Valentus Coffee: Scam or Legit MLM? [Review]

There is just so much fuss about this company that I had to do a full-blown Valentus review from someone who is not trying to sell you coffee.

I mean, I love me some coffee (like I’m drinking right now), but I have a very different taste when it comes to throwing it into an MLM.

I’ve had my share of taste testing, as well as actually joining a couple of MLMs that used coffee as their product.

What could possibly be better than being a part of the billion-dollar industry that coffee is, all while being able to make money by simply sharing it?

That’s exactly what I thought until I got involved with Vidacup back in the day.

I wonder if any of you have heard of them, but I can’t find a website or much info besides a FB page that no one has touched in years.

I was a part of that and have tried others as well.

The results weren’t what I expected, which has now caused me to pull back from coffee MLMs.

Valentus just so happens to be one of these companies, and I want to give you more information before you go making any crazy decisions.

Will Valentus be a legit coffee company, or is it just another scam with a product that does nothing for you?

Let’s get right into things so you can see for yourself.

Valentus Coffee Review – Product Overview


Name: Valentus

Owner: Dave Jordan


Price: $79.95 (starting)

Overall Rating: 2/5 stars

Valentus was initially a coffee company, but most importantly, it is a network marketing business. Unless you are into recruiting others to make money, this is not going to be your best bet at starting a legit business.

What is Valentus?

Valentus is a multilevel marketing company that provides its customers with coffee, weight loss management products, as well as energy-boosting assistance.

Founded by Dave Jordan, the company has a huge focus on its slim roast coffee but has now introduced other things like Keto cream.

There has been so much controversy here that it leaves newer members confused about a lot of things.

Does coffee really help with weight loss?

Is it even legal?

Could this possibly be another MLM scam?

There are so many questions, and a whole bunch of different answers can’t really help any soon-to-be members.

So, should you join Valentus or even try any of their products?

Well, that’s what most of this review is for, so let’s get right into things.

The Products


So we know that Valentus has its main coffee/weight-loss product.

That’s what most people talk about and what makes this company what it is today.

This is the only product I’ve tried myself, so I would like to give my thoughts on specifically the coffee.

As far as taste goes, not a single MLM-type coffee tastes good.


Valentus SlimRoast Optimum is no different.

It actually tastes really bad, and you might find yourself trying to add something just so it at least tastes decent.

Now, there are two other parts to coffee that are supposedly expected, and they are energy and weight loss.

Thanks to this thing called aging, I have gained some weight, and my energy levels are quite low.

Those are the main reasons I wanted to try Valentus.


They were exactly the same as what I got with Vidacup and gave me the same side effects as Kyani (not coffee).

The energy was more jittery and not the best of feelings.

Personally, I don’t like the coffee, but of course, you will probably need to try it yourself as we are all different.

What works for one might not work for others.

What tastes like amazing might taste like Poop for others.

Other Products

Valentus, of course, evolved and continues to evolve.

What started with just coffee now comes with energy and immune booster-type drink mixes.

Then there are the latest additions, including their detox product and keto creamer.

What is an MLM company without a Keto product these days?

Well, that is what they offer and one that I have not tried.

Do keep in mind that I am not obese but rather a little on the overweight side.

I’ve tried the many Keto products and plans, and of course, they will work like anything else.

As long as you have a plan of some sort and you stick to that plan, you will see results.

You can take whatever products and whatnot but eat anything and everything, and you will not see any changes.


Keto, Atkins, or whatever it is that you are going to get are all a part of the scheme of things.

It’s marketing that leads to trends and our desire for something new.

Give it a couple of months, and you’ll be looking or running into something “better.”

Think differently, and you will be and see things a lot clearer.

After all these years and the constant creation of products, what makes you think that these are going to be any better?

Of course, its members will say they are, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t agree.

The problem with these types of products and businesses is the price that comes with the territory.

It might be overpriced to most, but if you understand the MLM business model, you will know that a hefty price tag is very necessary.

The Price


Not a single MLM product is going to be cheap, and that’s how it is.

Whether it be coffee or some detergent like what Melaleuca has to offer, we all know that any and every MLM product is going to cost you.

On top of that overpriced payment, you will most likely have to pay some kind of auto-ship that must be paid every single month.

For one, there needs to be a way to “compensate” for things, or there is no way that anyone will make any money.

Secondly, people need to make money on a recurring basis, or there is no reason to spend on overpriced goods.

This is a network marketing business and will only allow its members to make money if there is money to be paid.

Valentus is a bit tricky, though.

Have you noticed that there isn’t a price for the products on their site?

There’s a reason for that.

You already know it’s going to be pricey, but it’s the becoming a member part that’s wow.

The coffee alone is going to cost you $79.95, but that’s only if you want the coffee.

This does not allow you to resell any products to make money.

Not cool.

Now, if you want to make money as an affiliate, brace yourself because it is going to cost you $664.95!

This is the initial payment, but don’t forget about the monthly automatic payment/order of at least $80 worth of products.

So, if you want any of the products, you will need to get with a rep and order from them directly.

If you want to be a member, I hope you have some money sitting in your bank account.

Are the Products Safe?

Of course, I am not a scientist, nor am I a doctor, so I wouldn’t know and would not give any comments either.

The product owners will always say their products are safe, but even they are only hoping that nothing bad ever happens to anyone.

As far as I’m concerned, everything seems to be fine and dandy for the past couple of years.

I didn’t see anything bad happen to me besides the same jittery feeling I get when I use not-so-normal health-related products.

The same thing happened when I took the pills that Kyani offered.

So about safety, I don’t think it will harm you, but it is still something you need to be careful with.

Ordering Products

Sometimes, not all of us are into joining Valentus as a business, and that’s okay.

We might want to try the coffee in hopes of losing weight without having to play the recruiting game.

Before any ordering is done, you will need to get in touch with a Valentus associate.

From there, you can either order products or join as one of its associates.

Without a rep, you will not be able to do anything.

Valentus reps can make money through members as well as just product sales alone.

This is not a bad deal, as some don’t allow the sale of products unless you plan on becoming an actual member.

The Compensation Plan


We all know how complicated comp plans are, so I am not going to sit here and try to tell you how much you will make if Joe joins under Jill and Jill joins under Joe.

But with every basic MLM company, you will get paid through multiple levels.

These levels come in the form of a pyramid and also the reason why some will consider them a pyramid scheme of some sort.

That is not really the case, but it’s up to you to decide what you think this really is.

If you want more information on the Valentus comp plan, check out this video instead.

Pros & Cons


  • Can make you money
  • Has actual products (not a Ponzi)


  • Way too much controversy
  • Is not legal in some countries
  • Does require recruiting
  • Products are overpriced
  • Focus is mainly on recruiting
  • An arm and a leg to get started.

Final Verdict: Proceed With Caution

Valentus is not a scam and they do have some real products.

There are many high-ticket programs out there that don’t have any products but still charge you thousands of dollars.

With Valentus, you get some coffee and other products to choose from, regardless if they work or not.

The business is the main reason anyone would even join, so do keep that in mind.

Besides it not being a scam, it very much serves as a network marketing gig that you can use to bring in some extra cash.

I personally recommend affiliate marketing over MLM as I am just not a fan of recruiting.

But that’s just me.

Final Thoughts


There are just too many people coming into the network marketing industry without knowing what they are getting involved with.

They get sold on the hype and idea that this is going to be a viable way to make an income with the possibility of firing your boss to live the life most can only dream of.

That’s the thought until you come across the stats on just how many people are winning with MLM.

A whopping 1%.

Yup, the same 1% that is at the top of the pyramid, while everyone else builds their empire.

A good 3% make some kind of money but are most likely still in the red trying to make something happen.

Not because it’s a bad thing but because that’s just how it is with MLMs and every other company.

So if you’re in this for the sole purpose of making money, just know that there are other ways to make a living.

Starting a blog is one great way to do that, so don’t limit yourself to the physical world we live in.

Do not limit yourself and don’t for once think that MLM is the only way to go.

Now you tell me…

Is network marketing really for you?

Maybe you should take the quiz and see if you are blinded by hype and money like most are.


Coffee + MLM is the recipe for success. That’s what I used to think until I got involved with them. The coffee never tastes good and they are completely overpriced. Sure I know it has to be that way but why do that to yourself when something like affiliate marketing exists?


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