What is My Home Success Plan All About? [Review]


Welcome to an honest My Home Success Plan review.

With all the news and constant mentioning of how so and so is making thousands of dollars, you can’t help but be confused.

What in the world is My Home Success Plan really about and is it actually legit or some scam that you should avoid?

I’m glad you’ve done your research as when things sound even just a little bit too good to be true, it most likely is.

This is no different and I want to show you why.

So before you go believing everything you saw on their site, let’s chop things down a bit so you can see what Home Success Plan is really about.

I am not affiliated with them and I will not endorse them as they are not what you think they are.

But you will see why below.

I do mention that because believe it or not, there are people out there that will promote this kind of stuff to you, just so they can make money.

I’m not one of them and I am glad you trusted your gut on this one.

Let me show you exactly how My Home Success Plan Works and you will see exactly how these ding dongs take advantage of those that don’t know any better.

My Home Success Plan Review – Product Overview

Name: My Home Success Plan

Website: www.myhomesuccessplan.com

Owner: “April Matthews”

Price: $97 +

Overall Rating: 1/5 stars

My Home Success Plan comes from a long line of schemes that use the same exact marketing strategies. News that has nothing to do with what they are promoting, same sob stories of some woman who struggled and is now making money online, and all the crazy amounts of cash.

This is nothing but fake information that will get you hyped up thinking that this could and even should be you. The photos are clearly stock images that you can find on sites like shutterstock.com, so you can already see that they are lying.

Stay away from the My Home Success Plan or you will find yourself $97 in a hole and wondering what just happened. If you feel you have nothing to lose, you might as well take that chance with one of my top recommended programs instead. Time is money and you wouldn’t want to waste it on a clear scam.

What is My Home Success Plan?

My Home Success Plan is a website that promotes working from home, a lot of hype, and plenty stories about people making crazy amounts of cash.

The idea behind this program is to post simple links and watch the money roll in.

Now of course that sounds a bit insane and that is why I have the absolute best explanation on how My Home Success Plan really works.

It’s not as complicated as it seems but it definitely does take the right knowledge from the right individuals.

I say that because there are people all over the internet sharing their links without a care in the world about who it affects.

So before you go believing the stuff you see about this site, let me break things down for you.

How My Home Success Plan Works

Sure everyone knows about the little link posting that they mention but that’s really nothing but a vague explanation of what is really going on.

So how exactly does My Home Success Plan work?

It’s simple.

Sob stories, news unrelated to the product, and lots of cash.

That is exactly how they lure you in so you can think the way they want you to.

Some of you are probably in the same situation as most people looking to make money online are usually lacking it.

Then you gain trust because all these real news sites are talking about making money from home, when they are not even related to their product.

And lastly, all the fricken money that is flashed throughout the site.

“Make $500 minimum as soon as today”

Who the heck can’t use that kind of money right now besides everyone?

These three simple things is all that is needed to grab your attention, make you feel that this is legit, and eventually have you taking some kind of action.

With My Home Success Plan, the action is going to be you pulling out that credit card.

Once that happens, these guys just accomplished what they wanted to.

From there, things don’t and will not stop.

After that, you can expect to deal with more marketing, more hype, and more money coming out of your pocket.

That’s all there is to it and they have gotten what they wanted from you.

So How Do You Make Money?

It’s actually really simple.

Remember how you even landed on the My Home Success Plan site in the first place?

Maybe an ad or a promotion from someone you know?

Either way, you were presented with this so called opportunity as a way to make money online.

All the hype and different emotions were deployed and you decided to follow through with what they were preaching about.

Once you have gone through all the motions and paid your dues, it is your turn to do exactly that.

I say that because that is exactly what you will be doing.

You will be throwing out the same link you just received but this time you will attach your personal affiliate link to it.

The program will teach you to do this in a form of an ad or social media and you will do exactly that.

Introduce the same exact nonsense to others and hope that they do what you just did.

If and when that does happen, you will then make money.

This is obviously some pay to play Ponzi scheme and the end result is something that I’m not a fan of when it comes to making money.


Recruit others to do the same and you can bet that you will make money.

The Red Flags

Scams are scams and they usually come with the same signs.

My Home Success Plan is no different and in fact, they are even more obvious than others.

Sites like My Income Web comes with a weird name and a bunch of poor grammar but this one can be a little tricky.

Tricky but not enough to fool me or anyone that has been around make money from home products enough to know what they are about.

So if you for once thought that My Home Success Plan was legit, maybe these obvious signs will show you otherwise.

1. Unrelated News


Everyone trusts the news and regardless if it’s fake news like the Donald says it is, it is still a credible source.

At least when it comes to what is happening in the world and other un-opinionated stuff.

Now with My Home Success Plan, it can be a little tricky to some of you who aren’t familiar with make money online programs.

First of all, the news means absolutely nothing when it comes to making money.

Those videos are all real and people are actually making a living completely online.

I’m doing it and so are many others.

However, those videos do not apply to a specific program and has absolutely nothing to do with My Home Success Plan.


Again, that is nothing but a way to get you hyped up thinking that you are going to be the next April Matthews.

2. Untrusted Website


When you receive the My Home Success Plan link from an ad or someone affiliated with them, you will be able to access the site fairly easily.

Now try typing the actual URL in the address bar up top and you will see that it isn’t as easy as it should be.

You will be presented with something like you see in the screenshot above instead.

Attackers might be trying to steal your information?

Passwords, messages, or credit cards?

If that doesn’t ring any alarms then you really have no business trying to make money online.

Those kinds of things don’t pop-up for no reason, so don’t think that this is some kind of error.

I mean, would you trust your information with a site that displays something like that?

I hope not as that should never happen with any website, let alone one that deals with money.

Oh and don’t forget about those annoying popups that come out whenever you try to leave the site.

That doesn’t happen with legit sites and is nothing but shady, desperate marketing.

3. Fake People & Fake Testimonials


Not a single person on the My Home Success Plan website is real or even making any money for that matter.

I know you feel that Misses April Matthews is some kind of real person but that is all a made up story.

It might sound as if she is talking to a lot of you but that is exactly how and why it was designed that way.

April Matthews already sounds fake but just look at that image.

The house alone does not look like Misses April is struggling one bit.

And if you do a lot of work online, you will know that these are nothing but stock images that you will see on actual sites that sell images.

Not to mention that awesome looking computer and the calculator that has a receipt attached to it.

Someone living paycheck to paycheck will not have that type of stuff.

4. Switching Websites


I know My Home Success Plan sounds like a very unique program but it really isn’t.

As a matter of fact, there are dozens of sites exactly like this and you wouldn’t even tell the difference.

Now if you did pay attention, you will see the little things that tell them apart.

The websites will have a different name but they will come with the same actors and sob stories.

Sometimes they will use a different name for these stock photo posers and that will show you that these guys are nothing but liars.

Of course you won’t notice this but I do know that this is something that is really happening with these scam websites.

5. Un-secure System


I know i’ve mentioned the fact that the My Home Success Plan website is not secure but that’s not the only thing.

The overall system is flawed and not secure.

Just to see if they would accept my “application” I decided to use a bogus email.

Not just bogus but completely stupid.

I used Joe as my name and joe@blow as my email account and wuddya know.

It actually worked.

Not even a small scale website will allow such a thing and we have one claiming to make you money that does.

That is a clear indication that this operation is a complete dud and one you should avoid.

And if that doesn’t show you, maybe the cost of things will.

The Price

Everything starts at $97.

From there, you can expect to pull out more and more money.

To make that $500 they speak of will require you to spend that much or even more before you start making anything.

The price is not less than $97, so get ready to spend more in order to make more money.

Final Verdict: Ponzi Scheme

My Home Success Plan is more like my work at home scheme.

There is nothing legit about this site and it is one you need to stay away from.

I do not recommend this program and I am 100% sure that you will not become rich just by joining.

These are very typical scams these days and they will not stop unless people like yourself stop fueling the fire by joining.


What I Really Think

Making money online is more of a dream to most and it is mainly because of all the scams that bury the few legit opportunities.

I have been apart of many scams in my life but without the knowledge I didn’t even notice.

Thankfully that is not the case today and I really owe it all to the affiliate marketing business model.

After throwing thousands of dollars into several Ponzi schemes, that is the same exact business that allowed me to finally make money online.

If you want to make real money online, that is what I recommend you get involved with.

Besides that, I hope this My Home Success Plan review has given you everything you need to know to make a wiser decision.

If you have any questions about this or any so called opportunity online, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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