5 Reasons Why Veterans Always Wear Hats Especially After Service

There’s a good reason why veterans always wear hats, even if they hated doing it when they were serving.

It’s almost as if you see someone a little on the elderly side wearing a hat, it’s a very good chance that they are a veteran.

It’s not uncommon to see military veterans wearing hats and it only makes you wonder.

why do veterans always wear hats?

You see them at Walmart and McDonald’s, and even homeless veterans wear hats.

It’s a common thing that veterans do, and there’s a reason for it.

Let’s look into why veterans always wear hats.

Why do Veterans Always Wear Hats?


Why in the world do veterans always wear hats?

It’s like they even wear it to sleep.

Well, in the military, there are several habits veterans have, and some we want to take with us, while others we hope we never had.

Surprisingly so, wearing hats was never a problem, and when I served, it wasn’t a thing.

It seems that veterans usually start wearing hats at a certain age and it’s part of the reason why veterans always wear hats.

Here are the reasons why that is so.

1. Pride

Veterans are one of the most prideful people you will find.

They want to show off their branch of service, where they fought, and just to show everyone that they were in the military.

It’s not a bad thing.

They served and I think they deserve the recognition.

However, pride is the biggest reason veterans wear hats.

2. Veteran Style

Being a veteran comes with living like one.

You still like tactical gear and you see other veterans who share that same interest.

For more older veterans, you will see “Vietnam vet” or some other war, while modern veterans wear something like grunt style instead.

Different generations, but age definitely plays a part in hat-wearing.

3. Gain Respect

When veterans start to get older, they don’t have that pep in their step like they used to.

Being the life of the party becomes tiresome, and there comes a time when we hit chill mode.

This leads to others making the noise, and veterans start to feel left out.

Although they are aging, they still want the youngins to know their place, and that’s when the hat comes into play.

It might sound silly, but veterans are only human, and yes, they do get silly too.

4. Discounts

When you get older, you tend to become forgetful.

Not to say it’s just veterans, but everyone.

What better way to remind that cashier that you can get either a military discount or a senior citizen’s discount?

By wearing a nice “Vietnam vet” hat.

You don’t have to say anything, and if the cashier isn’t a Karen, I’m sure they’ll remind you about the discounts.

5. Better Service

Veterans are the most obnoxious group of old farts that demand the best service.

They like to be treated like royalty, and they want the best service they can get since they “served.”

Once again, the good old veteran hat is here to save the day.

The server will treat you nicer than everyone else, and they’ll also remember to throw in the military discount.

And, if you order to-go, don’t expect to pull out your wallet for a tip.

And, That is Why Veterans Always Wear Hats

It’s crazy how things work, but that’s how it is.

This world, no doubt, shapes the way we think and live, and if you can’t think for yourself, it will take over.

As a veteran, you won’t find me wearing a hat wherever I go.

maybe when I’m coaching soccer and definitely when I’m playing golf, but you won’t see me wearing one at the mall.

There are more reasons why veterans always wear hats, but I will let you guys add them to the list.

So, why do veterans always wear hats?


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