Up 2 Give Review: Scam or Legit?


Of course you’re going to be looking for a Up 2 Give review because you weren’t given much information about this program to begin with.

Thankfully so, I have been apart of many sites like this in my career as a blogger/product tester/reviewer.

I love joining and trying different things just to see what they are about.

I have joined, got hundreds of refunds, and lost money in the process but I can honestly say that I love what I do.

Up 2 Give is no different and I have paid my dues.

But just like expected, I was presented with nothing more than a chance to recruit others in order to make money.

There isn’t much more to cover but it would be wise to read this review to the end.

You’ll get a better understanding about this as well as the many “opportunities” that come within the online space.

So before you go making the person happy by paying to join Up 2 Give, please read a little further as I’m sure you’ll appreciate some honesty.

I’m not here to recruit you, so I’ll save all the praising for other UP 2 Give members.

For now, let’s see what you are really getting if you do decide to donate $32.

Up 2 Give Review – Product Overview

Name: Up 2 Give

Website: www.up2give.com

Owner: Unknown

Price: $32

Overall Rating: 1.5/5 stars

Up 2 Give is nothing more than a recruiting based network marketing gig.

Without much substance in regards to an actual product or service, this is not going to be your golden ticket to financial freedom.

However, there is still a lot that is unknown and most especially untold when it comes to sites like this and that is what the rest of this review is for.

So What Exactly is UP 2 Give?

In the most straight forward answer, Up 2 Give is nothing more than your typical network marketing business.

Recruit others, make money.

Sure the company is pending their “products” but why would anyone launch something without offering some type of product?

In the world of legit businesses, you NEED to have some sort of product or service.

Don’t have either one and well, you can bet that it is nothing more than a good old Ponzi scheme.

What makes things even worse with this specific company is the fact that they are already taking payments.

Pay for your membership now and we will let you know when the products are ready.

That’s not something you or anyone should trust but this is very common in this industry.

How Up 2 Give Works

Like I mentioned above, Up 2 give is based off of your recruiting efforts.

Get others to join and you my friend can make some money.

Forget about what they have to offer but just get in and secure your spot.

This is yet another very common strategy these days and one that works fairly easily.


Well, these days times are definitely tougher than even just 5 years ago.

People are in desperate need to make more money and that’s when they turn to other things.

Some get a 2nd job, some try to save more money, and others turn to the internet just like I did back in 2014.

All I knew was multilevel marketing and joined companies like Melaleuca and all its BFFs.

“I need to get in early” was the way I thought and that is exactly how others think as well.

You might be thinking the same thing and that’s okay.

However, I do think you should change that mentality as that is the best way to run around chasing your tail.

You’ll find yourself jumping from one program to the next, regardless of how early you get into a company.

So if you want to know how Up 2 Give works, that’s basically it.

Promote the urgency and “newness” of the company and wait.

But waiting is usually what you will do, so I want to explain more on what you can expect.

Before You Join


So you’re going to wait for the so called products to launch but in the meantime you are going to share your personal link with others.

Very much like affiliate marketing but without the product.

My take on companies that do a premature launch with the sole purpose of getting others to join is very simple.

Joining something without a product or service is like buying air.

I mean, it literally is but why would anyone do such a thing?

Do you think you will be getting something valuable later?

Of course not.

You join because you want to get in early and share your link to build your downline.

Now imagine just 1,000 people doing exactly like you are.

Can you imagine how much money the owner of this site will make?

That’s because the real winner is always going to be them and not you.

Not you and not everyone else.

If you are planning to join an MLM, please make sure it at least has some kind of product.

Kyani and others are a much better option but is still not going to be your best bet.

So please don’t feel obligated to pay for air when you really don’t have to.

You know the person who introduced this to you is waiting anxiously in hopes that you will pay that $32.

But There’s “Positive Feedback”


Now this just cracks me up.

How in the world can something get “positive feedback” when there is literally nothing to offer?

This again is another red flag that will have you raising an eyebrow.

Are people so happy that they are paying $32 for air or that others are joining them so that they can make money?

I can understand if you are getting a new toy or something but not for nothing.


I shook my head typing that as that is how absurd this whole thing really is.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended

Without a product or service, I’m sorry to say but this is not even a legit business.

Call it a scam, Ponzi scheme, or whatever you want to call it but this is not legit.

Sure we all want to make money but this is not going to be “the one”.

I would recommend a lotions and potions business before I tell you to join something like Up 2 Give.

The bad part about this is the fact that it’s only $32.

That price point is perfect.

You have the feeling of not having anything to lose but still having the chance to make money.

Now imagine everyone else doing that and who is really winning here?

That is not cool in anyone’s book and I’m sure you can see the bigger picture.


Final Thoughts

Don’t be desperate.

We all want to make money and that is understandable.

However, this is not going to be your best bet to making that money.

I don’t recommend it but you’re a grown boy (or girl) and I’m sure you can make grown-up decisions.

Besides that, I hope this Up 2 give review has given you all the information you need.

If you have any questions about this or you simply want to share your two cents, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

18 thoughts on “Up 2 Give Review: Scam or Legit?”

  1. Lol you’re funny

    $32 pays so far for 2 products there is another 2 on the way. I am not going into it as you are like the rest, pick something, hit it with a review and then get hits to your website. Copy cats sites like you are two a penny. and without substance or truth sometimes. All the posts here are behind the times, we have moved forward. Enjoy your hit.

    • Sigh…here we go again. Can you please tell me what “products” you are getting Bill? Let’s start with that and then maybe we can have a real conversation before you start with your nonsense? What are the products and how do you make money here? Let’s get some real answers please…

  2. Without much substance in regards to an actual product or service?

    Maybe you should be patience my friend !! there is much to come and we gonna beat it

  3. It is very interesting to read everyone’s comment and opinion.

    It is a known fact that 90% or more of the online business or investment always fold shop without warning leaving innocent investors to bear the loss.
    They usually pay for six month to 12 months to draw more people into the net and suddenly they disappear without a trace.

    Can some tell me the name of any online investment company (especially those that receive investment in bitcoin and pay members with bitcoin) that has been around for two years or more and is still paying all its members profit on their investment regardless of whether they recruit new members or not.

    Whether a company requires members to recruit new members or not, whether a company pays affiliate commission or not, whether a company have product(s) or not (numbers or levels of products can be exaggerated or faked), these do not guarantee they will stay around for a long time and continue to pay individual members.

  4. You all fail to mention it is philanthropy and the program is about helping as many people around the world achieve financial help by telling their stories and having causes to donate to. There is no exchange of btc with the company with donations, its peer to peer, wallet to wallet, the company does not control our btc. You do not seem to know much and there are so many assumptions here, its not MLM or affiliate marketing or a ponzi lol. There is an owner and co founder very present and available to all members. I am a founding member also and this is not just a way to get us in, legitimate positioning being in at pre launch as this company a big vision and huge plans to change the world by making sure everyone is helped globally.

    • Sorry Groovin but “philanthropy” without a product is called “Ponzi sche-mey” so I really don’t know what you’re trying to explain. Donations and actual cash gifting is real but it is not done with a website claiming to make you money. That my friend is what we know as a good old pyramid scheme, so please do click on that link to learn more about this “gifting” you speak of.

      And this whole “it’s peer to peer”, “there is an owner and cofounder”, “it’s not MLM” stuff is really irritating as that’s all people can say about stuff like this. Then when things get shutdown later on down the road, you will have nothing to say. In about 6 months, please do come back here and tell me how rich you are since you are a “founding Member” just like everyone else. I too, am a founding member Groovin, so don’t let that title get to your head as it simply means that you got in before any products ever surfaced.

      None of these recruiting programs will or has changed the world Groovin so please just stop wishing that you make it big online. Making real money on the internet requires hard work, determination, and most especially the right program. Unless you’re doing something like affiliate marketing, drop shipping, or dealing with something that has a real product or service, you will not make the living you dream of.

      However, when things do fall apart, I’m sure you will find yourself in another program, saying the same exact things you just mentioned. Unless you understand the cycle you are in, you will never get out of it. How do I know? Well my friend, I was once in your shoes back in 2014. I’d like to say it’s a phase and one that you want to get out of ASAP. You’re making the right choice of trying to make money online Groovin but just know that there are literally thousands of programs just like this out there. They are all the same.

  5. Thank you for your review and it is clear you know little about up2Give because you did not talk about the donations and monthly arrangement where everyone register again and no room for permanent upline if you fail to activate your account. You are hurry to review this company just to get traffic to site and start introducing WA which is also Ponzi Scheme or Scam. Both product base and non products base website have come and go. There is no different between your WA and Up2Give because if I don’t recruit in your WA, how do I make my money? It means they are running HYIP. The only genuine and everlasting business online is an e-commerce website where you pay for products and go your way not because you want to make money. Thank you for being a member of Up2Give.

    • Sigh, here we go again. “John you’re just doing this review so you can promote WA”. What people like yourself don’t know is the fact that I can promote absolutely ANYTHING I want to Olaitan. I can promote Up 2 Give, WA, and whatever I feel like promoting. I can make money by telling you Up 2 Give is the best thing since sliced bread and have you join me but why would I do that? Did I say anything bad about Up 2 Give? I think I did a great job at not being too blunt about what it really is, so you’re welcome.

      Now about WA…For one, it is not my top recommended program but it is definitely one that I would recommend to the type of market looking to join Up 2 Give. Why? Well, it’s very affordable, has a free trial, and WILL teach you how to make money WITHOUT RECRUITING a single person. I like that you mention E-commerce as that is of course the most common legit business model out there. But thanks to this thing called affiliate marketing, you can do so by selling other people’s products. Yup, you read that right. Other people’s products, AKA, not recruiting.

      So is WA a Ponzi? I think you can answer that. Sure it might seem like I’m recruiting but I’m really doing nothing more than recommending a real service that will teach you how to make money online. The way it should be. There are thousands of programs like Up 2 Give Olaitan and believe me, I was apart of many. Do I think they are bad? Of course not. However, why would a company launch without any products? Maybe you can answer that, without saying something like “to get others to join early”? Please enlighten me and everyone else who isn’t too fond of buying air.

  6. It’s 32$, not 32 thousand.
    Pay more for a few beers or a couple of bets

    You can either play the games of life, or save your 32 and forever wonder

    PS. I’m a VIP founder, more than happy to ‘ Have a go and enjoy the adventure’

    PS love it we’re you wrote ‘I’m not here to recruit you,’. Then you suggest we join WA. ?????,

    Get a life folks, take a chance, you might enjoy it. Nick ?

    • It’s that mentality of “it’s only $32” that gets people to spend money Nick and that’s how those at the top win. Playing the game of life is not throwing money here and there either, it’s putting your money in the right place and having it make you money over and over again. Not jumping from one program to the next hoping you actually make some kind of money.

      Up 2 Give has no products, so what are you talking about? They’re going to get them later? How do you even think that this is okay? Well actually, I do know. You think that by getting in early, you can bank and that’s exactly what they want you to think. You’re a “VIP Founder”? That’s exactly what I was in many times before and where did that get me? Absolutely nowhere.

      I suggest joining WA because they teach you how to build a real business and yes, they are really great and affordable. There are others I would recommend but they cost a lot of money. Regardless, I would recommend them over any recruiting based program.

      And since you’re suggesting that we get a life, I’m guessing you’re making millions of dollars with Up 2 Give? Maybe you can give us a little insight on what we should do to “get a life”? I’m really curious to see what you recommend we do, so please enlighten us…

  7. Thanks for the review John!
    My inner self was throwing red flags so I checked some facts I knew like if there is only ever going to be21 million bitcoin made and 80% is already in circulation not to mention there is 465 million possible inverses yet to own bitcoin that leaves 0.013 or just over 1% of a bitcoin per investor. The bottom is going to fall out before it gets off it’s feet. Yes if you are lucky to get in at ground level and play it smart you could make a buck. The big thing that hit me was why would one want to just be a customer?
    Any Hoo thanks again.

  8. I’m concerned the people who joined this will have put good money out for nothing. Pay it forward schemes like this have existed forever and now have evolved into flashy internet programs. It all looks wonderful from the inside, but I won’t join and I have doubts about its legal standing and viability. Paying to be part of a platform that asks for money to be a founder and then wants to charge you $32 monthly to send bitcoin to your sponsor seems very sketchy. If they get 2000 founders at $100 each, they can cut and run with a pretty penny in their bank account, nothing anyone can do about it.

  9. You aren’t wrong. I’ve been telling everyone asking me about Up2Give that it’s a Ponzi scheme with no products. Asking people to buy in as a “founder” for $100 in BitCoin. I believe they are taking BitCoin so that there will be no “paper trail” once the company is shut down. Pure scam. 3,600+ people have already paid that $100 in BitCoin. That’s a whole lot of money for whoever it is that created this swindle.


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