Vindale Research Review: Scam or Legit Surveys?

Welcome to my Vindale Research review.

Some of you might not be too certain about this site and are probably thinking it is a scam.

It’s free to join and you can make actual cash.

How true is that, and is it really possible?

That’s what I will be answering and a lot more, so don’t worry about a thing.

Before this review is over, you will be able to see if this is really the survey site for you or not.

Do know that I am not affiliated with this site.

All that means is that this is not a sponsored post, and I will not be compensated by them.

The information within this post is strictly for informational purposes, and that is exactly what I will give.

These are strictly my opinion of the site from my personal experience.

Without further ado, let’s get right into things.

Vindale Research Review – Product Overview


Name: Vindale Research

Type of site: GPT (get paid to)

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Sites that have been around for over 15 years with a history of paying. They have paid out over 7 million in rewards and offer some excellent opportunities for anyone interested in earning extra cash. While there are a few aspects that could be improved, which I will talk about, this is still a site I can recommend to you.

What Is Vindale Research?

Vindale Research is an established survey panel that pays users to give their opinions online as well, and they do offer a few other opportunities, which I will be covering.

Owned by a company called Dynata LLC which is primarily based in the US and applies its trade in the market research industry.

They launched Vindale in 2004 and have had many people go to survey sites over the years.

Vindale Research Registration

I’ve been a member of Vindale for a few years now. While I don’t use them much anymore, I will take you through how you can get started.

There are three steps to setting up an account, which you will need to complete before you can start earning.

First, you will need to complete a member profile, which will include residential and demographic details. Around 1 to 2 minutes is how long this part will take you.

The second step will require you to verify your Vindale account. This will require you to click on a link sent to your email.

Finally this offers an incentive, which is a $1 bonus for you by completing their training tutorial.

That is not only to walk you through how it works but to find out more information from you so they can send you relevant surveys.

What Opportunities Are Available?

There are a few opportunities, as I mentioned, to earn money on the site. I will go over all of them now, showing you how they work and their earning potential with them.


The main attraction is, of course, the surveys and here there is an excellent opportunity for you to make money daily. That is thanks to their updated selection of studies, which will be chosen based on your profile.

Now with them selected for you, there is still the small problem that you will get disqualified from surveys.

That happens a lot on panels. However, you will find a good amount to do, and you should be able to complete some.

In terms of payouts, I found that most surveys reward you within the $1 range; however, based on all the surveys I have received, I would say $0.50 – $5.

It is possible to get more than that. However, these aren’t common, and if you get them, you will need to complete them as soon as possible, as quotas fill up quickly.

Moving on to the time range, you can expect a survey to take between 5 and 30 minutes. The payout does tend to reflect the amount of time required; however, it is not all the time.

So I would advise you to check each detail to make sure you are getting paid well for your time.

Types Of Surveys

The last thing to clear up with the surveys is the amount you can do. You have a selection of them, but you can do some of them multiple times.

The ones that you can fill out a bunch of times are with their survey routers, the others you can do just once.

Let me show you.

The ones above are the standard surveys from the routers they partner with. As you can see, they all allow up to 10 completions.

On the other hand you have these studies which are given specifically for you, as you can see they are different from the others.

Here I was invited to one about entertainment, however, the rest were mystery ones.

If you use up all your attempts, you can come back the next day to see them all refreshed.

Refer A Friend

What I like about Vindale is their referral program, which offers you incentives for getting other people signed up.

Inviting people to join and buy products is also linked to a business model called affiliate marketing and is one I utilize to bring an income. You can learn more about how I make money with it here.

But moving back, Vindale will pay you $5 for every referral who joins and then goes on to earn $1.

Let’s say you refer ten people to the site. You could get $50 without needing to do much. Not everyone will complete the survey, but it gives you an idea of the earning potential here.

Not only are you bringing in a passive income here but you are also helping others make money too.

Job Center

The job center is where you will find various ‘gigs’ where you can be employed. That is a unique opportunity as you will be able to get a job with one of their partners and make a part-time/full-time income.

To be eligible to receive available jobs, you must be from the United States.

Panel Offers

That isn’t an opportunity to earn money on Vindale Research themselves, but it is a section on the site where they recommend other panels that you can make money with.

They provide links so users can join and sign up to earn rewards with them.

Vindale Research Chrome Extension Toolbar

Again, similar to the last opportunity, it’s not another way to make money. However, the Chrome extension, which you can download for your browser, does make it easier to make money with Vindale.

By installing this, you will find out the latest surveys by clicking on it. Effectively, it’s a shortcut to completing surveys without needing to head to the website.

It benefits both parties by having this feature as it encourages users to do their studies as soon as they leave.

The quicker they can supply market research companies with the recipient’s data, the more likely they will return in the future.

Getting Paid

Now for the point: you have been waiting on how to do Vindale payout. The minimum threshold is $50, which means you will need to earn at least that amount on the site to get a payout.

I remember when I first saw that, and I admit it did put me off, but luckily the opportunities on offer that we have spoken about do redeem them.

They payout through PayPal only having removed other forms of payment recently.

It does get a little complicated when it comes to receiving the money though, as they have specific dates that they pay on.

You will also need to reach the threshold by a specific date to qualify.

The current payout dates are on the 1st and 14th of every month. You will need to have met the requirements ten days before these days as well.

Pros & Cons

I am going to take you through a few aspects I picked up on, from both the good and the bad side.

Every survey site has its great things about them but they also have some bad.

Regardless, they aren’t necessarily a make or break kind of deal but rather something that comes with the territory.

Vindale Research is no different and here is the good and bad of the company.

Pro 1: Surveys Pay Well

Now if we ignore the large ones that pay $50 each, they do generally pay well per study you complete. Most surveys are at least $1, and occasionally you will find some up to $5. That is good.

I know having used Vindale in the past so I can vouch for them here

Pro 2: Cash Out Via PayPal

Firstly having PayPal as the main payout is great. I found that also the payment system that Vindale has adopted is good. While it is complicated at first, it becomes easier to understand.

If there is one problem, then that it that they abandoned other forms of payouts. So if you don’t have PayPal or can’t get it, I would recommend checking out a site like Pinecone Research or Opinion Outpost

Pro 3: Told The Details Beforehand

If you’re pressed for time and want to find a survey to complete that you have time for then. That can be done with Vindale Research.

On the page of the current studies, you will have all the details in front of you before you begin a survey.

That includes the length of the survey, topic and payout are all given to you beforehand.

That is great for the above reason that it helps you manage your time. What caught my interest though is that very few sites out there do this.

You will find some that give you 1 or 2 details, but that’s about it. Here you know with each study what is entailed.

Con 1: $50 Threshold Is A Stretch

I’m not sure why the threshold is so high, but its the only negative aspect I found from the payout system. If you’re a casual survey taker who wants to complete a few surveys and get some bucks, it’s not possible.

As soon as you complete the first one, you will need to dedicate yourself to the site to make sure you reach a payout, as you can reach $20, $30 and not get paid.

You must have $50 and also by the two dates I mentioned above, so if you miss it you will need to wait until the next one.

Con 2: Most Users Won’t Get The ‘Big’ Payouts

If you have come across Vindale, previously you may have noticed there selling point of high paying surveys. However, those $50+ surveys, for the most part, are a myth. As only small amounts of people get to complete these.

Now there are a few reasons why this is the case. First, you have the fact market research companies that carry out the surveys only have a selected budget to work with.

So if they’re spending a lot on a survey, they are looking for users that will fit their demographics to a ‘T’.

Which leads me on to the other reason being that you probably won’t be one of the people they’re looking for.

Most surveys like I said earlier only pay around $1, and to be honest, this goes for almost all panels out there.

So, is Vindale Research a Scam?

Vindale Research is not a scam, in fact, they’re one of the most legitimate sites out there. They have a clean track record throughout there existence and are a panel which if you stick with will make you money.

Now, here’s the thing the company doesn’t do themselves justice by advertising these high paying surveys.

I’m not saying they don’t exist, but in reality, you are going to be very lucky to get one.

I recommend going into this site with the frame of mind you will make some extra cash each month. You may be able to cash out every other month, as they do update their surveys daily.


Final Thoughts

Vindale Research is one of the better survey sites out there.

Of course it is free to join and they do pay in cash.

There aren’t many instances that pay you without an investment, so there’s not much to complain about here.

Now there are always those of you that want more than just a couple of bucks and that’s fine.

I was once in your shoes and taking surveys wasn’t enough.

That lacking of a better income led me to more research and ultimately a site called Wealthy Affiliate.

From there, I have been able to make more money than any job I’ve ever had and I work on my own terms.

So if you are looking for a better opportunity, that is definitely something to consider.

Besides that, I hope this Vindale Research review has given you more than enough information on whether or not to join.

Until next time, thanks for reading, and good luck.


Vindal Research is legit but of course you will not make any life changing kind of income. Take it for what it’s worth and make what you can but don’t expect too much.


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