Traffic and Funnels Review: FB Ads Scam?

Welcome to my Traffic and Funnels review.

Many of you have probably tried several ways to make money online and have probably come up empty handed.

It’s happened to you and it’s happened to many others.

I would say it happened to me but I actually didn’t stop until I finally found Wealthy Affiliate.

For me, that was the one program that finally made me money but like anything else, it might not be for you either.

Now what we have here is just ONE of the many make money from home programs that you are oh so curious about.

Well, I’m glad you did your research as sometimes things are not what they seem to be.

What seemed like it made perfect sense ended up being another tick in the loss category for you.

Thankfully so, I have personally gone over the Traffic and Funnels ad myself (yes, I read all that too) and I actually purchased it as well.

I have dabbled in advertising before and never really got serious with it.

I focused more on starting a blog and getting traffic from Google instead of paying for it.

Now that I have established a foundation for my business, I figured it was time to take things further.

Through advertising.

I have gone through other courses in the past but there was always something missing that held me back from going further.

I paid, they took my money, and that was that.

Now with Traffic and Funnels, I hoped that it would provide that “missing” piece.

At the very least, give me the results they claimed.

Traffic and Funnels Review – Product Overview


Name: Traffic and Funnels


Owners: Chris Evans & Taylor Welch

Type of Business: Advertising

Price: $49 + up-sells

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Traffic and Funnels had a lot of crazy dollar amounts along with the perfect way to make money so of course, I was intrigued. Anticipating up-sells that’s exactly what I encountered. Not to say it’s a bad thing, but sure enough, I was hit with them.

Without giving in to their marketing, I passed on all the up-sells and down-sells and settled for the $49 product that they advertised in the first place. For its price, I’m glad to say that they definitely delivered. If you want to make money through advertising on Facebook, this is definitely a great investment.

So What Exactly is Traffic and Funnels?

The name says it all.

Traffic and funnels is a program designed to get you traffic to your promotion all while utilizing funnels to help you grow your income.

Very much like what you will encounter when you make your way through the buying process.

This is a very awesome and profitable marketing strategy that has helped businesses at least double what they were earning.

This “trick” can be implemented in ANY niche out there and is great for product creators.

If you don’t have a product or service, there’s always the affiliate marketing business model that can be used as well.

That’s what I do, and it is also something that you can do yourself along with the Traffic and Funnels concept.

Getting Started

The process of joining Traffic and Funnels is very simple.

You get signed up and go through the same motions you would be doing in order to make money.

These motions require a lot of hopping around and will overwhelm a lot of you who are new to all this making money online stuff.

Try to remember these steps, as this is exactly how you will be making your money.

These steps will grab you from the very second you hit one of their sales pages.

In the case of Traffic and Funnels, it goes something like this…

“My mom says I shouldn’t brag about our advertising workshop…so I’m going to let others do the talking for a minute”.

From there, you will skim through the praise of traffic and funnels until you get to what they are all about.

Of course, it’s going to be quite the read, until you land on something like this.


Once you get here, it’s all a matter of making a final decision.

Should you try traffic and funnels, or is this just a bunch of hype that won’t deliver?

That’s the main question and one that I have answers to.

Inside Traffic and Funnels


Once you purchase Traffic and Funnels, you will get overwhelmed and probably even confused.

I have purchased and used many products that teach you how to make money online but even this one still had me confused.

I landed on the actual membership site, logged in with the details provided through my email, and voila!

Traffic and Funnels, there I was.

Then I saw a couple of different things that didn’t seem so Traffic and Funnely so I was already under the impression that I just got scammed.

Being a bit confused, I let this one sit for about a week before I even thought about getting a refund.

Especially since I have a lifetime money-back guarantee.

To offer such a thing only tells me that these guys are confident and prideful in what they are selling.

Fast forward a week, and I finally had the time to sit down and actually go over the material.

Come to find out, these other products were actually the bonus that they mentioned in their marketing video.

This consisted of…

  • Insider Access Monthly
  • Memos
  • How to effectively market yourself
  • Jay Abraham
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Invisible Marketing List – A Guide
  • Warp Speed
  • Frank Kern Interview
  • And finally, the Traffic and Funnels Workshop

So you can see the confusion I had.

Instead of having the Traffic and Funnels training first, it was presented last on their website.

But whatever, I found it and eventually got to watch the almost 2-hour long video.

What I Really Liked

There are always certain things that I like about a specific program, but I’m not one to praise something that isn’t even good.

Without throwing in any filler, I want to give you the main things that I found to hold value.

For $49, I didn’t expect much, so I was very pleased with the content within Traffic and Funnels.

Training and Support


There are several things that had me nodding my head in approval of what these guys taught.

So overall, the value of the training was definitely there.

For $49, they definitely overdelivered, just like others have said.

Not only do they give you some good training on how to create solid ads, but they help you along the way as well.

Then you get not just one but a bunch of bonuses that will help you in other aspects of marketing.

I learned some stuff I never knew before, and I have been making money online full-time for the last 5+ years.


When it comes to advertising, I can honestly say that 99% of them are designed for the owners to make money, and that is it.

This is not to say that it is completely wrong, but you have to provide some kind of decent product in exchange for someone’s money.

That’s not usually the case, but it is with Traffic and Funnels.

However, they do things in a way that most won’t understand.

First, they have you buy a $49 product that includes a 100% money-back guarantee.

Then they over-deliver, all while getting the praise that every business needs.

Meanwhile, they throw out all kinds of up-sells and down-sells, which are the real products that they are concerned about.

This funnel they and every other big-time marketer use is where the big bucks are.

Now imagine how much more it is worth to give away something for $49 and get such awesome feedback.

That, my friend, is the formula for success when it comes to advertising.

The Price


$49 is definitely a very affordable price that is almost impossible to say no to.

In the world of marketing, that is another price point that hits a very sweet spot that works every time.

It’s not close to $100, and it’s not $10.

Closer to $100 means you’re about to make a good-sized investment, and $10 has you feeling that you are getting little to no value.

That’s just how it works, and that’s why we do the things we do when it comes to shopping.

Now don’t get me wrong, the price is really nice.

For what they give, you can almost bet that no one will get a refund.

Unless they are just not into advertising or something.


I know I mentioned that I was a little confused earlier, but after really looking at what I got, things got a lot clearer.

The confusion came because the actual product I purchased wasn’t at the top.

After finding it, you can clearly see the different topics that they have to offer.

These different topics are all really good stuff, and some will help you with your overall outlook on making money online.


I have been through many courses, guides, and training in every aspect of making money online.

There are some that offer some value, and there are those that are complete garbage that only make the owners money.

Then there’s the 1% of products that are packed with value and an overall great buy.

This is extremely rare as there is always at least one thing that has you feeling like you aren’t getting any value.

With Traffic and Funnels, I think these guys have nailed it in the department of understanding what you are doing and how to do it.

Advertising is the name of the game, and that is exactly what they teach.

Not just how to do it but how your brain needs to understand what it is that you are doing.

So, great job in value, as $49 is definitely a steal.

The Downside

Nothing is perfect, and the same goes for traffic and funnels.

I wouldn’t say that I hate these things, but there are some that can work against you if you’re not aware of them.

The content is designed with the intent of using a funnel.

This funnel will do its very best to yank more and more money out of you, and you won’t even notice.

Again, you do not need to give in to them, but you will not use this system to its full potential without them.

Those up-sells can have you spending over a thousand dollars, and yes, it happens.

Besides that, there isn’t much to dislike with Traffic and Funnels.

The Total Price


Sure, we all know about the $49 price.

What you won’t see coming is what is within the funnel.

Nice little up-sells, which is nothing more than a “do you want fries with that” marketing strategy.

This is not to say you need these other products, but they will be valued at what you perceive as valuable.

I did this Traffic and Funnels review for the sake of seeing what all the fuss is about for something so affordable.

I predicted the up-sells simply because advertising is only worth it if you can turn a profit.

$49 products don’t really cut it for advertising, and that’s how I knew there was more than just that.

These up-sells range anywhere from $37 – almost $1,000, so you can see where the profits come from.

I am personally a fan of this business model, and there is nothing wrong with it.

I do know that you will most likely need to purchase them up-sells in order to make this whole process worth your time.

Pros & Cons


  • Can work
  • Valuable tips
  • Great training
  • Comes with support
  • Is beyond affordable


  • Does come with up-sells
  • Will most likely require you to purchase the up-sells

Overall Opinion

After taking the time to go over some of the training inside Traffic and Funnels, I must say that I am a bit in the middle.

I’m not blown away as others claim, but I’m not going to say that this is complete garbage.

I will say that this is not for everyone, and unless you really understand the concept of high-ticket programs, you won’t be in the green much.

You will get some value with the basic stuff, but the money really comes in the form of a high ticket purchase.

Final Verdict: Legit


At the very least, I’m glad to say that this is not a scam like other high-ticket programs end up being.

They do have a product, and they can show you a thing or two when it comes to advertising.

The problem with Traffic and Funnels is the fact that you will be buying some pretty expensive stuff before you can even start to make the big bucks.

Chris and Taylor know what they’re doing, and they have the product to make them the big bucks.

Final Thoughts

If you do decide to purchase Traffic and Funnels, then you need to focus on just that.

Don’t try to start a blog and master advertising at the same time unless you want to get burned out.

The Traffic and Funnels system will work as long as you put in the effort and, most especially, the money.

If you don’t have the money to invest in the up-sells, you might be better off sitting this one out.

Maybe try doing some regular old affiliate marketing or even some drop shipping.

Now, if you do decide to go all in with Traffic and Funnels, stick with it and don’t look back.

Besides that, I hope this Traffic and Funnels review has given you the best information out there.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!


Advertising is definitely not the easiest thing to do these days. It requires a nice budget and a lot of knowledge. With such high advertising costs, you need the right products and the right knowledge that Traffic and Funnels can provide.


8 thoughts on “Traffic and Funnels Review: FB Ads Scam?”

  1. John,

    Marine Vet here. Came across your review while researching T&F. I was researching it from their Inbound Closer program/offering. Any thoughts or insight into it?


  2. Hi John,

    Great review…ton of great info. However, I feel the need to add more information on Traffic & Funnels’ funnel sales tactics and maybe warn others who are considering signing up with them to learn how to master FB ads…sort of a “Buyer Beware” kinda thing.

    Like many small business owners trying to get a leg up on Facebook advertising, I clicked on a Traffic & Funnels video ad in my feed featuring Taylor and the other guy…talking about the three biggest mistakes business owners make with their FB ads.

    I watched the video in full, clicked on the “Learn More” button and opened up the gaping black hole that is the Traffic & Funnels sales funnel. It truly has its own gravitational pull.

    SO…I dove further into their offer of more information and show-you-how videos for the low, low, once-in-a-lifetime price of $27. For that tiny investment, I received two worksheets…the “Avatar Worksheet” and the “Offer Analysis Worksheet”. Almost immediately after downloading those two worksheets, the emails and calls started. I ignored the emails but answered the phone call due to the call coming in on my business line.

    Well, as to be expected, their sales guy Justin got me to sign up for a FREE 45-minute consultation call in which we discuss my goals in FB ads, take a look at and analyze my offer that I was running on FB and let me know if and how they could help.

    Let’s just say that Justin is pretty damn good sales guy. The Traffic & Funnels sales team are well-trained and can sniff out a sale through 40,000 miles of fiber optic phone lines.

    Needless to say…I got sucked deeper into that funnel and ended up purchasing their “Client Kit” program, which is supposed to teach you all things Avatar/Offer/Organic Traffic related.

    Well, let me tell you…their price is WAY more than $1000 now – try $9800.

    And if you can’t foot the entire $9800 right then and there, they will “talk to the team” and get back to you with a “We don’t usually do this, but we feel you are a great fit for our program” offer of three months financing with an initial $3600 down payment and the remaining $7200 due in two payments over the next two months.

    That’s right…I said $7200 – because they charge a $1000 financing fee on top of their original $9800. I suck at math so I’m not sure what percentage rate that works out to other than a F**KLOAD.

    I had to pay the initial $3600 deposit with four different credit cards…and they were fine with that.
    In fact, they encouraged me that “We’ll get to that ‘$50k-a-month-in-eight-months’ goal Rob”.

    The problem with their system (for us…not them), is that you aren’t told what the program consists of. You are not given the opportunity to look at it and determine whether the program is what you are actually looking for UNTIL you pay a $3600 deposit.

    After glancing over the content and getting the gist of the program, I determined that it was NOT what I was looking for and did not want to start the program…or my CK Journey as they call it.

    So, I emailed my rep with whom I was supposed to schedule my on-boarding call with and informed her that I was canceling my purchase and would like my deposit to be refunded.

    And lo and behold…no refunds.

    I am now in an email battle with Matt Green of Traffic & Funnels to obtain my refund. Here is his most recent response:

    Hey Reese,

    Matt Green here – I’m the Director of ClientKit. It’s a pleasure to connect with you.

    Firstly, I want to let you know that we’re thinking about you and your family during this time. I’m deeply sorry to hear what’s going on with that, I’m sure it’s not easy.

    In regards to your most recent email, here are my responses.

    Our Advisors are heavily trained to vet each and every person they talk with on the phone when discussing ClientKit. More often than not, our Advisors actually decline people from entering CK. We operate on standards and ethics here – whether that’s when someone is a prospect or someone is a client inside of the CK ecosystem.

    If our Advisor deems you a good fit, it’s for a reason. You willingly enrolled into ClientKit after Justin presented you the offer, explaining why and how you would benefit from the value and mentorship found in CK based on your gaps and goals.

    Based on your email, it seems like your main reason for requesting to exit ClientKit is because you purchased a $27 offer that has a small fraction of the same material found inside of ClientKit. I can assure you that this Avatar/Offer worksheets and three videos (as great as they are) are not the foundational elements that are going to get you to $50k months and beyond.

    The Agreement which you also willingly signed states that we do not offer any refunds. Per that Agreement in which you signed, we will be honoring that policy.

    If you have any questions around your CK journey and how to fully extract the value of the program outside of a few worksheets and videos, I’m more than happy to guide you on those next steps.

    Have a great day,
    -Matt Green

    So far, the experience with Traffic & Funnels has not been a good one.

    So, beware of the black hole when clicking on one of their bait videos folks.

  3. Excellent article and review, John. I’m brand new at this stuff – in fact, I am going through the research phase and have already been able to discern some of who I believe I wouldn’t want to associate with and others that I plan to go the next step with.

    I’m a full-time Realtor and have been for about sixteen years. I’ve had some good success in the past with real estate but am hoping. if it is God’s will, to transition into online marketing and legitimate sales of services (and perhaps products).

    Admittedly, John, social media and just about 100% of the terms used and the concepts of social media and online media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc are definitely very foreign to me and I’m seeing that being successful with an online business is pretty much like starting from the very beginning.

    I’m hoping that much that I’ve leaned as a Realtor, will, at the very least, begin to serve me well when it comes to the “concepts” of the “online business world”.

    Thankfully, I’m learning much this last month spending hours striving to decipher between what I think will be beneficial to me (I’m looking it this endeavor like paying tuition for a new direction) and what may not be.

    Thus far, John, I’ve been able to avoid possibly about half a dozen individuals that my discernment radar has thrown up many red flags (I won’t mention names here of the ones I believe are good to avoid).

    However, the intro and the looking into and the reading of reviews has led me to some, what I perceive to be, at the very least, “legitimate and sincere in principle” as far them actually knowing their stuff. The individuals I continue to learn more about (that seem to be attractive to me insofar as me thinking I can gain tremendous insight from) are Aleric Heck (AdOutreach), Brian Moran (Samcart) and now, added to my list, thanks much to your objective review, Chris Evans and Taylor Welch (Traffic and Funnels).

    I do plan to purchase the $49. package now that I’ve read your review here, John.

    I’m hoping that what honestly seems to be (and I’m actually being serious) like learning a completely new language with social media, etc, to end up of having a solid, successful online business tat I can become fluent in, insofar as the nuts and bolts are concerned, within a year.

    I figure if I can get that part behind me in a year (or less) learning the terms and knowing what they mean and learning how to apply them, I can then work on building a solid business framework from there.

    Thanks so much again, John. Thank you also for telling a little about your self and your family – your transparency was refreshing!

    A successful online business would be wonderful if I obtained it as I live with my dear mom who is now in her nineties and assist her in many ways and so the idea of potentially being able to transition from full-time real estate into possibly a full-fledged online business owner is ver attractive. (Your comment, John, about yourself being able to work from your laptop really was encouraging to read.)

    Also, if you have any other advice or wisdom to share, I would value hearing it.

    All the best John!

    • Not a problem Peter and I would love to share advice and knowledge about anything and everything related to making money online. However, I am switching brands and have started a new site called Do check that out and you can subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest content. Great to meet you my man and I hope you are enjoying your journey through the online space.

  4. Hello, John

    It is a nice article you have put here. I just want to know what exactly do you mean by “up-sell” here. What do they up-sell?

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Up-sells are a “do you want fries with that” kind of marketing. So when you pay for one product, they will try to sell you on others as well. It’s not a bad thing but rather a marketing strategy almost everyone uses to increase their income potential.

    • Everyone around this business is so positive and naive. Of course it’s a scam. Funnels are scams, they are lying to people. To say there’s nothing wrong with the up-sales model is morally bankrupt, you only say that because you’ve profited as well.


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