5 Reasons to Switch to WPX Hosting [Review]

Welcome to my WPX hosting review.

When you hear of WPX hosting, you hear nothing but great things.

“This is the fastest and most affordable hosting service out there.”

“Support is unreal”.

I didn’t doubt it then, and I definitely don’t doubt it now.

I am always looking to improve my business, and this often comes with getting the best stuff.

From the training needed to make money online all the way to the hosting that my website will be sitting on.

I’ve made many changes and dabbled in many products.

When it comes to hosting, I’ve tried at least 4 other providers.

Two of them absolutely sucked, and the other two were not that bad.

My most recent provider was Siteground, which I’m sure a lot of you have heard of.

They are really, really good, but there was still that question of whether or not I was with the best.

You can read that review to learn more if you haven’t already, but I want to get into WPX hosting as we might have just come across a gem.

I do want to compare the two, but we will save that for another post.

For now, let’s focus on WPX and see what they are all about.

WPX Hosting Review – Product Overview


Name: WPX Hosting

Website: www.wpxhosting.com

Price: $20.83/month (starting)

Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

WPX hosting is now my favorite hosting provider. My site loads faster than it did with any other service, and I am one happy customer. If you are serious about your business, WPX is the way to go.

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What is WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting is the latest and greatest hosting provider to hit the net.

Well, not really the latest, as they have been around for quite some time.

If you don’t know what hosting is, then I really don’t know why you would be on this review to begin with.

But if, for some strange reason, you don’t know, you can read more here if need be.

However, this post is about WPX hosting, and that’s what we’re going to talk about.

WPX is not your typical commercial hosting but rather one that I find to be a bit different.

I like to categorize WPX hosting as the most affordable hosting for bloggers looking for the best hosting without breaking the bank.

That’s what I think of this, but there are other reasons why I think they are really that good.

Why WPX Hosting?

There are many reasons to like WP hosting, but you can find them with any old commercial-style hosting.

With WPX hosting, there are a few very solid reasons as to why this is now my #1 recommended hosting provider.

Whether you are tired of your turtle site or you’re looking to rank higher in Google, hosting should be on your list of things to improve.

There are other minor tweaks you can do to gain the advantage, but hosting is most important.

These are very critical when it comes to an online business, and I want to show you exactly what I mean.

1. Site Speed


This is and has been a major metric when deciding who should be ranked for specific keywords, and it’s only getting worse.

If you haven’t been affected by Google’s most recent update, I hope your hosting will withstand the storm.

If not, you might want to get with the program and get yourself some better hosting.

Your site’s speed is a big deal.

No one likes a slow website.

You don’t like a slow website, and Google doesn’t like a slow website.

The problem with the slow website issue is the fact that we never know what is going to happen.

What worked last week might not work today.

What worked today might not work next week.

The unpredictable is always an issue, and settling for mediocre website hosting is the best way to set yourself up for failure.

2. Uptime

“I like it when my website goes offline,” said no one ever.

The thing about website hosting is that everyone claims to have the best.

On top of that, they claim to have an uptime better than everyone else.

That, of course, is not the case, as most hosting providers actually go offline a lot more than you think.

Before I got SiteGround, the other host providers I was with had the worst uptime.

I would literally get emails and notifications that my site was down almost every single day.

As a newb, though, changing to something better was almost impossible.

I wasn’t making any money, and I didn’t understand the importance of better hosting.

Then again, I didn’t even know it was my poor hosting that was causing my site to go down.

Lesson learned (the hard way), but now that I understand things, you know you need your site to be up at least 99% of the time.

And that’s only because nothing is perfect.

3. Support


Support is absolutely important when it comes to website hosting.

From the second you decide that you want to switch to some better hosting, you will need all the help you can get.

The migration process alone is going to require more than average knowledge when it comes to websites.

Do not have the bare minimum, and you will need some help.

With WPX hosting, you get the best help and support that I’ve ever dealt with.

Siteground had a chat feature that I liked, but it took some time just to get to.

With WPX, you get the same chat bubble every single time you log in to your account.

I don’t care what question you have, they will give you an answer.

It’s not much if you ask opinionated questions like, “Which theme should I use?” and whatnot, but they will give you answers.

Having someone available 24/7 is a great thing, but you’re going to like the next topic even more.

4. Done For You Everything

I say everything because I mean everything.

If you want to get rid of a plugin, they can do that for you.

Want to make sure no coding was left behind from a plugin?

They can do that for you.

Migrate your site, email, and the kitchen sink.

That will all be done as well.

From the smallest to the biggest of jobs, WPX support will do it for you.

But there is one reason why I love their support.

They have a “fixed for you guarantee.”

By this, they mean that if your site ever gets hacked, they will fix everything for you without charging a single penny.

I appreciate something like this because I have had my site hacked before.

I lost my business overnight, thanks to someone who copied my entire site.

Rather than getting anything fixed (because I didn’t know what to do), I cut my losses and let 1200 + pieces of content go.

With the sense of security, I think WPX is worth every single penny.

This also leads to my next reason as to why I think WPX hosting is quite amazing.

5. Pricing


For some of you newer bloggers, you might be thinking that $49/month is insane.

Now, if you compare it to the other top hosting providers, you will see that WPX is very much affordable.

Now if you still think that it’s a bit pricey, that’s what Siteground is for.

That’s at least who I would recommend if I weren’t going with WPX.

Now, if you have been around for quite some time and your site is getting some decent traffic, you might want to consider upgrading.

Don’t worry. I once thought Siteground was a bit pricey, but I was glad I made the investment.

WPX costs a lot more, but having a faster site with much better hosting and some sweet guarantees, was enough for me to make the change.

But again, if you are on a budget and still trying to get traffic, Siteground is where you want to start.

If you have the money, though, and you are looking for the best and most affordable, WPX is where it’s at.

Final Verdict

Get what you need.

Like I just said, make the investment if you can, as it is one you will not regret.

You can sit around with mediocre hosting and wait until Google throws out another animal, or you can get something better and prepare for the storm.

At the end of the day, you want to go with what you can afford, but do remember that this is a business.

If you are willing to sacrifice your hosting, then that’s on you.

I personally would sacrifice anything cosmetic on my site before I go with some crappy hosting.

Well, there you have it.

These are the reasons why I’ve switched over to WPX hosting.

Of course, there are better services out there, but be expecting to pay $300/month.

As of right now, my sites are still young and trying to gain some traction, and that is why WPX is the best hosting for me right now.

Later, I can consider others, but for now, this is what I feel is best.

I’m sure some of you think otherwise, so please do share those thoughts in the comments section below.


Definitely one of the better hosting providers on the market today. With the fact that it uses cloud hosting, I think it justifies the $49/month price.

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