Trust Funders: Scam or Legit? [Review]


Welcome to my Trust Funders review.

Whether you somehow magically landed on or the most likely route, which is through one of its members.

Whatever the case may be, I’m sure you are wondering if this is a site you can trust your money with.

Will they really pay or is this just another scam?

There are many questions without any real, solid answers.

All you were told is this is where you can make money with a simple investment.

On top of that, there is no real need for work on your part, which I’m sure has raised some red flags.

Lucky for you though, I am not only very familiar with these types of sites but I have been apart of many in my online career.

So before you go joining or believing anything that anyone says, let this review give you the lowdown on yet another making money opportunity.

This won’t take much of your time so do read as much as you can so you can get the best understanding of how Trust Funders really works.

Don’t be like those that put their money in and try to get a refund immediately.

These types of sites are very unique but only require a very basic knowledge.

If you can understand everything I am about to go over in this review, then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Let me breakdown this site so you can make a wiser decision on your own.

Trust Funders Review – Product Overview

Name: Turst Funders


Owner: Unknown

Type of Business: Revenue sharing (Revshare)

Price: $10 (minimum)

Overall Rating: 1/5 stars

Revshares have been around for many years and they have definitely evolved. From what started as advertising has now gone into crypto currency and many other forms of “products”. Trust Funders is no different and it is really nothing more than a revenue sharing program that revolves around the funds of newer investors. Once the recruitment process slows down, so will the earnings, resulting in no one making any money. Definitely not recommended and one you should avoid.

What is Trust Funders?

According to, they are…

“A client focused trust and investment management company that is dedicated to consistently delivering professional service and sustainable financial rewards to their clients.”

Obviously there is no real explanation and that is why most of you are looking for reviews.

Along with the lack of information comes the lack of honest opinions from its members.

All they say is that you can make money as long as you make an investment.

That’s all I was told in the past and of course my curiosity got the best of me.

Investing is what I did but learning how everything worked was the ultimate lesson for me.

And lucky for you, I will explain it all here.

How Trust Funders Works

So according to their site, they are some kind of investment/financial helper site.

What that means, I can’t really explain.

I do know that there is no real product or service that comes with anything.

What they do have is a way for you to make money.

That I can explain.

Trust Funders is “funded” one way and one way only.

Not through trading, advertising, or whatever they claim to be doing.

But through the investment of its members and especially its newer ones.

Through the typical revshare software used by every single one of these sites, money is able to be distributed equally.

Whatever pack you get is exactly how much you will get in return.

However, you will not earn anything if no new members join.

Once that happens, all the older members will withdraw whatever they’ve made and jump to the next best thing.

That’s all there is to it, so don’t believe any of the claims that they are making investments elsewhere.

But Can You Really Make Money With Trust Funders?



Like I mentioned earlier, as long as new people are joining, you can expect to make money.

You will make that 6% or whatever percentage it is that matches your investment.

Now what you do need to understand is that the earning process is not like it seems.

Making a profit will take some time and you will not get your initial investment back until at least a month has gone by.

If no one joins after you within that time frame, you can bet that your earnings will slow down and possibly even stop.

Making money is possible but there is some stuff you need to know before you do invest.

Before You Join

The biggest thing you nee to know and one that I can not stress enough is the fact that money is generated through its newer members.

Without any new members, no one will make a single penny.

On top of that, you know that it will take at least a month before you see any profit.

Sure others will show screenshots of how much they’ve made in a single day but chances are that they are most likely still in the red.

With that also comes the fact that you will need to put in a decent amount of money for this whole thing to be worth it.

If you think that waiting a whole month to make a profit from a $10 investment then you are definitely in the wrong line of work.

Then comes the fact that this is a very risky investment.

You can not trust the owners and you don’t know what can happen at any given moment.

They can be paying one day and everything can go down the next.

Along with the risk comes two important things.

One, you are not guaranteed to make any profit or get your initial investment back for that matter.

And once you put your money in, there is no way you will get it back.

No refunds and no guarantees.

Now if you can understand these simple things, then you can either join or maybe try one of my recommended programs instead.

Besides that, these are the main things you MUST understand before you get involved with any HYIP or revshare program for that matter.

The Referral Program


This is exactly where and why people will join something like Trust Funders in the first place.

This is also why you will see people promoting this to you just like you were presented on some social media site.

For every person that you personally bring into Trust Funders, you will get a commission.

For your first level (direct referrals), you will get 10% of whatever they decide to put into the program.

Now if that person brings in someone else, you can expect 3% from whatever they invest.

This comp plan goes down 3 levels deep and that last level will give you 2% of whatever they invest and earn.

It does not sound like much but things add up really fast.

Especially when a lot of people are involved.

Less people join and of course you will not earn any money.

That’s all there is to it so don’t get confused by others who claim that there are investments made outside of the Trust Funders site.

Is Trust Funders a Scam?

Most will tell you that this is a scam but that’s not where I would categorize this.

Trust Funders falls more along the lines of what is called a Ponzi scheme.

I doubt anyone will try to take your money here as the owner is the ultimate winner when it comes to HYIPs and revshares.

As long as new members are joining, the owner will get their cut.

So scam?

Not so much.


That sounds about right.

Thanks to the lack of an actual product and only the idea of making money, Trust Funders falls right alongside the other Ponzi schemes that have come and gone within the online space.


My Recommendation

Everyone would love to make money online and that’s just how it is.

I was once one of those wishers and I was definitely one that has partaken in revenue sharing programs just like Trust Funders.

I have made some money with revenue sharing but nothing worth bragging about.

These types of sites come and go in under a year’s time, so please do not waste any money here.

Back in the day it was easier to make money but with all the awareness out there, not many people are willing to put money in these risky programs.

Personally, I would recommend you try something like affiliate marketing instead.

It is the lowest costing of all business models and it is legit as well as very lucrative.

Revenue sharing is not the way to go and there is no way I can recommend any of them.

Besides that, I hope this Trust Funders review has been helpful to you in one way or another.

If you are still confused about anything or if you simply have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

29 thoughts on “Trust Funders: Scam or Legit? [Review]”

  1. Truest funders is back with new investment plan now my question is for us who has invested in this business long time are we going to get our money and when are we going to start doing withdraw

    • Sorry to hear about that Chris but that’s just how these types of sites run. You should definitely read my guide on revshares and always think twice before joining something like this in the future. There are many of them out there and they all will end the same as well. Did you at least break even?

  2. Hello I have found a way of withdrawing money from trustfunder…
    Chat me on Whatsapp let me show you the way how to withdraw from your trustfunder account

      • hello, John
        my name is peter I joined trust funders on 7th September 2019 and I made my first deposit and after sometime I requested a withdraw of $90 and I even received an email, its almost three months now still waiting for my withdraw and today(10th December 2019) I requested another $50 and got the alert into my email. I have actually loosed all my hope in this investment forum. could u assist me on how to receive my withdraws and how to go about it when doing the withdraws please do not hesitate to contact me +265994921701 or

  3. They are clever thieves and have just robbed people`s money a month ago by disabling successful withdraws till now. They are not even reply to the emails sent by their investors, as they are asking about the matter.

  4. why have withdraws stopped here in Malawi? we are just able to invest but we can’t cash out….. any explanation for that? or when will the withdraw problem be solved?

    • If you read the review, you will see that once people stop joining the payments will slow down and eventually stop. If no one is joining, how will they make any money? All the claims of brining in money from other avenues is all a way to disguise the one and only way that money is made. Through the investment of newer members. AKA, their referral program.

      • Many people joined this online business when withdraws were working and a lot of trustfunders whats-app groups were formed just within a month of June, 2019 here in Malawi and even in Zambia,Uganda, Tanzania just to mention few. But in the end of July, 2019 till now, people start experiencing unsuccessful withdraws and are not willing to invite others to join because they have no current and convincing evidence that the new investors they are inviting to join will be able to get their money back after the end of any contract. Even those who joined already, are unwilling to buy US Dollars via what they call “Internal Transaction.” In general i can say there is no market of Dollars among the investors due to failing withdraws. SO my question is; How can someone be fooled to join yet withdrawing is failing? Isn`t that i wise decision to normalize withdraw system first as it was before so that people can join in turn the company makes a lot of money?

  5. This is original deal no scam ,Am Malawian,Africa ,i don’t know what i can i say to owner of this company ,anyway thank you trust fund

  6. I heard about trust funders from my work mate long time ago, and its now that i am interested to join but am failing to create my account


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