Workmines Review: Scam or Legit Money Watching Video Ads?


Welcome to my Workmines review.

Workmines pays you to watch online video “adverts”. With different membership levels, you can dictate how much you will earn. But with a lucrative affiliate program, you get the chance to make more money by recruiting others.

But before you get excited about any of this stuff, let’s dig a little deeper as there are several issues that I have found with this site.

Some were quite obvious but there are others that anyone new to making money online will not catch.

Some of you want to know if this site actually works or if it’s just another scam.

Then there are those of you who could not care less and are just wondering if Workmines will actually pay.

So many questions with not that many answers.

Plenty of reviews but no real truth.

“Workmines is a scam”

“Workmines will pay”

So who can you really trust?

Those that are involved or those that claim to know what this site is about?

I have had my experience with sites like this, so I know exactly how they work.

There is a very unique way to explain how everything works, so follow along as I break things down in a way that we can all understand.

Workmines Review – Product Overview

Name: Workmines


Owner: Unknown

Type of Business: GPT (Get Paid to)

Price: $39 minimum + different plans

Overall Rating: 1.5/5 stars

Work Mines is seems to operate as a GPT site but it’s really nothing more than a recruiting based program. There is a lot more to this site, so please do read this review if you are serious about joining Workmines.

I personally do not recommend it as it is not what it seems, so do go about this with caution.

What Exactly is Workmines?

Do simple tasks, get paid.

That’s Workmines in a nutshell.

But can I just say that I have not seen a smaller logo than what the Work Mines website has.

If I clicked on one of their links and landed on, I would need a magnifying glass just to see what the logo was.

Anyways, WorkMines is a site/app that claims to make you money by doing simple tasks.

Most especially watching videos.

This is definitely possible, as sites like Swagbucks and other credible GPT sites offer such an opportunity.

But is this a scam or one you can add to the list of legit GPT sites?

Well, for one, there is no indication of who even owns the site and two, that logo has got to go.

Swagbucks is commercial and they don’t have a specific name but you can at least find the information on Wikipedia.

Not with Workmines.

Now here’s the real problem that separates the two sites.

The memberships.

Swagbucks is absolutely free to join and Workmines isn’t.

But does that mean Workmines is a scam or that they will not pay?

Let’s get into the meat and taters on how this site really operates.

How it Works

Workmines is a bit unique as they have many moving parts that complicate things.

Maybe not complicate but more along the lines of deceit and pretty almost lying.

So we know (or should I say assume) that Workmines is a GPT site that will pay you for watching videos correct?

Now that is true but that’s now how the real money is generated.

Let me go through the process first and then I’ll explain how the money works.

First, you join and watch your little videos.

Make that $.04 per video, recruit others, and then comes time for two things to happen.

One, you cash out and/or two, your free membership expires.

Either way, you will NEED to upgrade in order to see any kind of money in your account.

So of course you upgrade because you see some money in your account and then you do more to see what you can make with the next level.

Yes all that goes on but what you won’t see is that the real money is coming from when you make that deposit.

You then make more money and upgrade to the point where you are getting more people to join all while making a higher commission.

The process repeats itself from those members you just recruited and everyone is happy.

So Will Workmines Pay?

As long as new members are joining, yes, Workmines will pay.

Once NEW people stop joining, you can bet that no one will make a single penny.

Not even the money you make from watching the videos.

That’s why you will see that all plans below offer the same payment for each video seen.

Oh and do keep in mind that the whole video watching thingy is just a way to conceal what is really going on here.


Some might call it a Ponzi scheme but I’ll let you be the judge on that one.

The Price to Join Work Mines


You can see the different price points above so I don’t really need to explain that.

What I did want to cover is the amount and why it is the way it is.

I covered a little on this in the precious paragraph but I think you will understand better with the chart in front of you.

If you take a look at each plan carefully, you will see that the numbers for each category go up, just not that much.

So every single time you upgrade, you are doing nothing but feeding the overall company even more.

Now here’s what you should know.

Only paid members will get paid and there’s a reason for that.

By doing that, money is circulated within the wallets of those who have added to the money pool.

Those that didn’t pay will have to make a decision and it usually sways in the direction of paying because they don’t want to let any of that money go to waste.

So if you are looking to upgrade your account just like the video explains below, just understand why and how they are able to pay its members.

If you can understand everything I just mentioned at this point of the review, you should know exactly what it is that you are getting involved with.

But before we end things, let me show you other things that you need to be aware of as they might seem small but they really aren’t.

Red Flags

There are several things that makes you question if this site is legit and you can’t blame anyone for them.

Personally, when it comes to ANY make money from home site, everything should run smoothly.

There should be that feeling of trust and you should be able to understand what you are going to be doing to make that money.

With Work Mines, there are actually more than one thing that caught my attention.

These might be a make or break deal for some of you, so let me show you what I found.

1. The Teenie Tiny Logo


Sites have problems like this all the time.

Back in 2005 when the internet was just taking off.

These days, that is not a complicated thing to fix.

I’m not saying that this is not possible to happen (because obviously it is) but don’t you think it should be fixed before you launch the site?

Even after weeks of being live, you’d expect the problem to be resolved.

I mean, just how many people are working here as it is definitely not easy to run a GPT site by yourself.

This also brings me to my next point, which is not such a small problem.

2. No Mention of Who Owns or Runs the Site

When it comes to making money online, there should always be information on who owns and/or runs the site.

Workmines falls short in this department and there’s just no excuse for it.

Just like this site you are on right now, I tell you who owns it.


I don’t take any kinds of payments nor do I issue any but I still know that it is necessary to let you guys know that I am the one providing you with this information.

I mean, can you really trust someone with your money when you don’t even know their name let alone be able to see them?

Didn’t think so.

3. Only On Google Play?


Apple is the king of apps and everyone knows that.

Unless it is something Samsung specific, there is no reason an app will be on Google and not Apple.

That’s what you would think until you see stuff like that on sites like Workmines.

Not to say that this means it is a scam but it is definitely something to be aware of.

I personally think that’s weird and not something you can just ignore.

And the fine folks at Site Jabber can agree.

4. Lack of Information

When you see something like FAQs, you would think that all your questions will be answered through a single webpage.

Things looked promising until you get on the site and there isn’t much explaining going on.

All you get are questions pertaining to how to upgrade your account and whatnot but there is no real explanation on how everything works.

And if you are still confused with how Workmines works, refer to the section above where I explained that.

So is Work Mines a Scam?


Not so much.

I’m sure the owner/s of this program have no interest in taking the little money you have as they make enough from the extra cash that isn’t used from all the paid memberships.

Everything does seem legit as people are getting paid but you just need to use good judgment with this one.

You have everything you need to know by the information I just provided, so make a smarter decision and stick with it.


Final Verdict: Proceed With Caution

There are many sites like this out there.

Some come in the form of advertising, some use Crypto Currency, and some use videos and small tasks just like Workmines.

Just remember that you can definitely make money doing small tasks and you should NEVER have to pay to get your money.

I personally can not recommend this site as it does not use a legit business model but you will still make the final decision.

Some want the easy way out and join things like this but I can guaranteed you that they will find themselves looking for the next best thing.

Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope this Workmines review has been really helpful to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I usually take no more than an hour but do give me 24 hours just in case there’s traffic out there.


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    • It’s expected with sites like this Amaterasu. One day they can be paying and the next everything can just stop. Be careful with your next investment though and consider joining something like Wealthy Affiliate for a much better investment.


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