Too Damn Easy: Scam or Legit Cash Gifting? [Review]


Welcome to my Too Damn Easy review.

Of course you would be skeptical about any program that claims to make you thousands of dollars and that is a great thing.

I mean, how could you believe anything that makes such crazy claims, especially when it comes in the form of a postcard.

You don’t but with an actual phone number to call and a website that you can visit, you feel you can have all your questions answered.

But of course it will only lead to sleezy marketers who will try to get you to spend your hard earned money.

By showing you a money counting machine and getting you excited is all these videos will do, making you forget about what you went to the website for in the first place.

You then put in some information and get thrown into a funnel that will have you feeling that you need to spend some money.

Being that you are on this review, I hope you didn’t do such a thing as I have all the answers below.

So if you are wondering if this is a scam, allow me to pull out all the stuff that no one will ever tell you.

I will try to keep things as short as possible without leaving out any valuable information.

Let’s dig in and I will show you what Too Damn Easy is all about.

Too Damn Easy Review – Product Overview

Name: Too Damn Easy


Owner: “Q”

Price: $2,000 – $18,000

Overall Rating: 1/5 stars

Huge amounts of cash, hyped up videos, and not a single product in sight. Unless you feel that postcards cost thousands of dollars, Too Damn Easy is the next Ponzi scheme you need to avoid. Anyone (or postcard) showing you that you can make money is doing so because YOU are the only way that they will make anything. I do not recommend this, so please don’t let the hype get to you or you my friend, will become another victim.

What Exactly is Too Damn Easy

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting program that will show you how to make money online.

Not just money but $60,000 or $200k, depending on which video you are presented with.

There is no real products besides some postcards and other nonsense that will NOT do anything for you.

What Too Damn Easy Really is?

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting scheme.

I would like to sit here and tell you that it is a legit cash gifting operation but it really isn’t.

Cash gifting is definitely a thing but that is something you expect from family and friends, just like it explains in Wikipedia.

Once it starts turning into “make money here” or promoting a fancy lifestyle or boatloads of cash like Q does, that’s when things get out of hand.

The way it works is actually really simple but with all the marketing going on, you might just get tunnel vision.

So before any of that happens, let me explain a few things.

How Too Damn Easy Works


Just like it says in the sales videos, Too Damn Easy works by gifting other people.

Once you have gifted, you can then start accepting gifts, which is a big no no when it comes to legit cash gifting.

As a cash gift, there is NEVER the need to spend any money as it is in fact a “gift”.

With Too Damn Easy, you NEED to spend money before you can start receiving anything.

Now the method of how everything is done has been around for decades.

It’s stupid simple but when it comes to money, most people will get blinded.

The promotion of Too Damn Easy comes in the form of a postcard.

Yes, real deal, postcards that you used to get when a family member takes a vacay in Hawaii.

With Too Damn Easy, the postcards don’t come with some coconut trees but rather a bunch of hype, lots of cash and big time curiosity on your part.

From that postcard you will have all kinds of stuff to make you question whether or not it is legit.

For one, there is a dang phone number that you can call.

Then you have the website that you can visit, which does not do you any good.

So you will utilize one or the other and get hit with the marketing that Q has waiting for you.

A video of him counting his money.

Your eyes come out of their sockets and you start drooling just imagining what you could do with that money.

Put your eyes back in and wipe your mouth.

That is what they want to happen all so that you can fork out some cash.

At this point, you smart ones looked for reviews and that explains why you’re here in the first place.

Go any further into this system and you will have to spend some money.

Lots of it.

The Compensation Plan (paying and getting paid)

In order to make a single penny from sending out your postcards, you will NEED to spend it first.

This will cost you a minimum of $2,000.

What they make you think is that you’re spending this money on the postcards and the whole “system” that Q has put together.

No need to buy a website, no need to talk to anyone, and no need to create your own system.

Q does it all for you and all you need to do is spend.

Now here’s where I get turned off the most.

You see the cash that Q is showing off in the video?

That is the money from all the hard work that his affiliates are doing.

For every single sale that you bring into the company, you get a portion of that.

Now guess who the rest of the money goes to?

Q, the cash gifting expert himself.

He didn’t make all that money by sending out the postcards.

He made that from those blinded by the dollar signs, desperate to make something work online.

I know this because I was once involved with schemes like this in the past.

Thankfully I found a real way to make money online and now I can tell you exactly how schemes like this work.

Recruiting and cash gifting without an actual product and that is exactly why Too Damn Easy is something you want to avoid.

But There’s Proof & Testimonials


It irritates the shit out of me to see the stupid videos that are used to market this scam.

Let me just count my money to show you how much I’ve taken from hundreds of desperate people thinking that they are going to do the same.

That so called proof you are seeing is everyone else’s money but I’m sure you know that because I just mentioned it above.

It’s the proof from others that makes you think that this is legit.

“Mary Mary Quite Contrary just paid off her mom’s dog’s auntie’s credit card debt”

“Joe Blow just made $30,000 at age 5”.

That’s the kind of stuff that really pisses me off.

Not to say that they didn’t make any of that money but it’s the fact that someone literally just spent $18,000 on one of Q’s products.

That showoff made some and Q got the rest.

Buy into this scam and you will be adding your money to the little money counter that Q likes to show off in his videos.

Those that show that they made money will only be able to showoff if people like you were to gift it to them.

And we’re not talking some $80 that you would typically spend if you were with an actual MLM company like Melaleuca or something.

The price to pay with Too Damn Easy is completely insane and it is one that I hope you can see is beyond sketchy.

The Price


You know the good old saying of “it takes money to make money”?

Well that applies to the Too Damn Easy Ponzi as well.

Now here’s the stupid part.

Before you can start making any money, you will need to pay for whatever gift you want.

Now here’s the sad part.

You won’t get the complete $2,000 “gift” as Q the ding dong will get some of it.

So even if one person was to join under you, you will still be in the red unless you make another sale.

Once again, Q is always the winner.

Now imagine if just 10 people joined through as many affiliates?

Q will make $10k just for doing nothing.

Now imagine when someone spends $18,000 and how much he will make from that?

It’s pretty ridiculous, so please do not add to his bank account.

And if you have $18,000 laying around, I don’t think you need to be joining something like Too Damn Easy.

So is Too Damn Easy a Scam?

Sure looks like one.

Ponzi scheme?

You damn right because that is exactly what Too Damn Easy is.

They promise some crazy returns and fail to provide any real products.

That’s the recipe for a Ponzi scheme and one that you need to stay away from.

These kinds of programs have been around for many years and it is not a legit business.

I mean, what will you tell your family and friends if you did join this program?

I’m a professional postcard mailing person?

That’s not how it works and it will not work.

What more when it comes time to file your taxes?

Your best bet is to stay away from the Too Damn Easy scam unless you want to risk more than just losing money.

Avoid Ponzi schemes as a whole or you will do nothing but add to the pockets of those that only want you to succeed because that is how they make money.


Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to make money online and everyone wants to quit their job to work from home.

I get it, it’s the dream lifestyle that we see others doing.

I was once in your shoes and I have fallen for the biggest of scams, so I know exactly how you feel.

The harsh reality of the make money from home world is that it does not come as easy as Too Damn Easy makes it seem.

I used to think that if I spent a lot of money on a product, it meant that I will make an even higher return.

That is not the case so please don’t let that assist with any crazy decision making on your part.

If you want to make money online, you might want to go with something like the affiliate marketing business model.

That’s exactly how I make my living and I’m sure the idea of selling other people’s products sounds a lot better than some postcard.

Besides that, I hope this Too Damn Easy review has given you all the information you were looking for.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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