and you are in charge of everything else involved with YOUR business.

Ticket Flipping Hub will provide you with the training and tricks, but it’s on you to take action.

Joining and not taking action is what you want to avoid, so only join this if you know you will treat it like the business it is.

3. You Need to Stay Focused

If you are into business, you will know exactly what I am talking about here.

There are many things you can do to make extra money, but spread yourself too thin, and you will not find success.

If you are currently trying to make network marketing work, then focus on that.

Don’t join ten million things at once, thinking they will all work.

Flipping Tickets will require a lot more time and attention, so only consider this if you want to start something new.

4. Some Tickets Will Not Sell

Flipping anything requires an investment.

The risk is that we will not sell everything.

Now, when it comes to tickets, you have to understand that the events for these tickets will come and go.

If that event starts and you still have a ticket, you might have a problem.

This is not very common, but it is something you need to understand.

When it comes down to it, though, you can always sell it for a lot less and still be in profit.

I know we are always looking to make more profit, but sometimes you need to cut your losses.

5. Ticket Flipping Can Take Time

In most cases, you are going to have to purchase tickets way ahead of time in order to get the absolute best deals.

That’s something I’m sure most of you expected, but some of you might forget.

Just expect to wait some time before you make any sales, and you should be good to go.

And just like I mentioned earlier, don’t expect to buy one ticket, wait a month to re-sell, and think that you are running a solid business.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Final Verdict: Good to Go


TicketFlipping Hub is a legit business you can and will profit from if you follow what they teach.

Stay on top of your alerts and take advantage of their stub alerts that give you a heads-up on the best deals.

There’s nothing better than having someone email you whenever the hottest and most profitable deals hit the market.

Overall, I really like the overall business model.

Even just learning about how these venues are set up and how to use Stubhub was a huge eye-opener.

With the training, you can see how powerful something so simple can be.

I give Ticket Flipping Hub two thumbs up and definitely going to add it to my recommended work-from-home programs.

Other Options

Ticket flipping is great, but of course, it is not going to be for everyone.

Capital can be a problem for some of you, and that’s why I always try to offer as many options as I can.

If you have no money to start, there’s really no reason why you should be trying to do business in the first place.

So, if you’re looking for some free way to make money online, go with something like Swagbucks or other small task-type sites.

Now, if you are looking to make real money online and you do have some money (but not a lot), you might want to try some affiliate marketing instead.

I’m sure some of you can appreciate not having to purchase any products but still have the opportunity to sell them and make money.

For starters, Wealthy Affiliate is always best.

That’s where I got my start, and it is also responsible for me making a full-time income online.

Of course, things always change, and other opportunities arise, and that’s what happened.

These days, there are sites like Authority Hacker that show you how to make a crazy level of income, all while utilizing the affiliate model.

Besides that, flipping tickets is another great one, and either one is up there on my list of recommendations.

Pick one and give it a try, but don’t try to do everything at once.

Conclusion – Do Something and Make It Happen

There is so much money to be made on the internet as well as in the real world.

Combine the two, and you can create a monster.

Ticket Flipping Hub is just one of them and one that I highly recommend.

If you are looking to make some real money, I have given you some of the best options out there.

Whether you have money or not, there is something for everyone, and you do get to choose.

Besides that, I hope this Ticket Flipping Hub review has helped you in one way or another.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading, and happy flipping!



Just like any flipping business, you are going to buy tickets low and then sell them at a higher price to make a profit. 100% legit but might require a decent sized investment.

29 thoughts on “Ticket Flipping Hub Review: Legit Opportunity or Scam?”

  1. I’ve tried this plenty of times and I’ve did this when I was little selling on street this is a business that works and you can make good profits you just have to know what event to buy for and that’s it

  2. Do not get involved my son did and despite cancelling his account the company obtained MY card details from visa and are taking payments even though I’ve never had an account. I have cancelled cards three times yet they keep obtaining new details from visa. My bank are working with me to try and prevent this as PERMISSION HAD NECER BEDN GIVEN BY ME AND MY SONS ACCOUNT WAS CANCELLED A YEAR AGO. The way in which they take payment means YOU CANNOT CANCEL and if you do they will obtain payment details of other people in your house ! THIS IS A MASSIVE SCAM AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

  3. Hi,

    I am looking to get into business of ticket flipping. I’ve understood that the best way to get in is to invest in some kind of mentoring (with either Ticket Flipping Hub or any other online ticket brokers community).
    The thing is that I’m finding it difficult to decide which one is the best one (ticketszn, ticketresell101, ticketflipping, etc) and I was wondering if someone had found some reviews or comparisons in order to make a more founded decision.


    • The reason I went with the Hub is because they offer free one on one personal training with top 6 figure members at no additional cost. This was necessary for me because I really had no clue what I was doing and this was all new to me. If you are already experienced and have a lot of experience under your wing you may not need all the information provided but for someone new and unsure as to how to get something like this started I think it’s a good option

  4. I saw this and I have to say it’s a great unbiased review John. Very good work. You should write for a news company or something.

  5. I joined a couple of months ago and lost $1200 on the first “StubAlert” for Barbra Streisand tickets. I commented on this in their forum and they proceeded to delete all of my comments and the comments of others who lost their rear end on that stubAlert. They then deleted my forum username so I could not comment. Apparently A LOT of people lost a bunch of money on that alert.
    It makes me wonder how often they are wrong and then delete comments from people who lost money because of them.
    I would choose a different service.

    • “We have never been stuck with tickets. We do all the research for you and only buy tickets for high demand events. On occasion, we may adjust the price and lower the profits.” They say this on their website but it’s utter BS. When I was a member I had 3 out of 5 losers. Personally, I used to do very well selling tickets, but with increased prices, more competition and lessened demand it is much harder to make money. Terrible recommendations you actually pay money for is no help.

      Tom Campbell

  6. Ay man thanks for this great review . It do work I bought tickets on 3 occasions and sold them all for profit . one of them I had to make a $20 profit which still not bad but the other 2 was big like $200 ??

    • That’s great man, let me know how that goes for you. And if you haven’t already signed up, don’t forget to use my personal affiliate link as I will get a commission for referring you to them. There is no extra charge on your part as it is simply apart of how we make money through our site. Thanks in advance Sean and I hope it works out great for you.

      Click here to get Ticket Flipping Hub!

  7. I’ve tried ticket flipping hub, and the other main ticket flipping alert service. While all the tickets I bought (using their alerts) sold but I did not make a profit on any of them. 1 I broke even, the other couple pairs I lost a little bit. I think a special due diligence is required. Definitely a skill set

    • Yeah you definitely need to learn a lot on how the tickets are priced but you most especially need to purchase tickets that are priced higher and that are guaranteed to sellout. Bigger investments required and a lot of ticket watching for sure. Do you mind sharing what tickets you purchased and how much you invested?

      • I joined a couple of months ago. They said you could buy good seats for $50 but I haven’t seen anything less than $85. Plus they advise to buy floor seats or front row seats on 2nd Floor. However these seats are usually already taken. My coach has texted and called a few times which is nice; however, he isn’t the best communicator in the world. I end up doing most of the talking even though I don’t know what I am doing. I think I better quit before I lose any more.


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