UpCrowdMe: Scam or Legit CrowdFunding? [Review]


Welcome to my UpCrowdMe review.

So you were introduced to this whole deal and something didn’t seem right.

You probably thought scam or you’re wondering how and if it even works.

There are so many questions without any answers and that’s usually what you get with something like this.

All you get is…

“Make thousands of dollars a month”

“Change the world with a $5 donation”

How in the world is a make money online program affiliated with saving the world?

What in the world is really going on here and can this really make me money…legitimately?

I have seen way too many of these programs in the past and even here recently.

I did a review on Friends Funding Friends as well as Impact 101, which are two other crowd funding programs that seem to be hot right now.

UpCrowdMe did seem similar but there was one thing that wasn’t quite the same.

The whole $5 deal.

Other schemes will have you paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars but UpCrowdMe only charges $5.

That felt too good to be true so I had to do more research.

On top of that research, I had to do the almost a no-brainer deed and I paid the $5 bucks.

That little “donation” was the start of my journey and that is exactly what I want to share with you today.

Will this work?

Is this even legit?

Let’s get right into things so you can make a wiser decision on your own.

UpCrowdMe Review – Product Overview

Name: UpCrowdMe

Website: www.upcrowdme.com

Owner: Unknown

Price: $5

Overall Rating: 3/5 stars

UpCrowdMe is a peer to peer donation site that allows you to earn money from a one time donation of $5.

It might seem a little sketchy at first but you are literally paying a onetime fee of $5.

The site utilized pass-ups and some pretty cool software that will allow you to make money even if you don’t do any recruiting.

Of course it is recommended and will help you but who will say not to $5.

Although I’m not big on donation type programs, this $5 deal is definitely one that you should at least try.

It might not be my #1 recommended money making opportunity but it’s there for those of you who don’t have much money to invest.

What is UpCrowdMe?

UpCrowdMe is a peer to peer donations type program that allows you to make money from others that donate to you.

There is no indication of who owns or runs the site, which is already a bad sign.

Now in an actual crowd funding situation, you typically have a business or cause that you are going to raise money for.

With sites like UpCrowdMe, it’s solely for you and every other member to make money, which then turns into cash gifting.

There is no actual product associated with this either, so you can already see how this is a very sketchy site.

And there is no evidence to support otherwise and that is why I want to explain how it all works.

How it Works


To get started with UpCrowdMe it’s going to be really simple.

Once you have gone over all the marketing on their site, you will come across a from that looks like the image to the right.

It asks for some very basic information and there are no strict guidelines whatsoever.

All you need is a username, a password, and an email address.

Oh and a PayPal account or Bitcoin wallet of some sort as that is where all the transactions will be processed.

Once you get in, you will have to make your $5 donation before you can start making any money.

There are videos that will guide you along the way and you need to follow exactly as it says or your donation will not count.

The process is also very simple and of course very affordable.

No Recruiting?

Now what gets you to thinking that this whole thing will work is things like “automated”.

These things got me in the past and I would join a program thinking that I didn’t have to do anything and still be able to make money.

Without judging, I still paid the $5, just to see if some kind of magic will happen.

And it did.

The way this works is through pass-ups and numbers.

People are joining UpCrowdMe at a very high rate.

Others are recruiting and even the owners are doing their part as well.

What does happen is what they refer to as a pass-up.

Every 1st and 3rd person you bring into the company will get passed up to the person who brought you in.

Once that is complete, you will then create your very own independent funding line.

From that point on, you will get every 1st and 3rd donation that they make.

This almost forces everyone to work together and why the earning potential can get pretty high.


Everything is Automated

Sometimes people get really confused with this part.

Automation occurs but you do have to get the engine started.

This will require some recruiting on your part or it simply will not work.

Now what I do like about this is the fact that it is only going to cost you $5.

If everyone can thin that way, then everyone can make money.

I like to think of this as a no-brainer purchase but sometimes people just don’t trust things like this.

The UpCrowdMe Facebook Software and News

ucm-newsSay what?

The thing that gets me here is how nothing is explained on this so called software.

I have heard from other members that this thing actually works.

I am still waiting to see more results so I will be updating this review as things progress.

For now, sit tight and let me do the testing.

The Price

So you can actually join UpCrowdMe for free.

However, that’s as good as nothing because you won’t be able to make any money.

To be able to start recruiting others, you will need to donate $5 to the person who introduced you and that’s when you can start making things happen.

The instructions are pretty straight forward and you can make your donation through PayPal or through a Bitcoin wallet.

Once that is complete, you simply share your UpCrowdMe link and let the system do its thing.


Final Verdict: Sure, Why Not

It is very rare that I recommend a cash gifting type of program but I have a different take on this one.

For $5, it is going to be a lot easier to get people to join compared to something that costs hundreds of dollars.

I’m sure you know the higher numbers they speak of are not easily attainable but I do think you can make a good chunk of change from this one.

UpCrowdMe is not a scam and I’m sure no one is here to take your money.

It might not be the most legit program out there but at the very least, it isn’t going to cost you lots of money.


My Recommendation

I always get asked the same question.

“John, what program do you recommend?”

Within the 5 years that I have been working from home and on the internet, I have never seen one thing that worked for everyone.

So I recently did a post on choosing “what works for you”, so that should help you out.

You can always checkout my top recommended program as well, if you want to see what I think is the best one out there.

You have many to choose from, so just go with what works for YOU.

Besides that, I hope this UpCrowdMe review has been of some great help for you as I know how hard it is to trust anyone on the net.

Great job in doing your research though and good luck!

11 thoughts on “UpCrowdMe: Scam or Legit CrowdFunding? [Review]”

    • Not a problem Richard but what are your thoughts on this program after reading this review? Do you agree with the business model or is this something you don’t agree with? I’m sure there is about a 50/50 split on things so I want to know where you stand.

  1. All you’re doing is discouraging people from at most lose five bucks and they you slide in your pitch for the program that you recommend. I’m sure we can find bad reviews of the program you recommend.

    • How so Jerry? I think I’ve given more credit than I should with this program and you should be thankful for that. $5 is money and if everyone felt that they had nothing to lose and lost it, who will be winning? The dang owner. Having that mentality of “it’s just $5” is a great way to feed the scammers of the net. I gave these guys a beyond great rating, even if I shouldn’t have. Can you tell me how they are doing because I’ve heard so much bad stuff about them….

  2. You’re not a very smart cookie to reiterate ‘product’ all the time, are you? UCM is a peer to peer donation site. Do you understand the word – donation?

    • Yes Smoothit, I’m not smart and you are. Now I would just like to know how UpCrowdMe is doing for you…maybe that can tell me just how smart you really are.

  3. false and cowardly.
    sad that you have to run something down which is valid so you can pitch your “legit way to make money online” anyone can see right through what you are doing there. it is completely transparent.
    you are only dissing UCM because you see it has tremendous traction even though it just launched.
    if you were honest then you would have asked to have a dialogue with one of the principals of the company who make themselves as accessible as anyone could ever ask for and they would have clarified the multitude of things that you don’t understand.
    very sad my friend. you should be ashamed.

    • What is false and what is cowardly Gary? I think I gave UCM a better rating than I should to be honest and only because it doesn’t cost much. I am not ashamed for anything and I’m sure someone who has been apart of recruiting based programs like this will agree. But it’s been about two months since you left this comment, so can you please tell me where things are with this money making machine you speak so highly about? Thanks Gary.


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